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Featuring LINGERIE ORBS (c):

Art MASTERPIECES series...

Here is the New Art Wave of ABSTRACT REALIA as expressed in these Danitello Leonardi SOFT SCULPTURES. You are seeing his ROMANTIC ART as it produces FANTASY WORLDS from these Abstract STOCKING ART and their UNDERWEAR ART. (And, for the more practical minded--have your marriage memorabila woven into your own personal WEDDING ART, including your wedding jewelry!)


ITEMS, Descriptions, ... and Prices ???

This wonderful Art Collectible is from the Art Master's own crafting creativity. The other LINGERIE ORBS that have been done, are pictured in the ORB GALLERY. Proposed and already Designed Orbs are on the ORB PROJECT PROPOSALS PAGE.

However, please realize that this is not quite a CATALOG, as many of these MASTERPIECES are already done, and are not available for immediate sale. But, it gives you a good idea of what can be done, and what we have done, so that if you are interested in a Project, you will have some basis and understanding of what they are all about.

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1. NAME: "Felicia" (The Fisherman's Delight)

Like the Formal Orbs or Bridesmaid Orbs, "Felcia" is of a set color theme--here sea green. Other colors are often use in this Class, such as red, pink (purple?), and white in bras, panties, slips, nightgowns, and a formal or evening dress at its heart. (And, like the Campus PANTY RAID Orbs, these are often of used or 2nd Hand Lingerie.) Moreover, the Lingerie Orb thus formed, is then wrapped with nylon stockings, suitable to the theme and setting--here fishnet stockings. (These can also be decorated with jewelry, if you'd like.)


[PICTURE:  Fisherman's Delight - Stocking Stuffer]


12 - 15 inches

16 - 19 inches

Suggested Retail: $9,275

Suggested Retail: $16,995

Our Wholesale Price: $5,395

Our Wholesale Price: $9,175


As each and every leaf on each and every tree is different, each Orb seems to take on something of its own "personality", either from incidents in its construction or from events that seem to occur with it after it is all together.

Well, Felicia was an ambtious woman! And she had always had here sights set on college. However, as graduation came and went, she was not quite bright enough to win any scholarships. And she was not quite poor enough to get government loans. And, the prospects for earning her own way were not good, as the major industry for her port city was fishing--which wasn't doing that well.

However, to boost business, and promote tourism, the community decided to have a fishing festival, along with a beauty contest (which included a scholarship as a prize). Well, Felicia was on that like a duck on water! And, being one of the better, well formed brunettes in town, all of her friends encouraged her to try. So, she came to win the contest, not only because of her good looks, and many talents, but mostly because she put together this beautiful sea green gown, that she called the meremaid gown. Well, it bought her the show!

Now, to help promote the fishing industry, the beauty contest also included a free ticket to a charter boat to go out fishing on the ocean. Felicia had never done this, but since the press was going to be there, to see her off (and do some fishing of their own), she decided to take them up on the free ticket. So, she got up before the crack of dawn to get to the boat, but rather than wearing her jeans and sweatshirt, she decided to dazzle the press a bit more, and wear the sea green meremaid gown, for her pictures of getting into the charter boat (and then she was going to change, later on).

Well, she got to the boat, and there were several members of the press there, with their cameras, and they were delight to see that she showed up in the award winning meremaid gown. However, as she mountd the boat, and held onto the side rope for them to take her picture, one of those nasty sea gusts of wind swept the dock! And it caught her gown, and blew her skirts SKYWARD!

Felicia gasp, as she could not see a thing, with all of her gown flapping before her eyes--like some kind of curtain! But, she heard all the cameras snapping, as the newsmen found one of those most memorable photographic events here (like that famous picture of Marily Monroe and the subway).

Needless to say, her fame and popularity shot up, too. And from then on, she didn't have to beg to get into any college--they just opend the door, and paid her to come!

