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Yes, not only did they have to have bathrooms and latrines in the Bible, but they had to change and wash their underwear frequently, too!

But, have you ever pondered what that underwear might be like? Conservative undies from Egypt? Wild underwear from Persia? Or, exotic Underwonders from Africa or Asia?

Well, believe it or not, the Bible actually has a lot to say about undewear, both men's lingerie and women's lingerie. Care to take a peek?

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For sure, there are some in the stodgy Religious Establishment that are aghaust and amazed at ASTARIAN FASHIONS! And look with serious shock at Danitello Leonardi's PANTY RAIDS. And nearly faint at the LUXURIANT LINGERIE FOR MEN by DESHUND. But, is that God's attitude and view? (Or is HE more amused with the whole subject?) Well, the true facts are that you can find a lot about lingerie in the Bible! So let us take a brief look at Biblical Lingerie:

While modern women prefer unstimulating, plane cotton fabrics for their underwear, women in the Bible wore a lot of silks (Proverbs 31:22) and satiny (shiny) fabrics, as well as a lot of FINE LINENS (Proverbs 31:24) which was a thin, filmy fabric from Egypt that was somewhat see-thru (and from which we get our modern word: lingerie meaning fine linens in French -- and there are lots of listings of fine linens in the Scriptures).

And, while modern women prefer the dull, drab colors for their underwear (the standard neutral beige or plain white dominate), women in the Bible are recorded as having undergarments of BRIGHT COLORS, like Scarlet or Bright Red or Purple (Proverbs 31:21-22)--colors that men would find more appealing.

Moreover, while modern women prefer subtle, almost camouflaging designs and prints for their underwear, women in the Bible had colorful, eye-catching designs and needlework (tapestry) on their underwonders (Proverbs 31:22)--things that their men would like and enjoy (meanwhile, their outergarments were usually of the duller, drab colors and materials, and of the more camouflaging designs and needleworks--almost the exact opposite of what the wicked women of the modern world dress like).

And, in the later Mediavel Days, this led to women decorating their undergarments with lots of ribbons, ruffles, and laces. (Yeah, that stuff that men really go crazy over!) And, in Renaissance Times, women really let it all hang out, to catch the male attentions!

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Now, one of the things that the Bible is very clear on, is that male and female fashions be distinctly different, so that you can look at the person, and know what gender they are (Deuteronomy 22:5). As a result, the men were often the peacock and rooster of the species, wearing the more bright colored, and highly decorated outerwear, while the women wore the duller, softer, and more camouflaging outergarments (though their underwear or lingerie gave them expression of colors and attractive designs).

[Women Issues (Heart) Shield)] BIBLICAL BRASSIERE???
Furthermore, while modern women prefer the Ban the Bra Movemet, the Bible actually encourages breast supports and enhancements, so the fancy brassiere or corset-like undergarments are more in line with the Bible's Mediavel kinds of styles (Cantacles or Song of Solomon 8:8-10).

Finally, the bikini style women's panties have been around for centuries. They have even turned up in archaelogical digs for Vikings! And the pictures on the tombs in Egypt show that some kind of belt with a strip of cloth between the legs was the typical attire of Egyptian slavegirls. So, was this what Sarah was wearing, which drove all the Mens wild and made all the Rulers want to capture her and carry her off (Genesis 12:14-15 & 20:2 and 1 Peter 3:6)? Probably!

So, after having a good look at Biblical Lingerie, above, perhaps modern women need to rethink what they wear. And consider dressing more in the styles and fashions found in God's Word. For, most modern fashion is very secular--and anti-God! (Indeed, the whole Scoeity seems to have gone crazy over abandoning God and HIS Ways!)

And those in the dead Religious Establishment need to close their mouths, for they simply don't know what they are talking about! As all too many simply don't open the Bible to read it, and see what God really said in it. Instead, they just rely on what Aunt Millie said was supposed to be in there! (Well, perhaps, it really isn't there?)

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