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Potentials for Health Sciences Advancements from D'Stridium

To say the least, the D'Stridium Theory or the Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory (TDPT) has been wildly controversial! And, even more so, in the field of Health Science it sets forth some rather radical proposals that are really going to make heads spin. But, then, without challenges to our cherished beliefs, there will be no advancement in the Sciences--and Medicine will stagnate, too.

So, in the interest of the pursuit of scientific TRUTH, where ever it may lie, let us review some of the issues of Health Sciences and Medicine, which D'Stridium may help us get a handle on.

Now, as a major Grand Unified Theory (or G.U.T.), D'Stridium has the potential to explain a lot of the natural phenomenas that we study in physics and chemistry. Therefore, as Medicine and Health Sciences are basic extensions of these fields of study, there also lies a great potential to grasp some of the very fundamental processes of biology and life, itself.

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So, let us delve for a bit into the Philosophy of LIFE, itself. Is life merely the chemical processes that takes place in our bodies? Or, as philosphers have asserted for centures, does man have a non-material componet: a meta-physical soul? And, if so, which controls which or do they interact?

Thus, as a Trans-Dimensional Theory, D'Stridium would have its own two cents to add to this raging debate. For, scientifically (according to the Theory), man is not just a physical being, but, no doubt, has a Trans-Dimensional componet. Or, in more philosophical terms Man has a dual nature--being both physical (or material) and also meta-physical (or spiritual). And, while the thrust of Health Sciences has been to tend only to the physical, body (fleshly) part of Man, clearly there is a whole 'nother field out there, just waiting to be opened and explored!

Along these lines, clearly (from the Theory) there is some kind of Trans-Dimensional power that animates Man (as well as other living things). The Ancients refered to this as Chai or Life-Force, though, perhaps, theologically, it is more commonly called a spirit. It is this Trans-Dimensional Force that enters our dimension or universe through the vehicle of our bodies, and allows us to move, and breath, and reproduce (the things that are fundamental indictors of LIFE). And, for Man (and the upper animals), gives us also a sense of consciousness, thinking (reasoning) abilities, and individuality--a soul.

Thus, clearly, while Man has a very noticible material (fleshly) body, he also has a Trans-Dimensional componet, giving him a dual nature of both material and meta-physical (spiritual).

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The Holy Scriptues record that God breathed into Man, and he became a living soul. And, clearly, for millenium, the power of the Life Force or Chai has been bound up in the knowledge that Man (and all animals) have to breath in oxygen in some manner or other. Stop the air flow, and man will die!

Into this view, steps a new twist with D'Stridium. For, clearly, the Life Force must enter Man (and all the animals) through this doorway of oxygen. And, conscequently, studies in the Trans-Dimensional nature of oxygen stand to yield some amazing results for biology and medicine! (See more, below!)

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Now, reutrning to this scientific reality of Man (his dual nature), in recent decades, there have been great advances in Psychology (the study of Man's psyche or soul) and Psychiatry (medical treatment of the soul or mental illnesses). For, the medical evidence clearly shows that bad mental attitudes tend to attract and foster the spread of diseases--while good emotional states tend to ward off and aid healing (even in cases that would normally kill regular people). And the impact of emotionally induced illnesses cannot be denied! (People can literally think themselves sick!)

Clearly, no one in modern science can deny, today, the impact of Man's meta-physical side upon his health!

Consequently, the door is opening to this meta-physical field, and D'Stridium should blow it all the way off its hinges. For, it holds the promise of using Trans-Dimensional radiations to clear up and cure some mental illnesses. For example, electo-shock treatment (while crude and dangerous) did seem to help some people with chronic depression. Moreover, the recent developments of ELF clearly show that people's mental attitudes can be effected very dramatically by these kinds of electro-magnetic transmissions. (See the following Article on Media Security Alert, for more details on this.) Therefore, it does not seem unreasonable to think that future research in these areas may have some dramatic impacts on our ability to cure some mental illnesses!

Perhaps, with just a zap of some kind of radiation?

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Returning now to Man's material body, no one now questions the ability of radiation and nuclear medicine to cure and destroy some forms of cancer. It has become a standard practice of cancer treatment in many hospitals.

However, the issue we want to raise here is: HOW DOES IT WORK? At this point, no one seems to know. All that is clear is that it does work. But, why?

