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Featuring LINGERIE ORBS (c):

Art MASTERPIECES series...

Here is the New Art Wave of ABSTRACT REALIA as expressed in these Danitello Leonardi SOFT SCULPTURES. You are seeing his ROMANTIC ART as it produces FANTASY WORLDS from these Abstract Art NUPITAL ORBS and their UNDERWEAR ART. (And, for the more practical minded--have your marriage memorabila woven into your own personal WEDDING ART, including your wedding jewelry!)


ITEMS, Descriptions, ... and Prices ???

This wonderful Art Collectible is from the Art Master's own crafting creativity. The other LINGERIE ORBS that have been done, are pictured in the ORB GALLERY. Proposed and already Designed Orbs are on the ORB PROJECT PROPOSALS PAGE.

However, please realize that this is not quite a CATALOG, as many of these MASTERPIECES are already done, and are not available for immediate sale. But, it gives you a good idea of what can be done, and what we have done, so that if you are interested in a Project, you will have some basis and understanding of what they are all about.

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1. NAME: "Cinderella"
CLASS: Wedding Orb (decorated)

pure white (or various shades of off white--virginal), with some blue (or purple?); Wedding Orbs have a wedding gown, or dress suitable for a wedding, wrapped with various articles of off the rack women's lingerie--no used or 2nd Hand undergarments, here (virginal), as in Campus Orbs--thus more expensive (decorations extra; jewelry even more!)


[PICTURE:  Wedding Orb (decorated)]


12 - 15 inches

16 - 19 inches

Suggested Retail: $9,275

Suggested Retail: $16,995

Our Wholesale Price: $5,395

Our Wholesale Price: $9,175


As each and every leaf on each and every tree is different, each Orb seems to take on something of its own "personality", either from incidents in its construction or from events that seem to occur with it after it is all together.

For "Cinderella", this is how we settled on her name. For, being composed of common and inexpensive off the rack clothing, and then decorated with comstume jewelry (hey, it does look real though, doesn't it--like real jewels in a Fabrage' egg), she was rather like that peasantgirl who made it rich. After all, it you look at "Cinderella's" picture, she does present herself as a Princess! And, thus, is a good model for this line of EXPENSIVE Wedding Art.


"Cinderella" is in the line of the later formal gown orbs. Which means, she is bulked up by a wedding gown underneath, rather than being solid lingerie (as are the Panty Raid Orbs). This is then wrapped with white lingerie tied together in something of a rope, And the resultant sphere is then decorated with costume jewelry, strings of simulated pearls, and simulated gold beads. (But, she is EXPENSIVE looking, isn't she!!!)

For serious project discussion on of this specialty wedding work, print out this page and snail mail (with your name, mailing address and street address for delivery--including your phone number, in case we have questions or problems) to:

Danitello Leonardi
Shaddox Artworks
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 USA

And we will have someone get back to you on it.

Or, contact Leonardi Art AT Veldantia DOT Com (Please, mark your subject box LEONARDI ART!)


For serious purchase consideration of this Romantic Art, please be sure to read our TERMS OF SALE Page.


The Prices we have listed are not catalog prices, as if we have these items in stock and can readily ship them to you. Rather, they are suggested prices, based on what we have done before. And the actual price of your own, personal Lingerie Orb will vary depending on exactly what you want with it--for your Art Project. (Moreover, Auction Prices tend to be higher than what we list here, so you are getting good value!)

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Leonardi Artworks are for specialty art buyers, mainly wholesale--Art Dealers or businesses.

Occassionally, we run specials and auctions that reach out to a larger, yet still limited specialty, audience. (Limited offers. First come, first served while supplies last!)

To check on availability of any of these, click on SALES!

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Or, see his bio information on the Net, at:

For other lingerie designs and underwear art, especially those of the Mediavel and Biblical Era, see the information about Our Fashion Designer, DESHUND!
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How can they possibly be, ask the blushers?

Well, while the aesetics of the Religious World would allow no fun (nor anyone to enjoy their marriage) we hold to a Romantic LIBERTY, that is to be found in the Scriptues.

For it is written...
...For the marriage of the Lamb has come, and HIS Wife has made herself ready! And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in FINE LINEN [i.e. Lingerie], clean and white--for the FINE LINEN [Lingerie] is the righteous acts of the Saints! (Revelations 19:7-8)

Consequently, Lingerie Orbs are just part of the Bride's preparing herself for the Wedding!

That is right! And, while you are considering your wedding, why not also think about getting your Future Family and Love Life on track, Spiritually?

VELDANTIA also has a MEN ISSUES SECTION, and a WOMEN'S ISSUES LITERATURE Section, within Our Ministry of FAMILY. So, as you are thinking of your wedding, why not check with these on how to make your marriage and Family a BIG success?

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Danitello Leonardi LINGERIE ORBS and PANTY RAID Art Series are also copyrighted and may not be repoduced in any form, without our expressed, written permission!

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