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The Mediavel Dress Taboos and Historical Costumes of the Future World

Ever since Mankind began to sew fig leaves together, the issues of Clothing and Dress, and current Fashions, have been hot and controversial! And no less is true of Astarian Fashions, which seems to continually set off remarks and debates. So, let us take a look at the Philosophy, which drives Our Fashions, in order that you will better understand where WE are coming from.

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Results of Male Dominated Society on Men's Fashions!

The modern secular world fashions are by, for, and to women. But, Astaria draws from a more ancient way of life, and takes on Mediavel values and styles. From an Era when Men were not PIGS for being the REAL Man and King of the House. Consequently, Astarian Fashions take on an air that favors men and promotes their image to be the strong and dominate leader that God ordained them to be. (Not the female slave or robot that modern secular worldly fashion tries to confine men in!) Consequently, this is a source of never ending put downs, as the modern secular world cannot seem to tolerate such styles (or thoughts).

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Our Historical Costumes of Mediavel and Ancient, Biblical Clothing and Dress!

The modern secular world revels in Pagan culture and practices. But, Astaria embraces the older Mediavel Culture, with its well defined styles for Knights, Lords, and Ladies. And this, in turn, was taken from the even more ancient Judeo-Christian Culture, which had its clothing standards set forth in the Bible.

Moreover, the Pagans tend to worship an Earth Mother, so their fashions tend to reflect and promote Matriarchy. But, in Astaria, we worship a Sky Father, which makes our fashions tend to reflect and promote Patriarchy. And the collision of these two major value systems results in constant conflicts with the secular world (and its Religious Establishment allies) over proper, Godly Clothing and Dress.

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The Mediavel Pomp and Power of Patriarchy!

While the modern, secular world tries to emasculate men and reduce them to robots (or slaves of females), Astaria draws its fashions from a world where men were REAL MEN. And as the dominate gender, like all males of every species, REAL MEN would be the peacock, and strut their stuff, in all its elegance--to suitably impressive all the enchantable females. So, for Astarian fashion philosophy, men are ROOSTERS, not robots.

While the modern, secular world likes to encase men in dingy browns and blacks, Astaria looks to a world when men used to be able to wear bright colors (as the male of all species are usually more brightly colored than the female). Historically, Viking men were passionately fond of bright RED! And ancient and Mediavel men were often seen wearing PURPLE! Gold or bright yellow was also a popular color--along with the brighter shades of blue. (Let the darker and duller colors be reserved for the womenfolk!)

While the modern, secular world is fond of wrapping men in camouflage, so that he will not be seen nor heard (just work like the robot that he is suppose to be), Astaria places men at the fore-front, where they are clearly seen in a dominate, leadership position. And their clothing tends to be decorated to reflect that upper class, ruling status. Ancient Kings and Noblemen would often were bright colored clothing, embelished with gold or silver thread (in fancy embroidered artworks), usually encrusted with various jewels. (Yeah, just like the peacock!) And, Mediavel men were fond of wearing the tabbard or surcoat, which was brightly colored and emblazoned with the family crest or emblem that displayed past accomplishments or achievements to brag about. Along with this is the Warrior Look of the Mediavel Knight--and the metal armored leather-vest is still a popular item among Astarian men (even with tunic and tights beneath, as a standard, Mediavel style).

While the modern, secular world tries to restrict men to denim and wool flannel, Astarian men tend to be fond of silks and satins, and other soft fabrics. And this soft fabrics preference has been worn by REAL MEN ever since Bible times! (Matthew 11:8) Moreover, Mediavel men became fond of lace, and it was commonly worn by Nobles and proper gentlemen all the way down to the time of the Musketeers and the American Revolution. (And perhaps to the modern days of Austin Powers?) However, in the Religious Establishment's (and Matriarchal) view, only men of questionable value wear such things. But, go open your history books and see, and read that it was so! Consequently, Astarian men are liberated enough to dress in these forms (desptie the unpopular press they get from modern Matriarchy)!