Thus, it is this most memorable event that we are capturing and simulating in this Orb. So, what you are seeing is the wind turning Felicia's normal manner of dress (in her formal) inside out.


Hey, have you ever had a gal that was always in trouble and seemed to be more hassles than she was worth? Well, it seems from day one, "Felicia" was that kind of girl! Originally conceived about a year ago, the idea of using sea green to simulate not only the ocean theme, but also something of her meremaid gown. However, then that color went out of style, and finding the pieces for the Orb became a real challenge!

In addition, as we planned the work, I found a store that supplied sea green garter belts. But, when I went to buy them, the style had just changed, and no green or appropriate blues were available! So, we went to basic black ones. (Which fits ok with the black fishnets.)

Morevover, when we finally came to putting her together, I thought I had some green and blue bras saved back to use on her, but found that I had used them for something else! So, "Felicia" went braless! (Which is a fact that we should probably keep undercover. LOL!)

Furthermore, when we wrapped her with fishnets, the effect was not quite what we wanted. For we intended the netting to plainly show, making the visual connection with "Fisherman". But, apparently, fishnets are tightly held together, and only on the muscles of your leg do they open up and show their netting. Thus, this effect is a bit flat on Felicia's Orb, but if you know that they are suppose to be fishnets, then that does kind of help the abstract picture a bit! Now, for normal techinicals, "Felicia" is in the line of the later formal gown orbs. Which means, she is bulked up by a formal or evening gown underneath (in this case, the mermaid gown), rather than being solid lingerie (as are the Panty Raid Orbs). This is then wrapped with lingerie (in this case a lot of aqua-blue and sea green), tied together in something of a rope, and the resultant sphere is then decorated with nylon stockings (here, fishnets) to complete the effect.

As an added conversation piece, we are often asked what that little bit of blue is? Many seem to think that Felicia was wearking blue panties, and that is what we are seeing. Well, dream on! She was wearing sea green panties, to match the meremaid gown. But, the blue is a bit of the dress that she intended to change into, on the boat, later on.

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Now, What Has This To Do With Weddings?


Oh, come on girls, it is the Bride's last few nights of freedom! So, before she changes her life, and commits to that one track relationship, it is time to gather up all of her old lingerie (and old life-style), send them to us to make a Lingerie Orb of them, and then either give it as a gift (like you throw the garter) or auction it off at the Bachelor Party. (Bet the groom would pay lots of bucks to keep his lady's honor out of the hands of all of his buddies!) So, for the Bride's last fling, have her clean out all of her old lingerie (and old life-style), and preserve those wild memories in one of our Lingerie Orbs! (You can also store this, to preserve the memories, in one of the WEDDING HUTCHES!)

For serious project discussion on of this specialty wedding work, print out this page and snail mail (with your name, mailing address and street address for delivery--including your phone number, in case we have questions or problems) to:

Danitello Leonardi
Shaddox Artworks
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 USA

And we will have someone get back to you on it.

Or, contact Leonardi Art AT Veldantia DOT Com (Please, mark your subject box LEONARDI ART!)


For serious purchase consideration of this Romantic Art, please be sure to read our TERMS OF SALE Page.


The Prices we have listed are not catalog prices, as if we have these items in stock and can readily ship them to you. Rather, they are suggested prices, based on what we have done before. And the actual price of your own, personal Lingerie Orb will vary depending on exactly what you want with it--for your Art Project. (Moreover, Auction Prices tend to be higher than what we list here, so you are getting good value!)

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Occassionally, we run specials and auctions that reach out to a larger, yet still limited specialty, audience. (Limited offers. First come, first served while supplies last!)

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Felicia Biblical? Go on!!!

No foolin'! See Nahum 3:4-5. Sure sounds like it fits!
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NOTE For Further Thought:

Stocking Stuffers seem to have a special appeal to men art buyers! Perhaps this is because the Orbs somewhat fulfill the male Romantic Fantasy of peeking up a proper lady's ball gown, and discovering just what all lies underneath everything!

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