Usually, Astarian fashions allow men to wear whatever they may take a fancy to, but in the area of hair styles, things are pretty well regulated. This is the result of the clear guidelines of the Holy Scriptures which tell us that men ought NOT to have long hair, like women do (1 Corinthians 11:14-15)--or at least have it bound in a single, masculine braid, as the Chinese do (or 7 braids of the Nazarites)! Moreover, men are taught by the Bible NOT to shave their beards (Leviticus 19:27), for it is considered a great shame for a man to appear in Public without a beard (2 Samuel 10:4-5)--though the modern, secular world is stuck on their little slaveboys and catamites, who have to be smooth faced! However, men are allowed to trim or poll their beard (Ezekiel 44:20), and their hair (Roundheads).

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The Mediavel Scene of Submission and Servanthood!

While the modern, secular world tries to paint women as equal (if not superior) to men, Astaria sees nothing wrong with their submission and servanthood to men. For, in the Mediavel Mind, everyone was a to be a servant of someone: the King, to God--the Nobles and Priests, to the King--the Merchants and Craftsmen, to the Nobles and Priests--and the Peasants, to the Merchants (Stewards) and Craftsmen (Manufacturers). Moreover, the only way for advancement in Mediavel Society was to be a better servant, and do such good deeds for your Master that you would be rewarded with a better social position and status. (For more on this line of thought, see SUBMISSIVE ABRAHAMIC WOMEN.)

While the modern, secular world brainwashes women into thinking that they can wear anything that they want to (and indeed, many of them end up dressing so that they look like men), Astarian fashion has a very strict taboo--if the men are wearing it, then it is off limits for women to be wearing it in Public (Deuteronomy 22:5)! This tends to impact modern women a lot, as the secular world encourages them to dress in a manner that is against Mediavel styles, and flaunts a rebellion to the standards set forth in the Bible.

In this line of thinking, pants or slacks are forbidden for women to be wearing in Public (except, perhaps as underwear), for these were ascribed to be worn by men (Priests) by the Holy Scriptures (Ezekiel 44:18).

Since the men are ascribed the brighter, more attractive colors, for their garments, women are normally to be given the darker, duller, more camouflaging colors and decorations to be worn in Public. (The exception would be showgirls or female entertainers for their costumes that dazzle--which would not be considered respectable, or proper for honorable ladies.)

While women are restricted from bright, attractive displays in their outerwear, the Scriptues do ascribe them bright colors, such as Scarlet or Red and Purple (Proverbs 31:21-22) for their underwear. (Which is the exact opposite of worldly, secular women, who dress in dull and drab undergarments!) Moreover, the woman's undergarments are allowed to be of silks, fine linens, and other soft fabrics (Proverbs 31:22), that men like.

And, while we are on the subject, despite the modern feminists Ban the Bra Movement, the Scriptures actually advocate breast supports and enhancements (Canticles or Song of Solomon 8:8-10). Consequently, Greek Corset Cords, Roman sports tube-wraps, Mediavel corsets, and French brassieres or the like are usually worn by Astarian women.

As we mentioned above, under men's hairstyles, women are expected to have long hair--or at least considerably longer hair than men are currently wearing, to clearly distinguish their gender from that of the male of the species (1 Corinthians 11:14-15).

Married women and honorable wives are also expect to clearly show their marital status (and that they belong to, or are the property of, some man) by wearing a head covering in Public (1 Corinthians 11:3-13)--otherwise she is considered to be soliciting adultery! Marriagable maidens and available females are not so restricted.

Moreover, in Mediavel Fashion, Noblewomen are expected to wear the veil, covering the face but allowing the eyes to be uncovered, when attending Public (and especially Religious or Royal) functions, as an added modesty protection (Genesis 20:16 and 24:65).

As an encouragement to holiness and purity of living (as well as an added deterant to rape), respectable women are to be admonished to DRESS MODESTLY (1 Timothy 2:9)--with low hemlines and high necklines and long sleeves. (For, if they are seen, exposing their private delights, then they may be claimed as the property of other men -- Genesis 13:15 and 2 Kings 20:15-17). Whereas modern, secular women are encouraged to flaunt it all--without regard to modesty!

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Our Choice For The Mediavel Life-style!

Consequently, after reviewing Our fashion standards, based on the Mediavel World (and its more ancient Judeo-Christian Culture) and comparing these with modern world values, is there any wonder that there should be so much conflict or controversy?

However, we steadfastly insist that it is Our Right to live Our lives as we see fit. And to uphold the standards and values that Our fore-fathers held. (And let the modern, secular, and wicked world, go jump in the lake--for that is where they are going to eventually end up anyway, considering the way that they live!)

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