Into this dim ring now steps the champion of D'Stridium. For, clearly (by the Theory), if there are radiations, then there is also some kind of Trans-Dimensional Flow going on. Therefore, the Theory would seem to suggest that if there is any healing going on at all, here, then it is not the nuclear medicine itself that is bringing the healing, but rather it is coming from whatever Trans-Dimensional componet that is associated with that radioactive substance. Thus, it would seem that whatever Trans-Dimensional Life-Force that is in play here, is effecting these cancer cures in some kind of meta-physical way (like psychiatry?) Consequently, it may be technologically possible to produce cancer healing effects WITHOUT THE RADIOACTIVE SUBSTANCE (and its many unpleasant side-effects).

Truly, this would be no small advancement in the treatment of cancer!

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D'STRIDIUM AND GERMS (Bacteria, Viruses, etc.)

From cancer research, above, we can see an association of healing (or its reverse--disease) with Trans-Dimensional Flow of the Life-Force. So, what other associations may be found? The door is only opening!

For years, medicine postulated the existence of some kind of wild, microscopic creature called germs, which were supppose to be the root of all disease. However, modern micro-biology has shown us a world of the miniture that is not just the enemy. Rather, our lives are aided and enhanced by the existence of many small, miniture plants and animals that we cannot see with the naked eye. And, while some of these may turn ugly or renegade and produce illnesses, for the most part these microscopic life-forms are benign. So, what do they have to do with D'Stridium? Well, perhaps, plenty.

For, one of the standards of the Theory is that you cannot judge the power or influence of an object by its size or mass. For, as an iceberg only has a small tip of itself floating above the waterline (and thus visible to us), these Trans-Dimensional items may be small (or even microscopic) in our world, but in the Trans-Dimensional or meta-physical world, they may be quite large!

Or, rather what we are trying to suggest here is that while microscopic bugs may be small, they may have a large effect upon the flow of Life-Force and thus very dramatically associated with disease (or their ability to shut off the Life-Force to us--and perhaps consume it themselves). Consequently, we are likely to find that many diseases are of this nature. They may have a small, microscopic presence that we can barely detect, but their impact on our health can be very large and give us all kinds of illnesses.

Thus, further research in this area may help us identify which ones are, indeed, Trans-Dimensional Diseases and which ones are not. Correspondingly, the Trans-Dimensional ones may be relatively easy to treat (with radiations?), by the development of processes similar to those discussed for cancer treatment, above. (For, D'Stridium Medicine Technologies, see below, later.)

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Well, before we get more practical with treatment suggestions, we need to take a bit of a side trip (and perhaps a flight into fanatasy). D'Stridium has been wildly controversial, and rather than ignore it, we need to look the problem squarely in the eye. (And, then you can laugh all you want to on the way to the phone to call for the guys with the butterfly nets.)

As we have seen above, in our discussion of germs, according to the Theory, it is quite likely that there are Trans-Dimensional Creatures out there, or what the public tends to call BUGS. Moreover, these also seem to be quite clearly associated with diseases and illnesses. So, now the hot question becomes, are these Trans-Dimensional Creatures really meta-physical? And, if so, have we stumbled onto scientific proof of demons and unclean spirits?

WOW! No wonder this is called VOODOO PHYSICS! (Get the rubber room ready!)

Most people in the scientific community are not even willing to admit to a meta-physical world out there. All they regard is the material world that we can experience with our senses. Yet, clearly, the Theory sets forth an abuncance of indications that such a world does really exist! So, what kind of beings inhabit such a world? Yes, it sure sounds like we have entered the spirit world and laid the scientific foundation of demonology.

And, if you are still with me, then let me continue in this vein into theology. The Bible is filled with stories of demons and unclean spirits. And, Christ's miracles of healings were often associated with the exorcizing of a demon that was producing the illness. Consequently, the Theory and the Bible are very much in agreement on this subject (despite whatever you may believe).

And while your religious beliefs (or lack of them) may not agree with what we have just said, the point is that this issue is going to have to be addressed, both philosphically and theologically. So, we have included it here, for you to ponder, as the debates over it are sure to come!

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Now, whether you view these Trans-Dimensional Creatures as demons or just weird Bugs, the fact is the Theory does present a means of dealing with them--and treating their associated illnesses.

In developing D'Stridium Theory (see Article on D'Stridium Explained.), we came up with a classification of elements into potential transmittors, potential receptors, and potential source materials. Unfortunatley, these cannot be explained over the open Internet, but suffice it to say that this D'Stronic Technology appears to also have medical effects as well. And lends itself nicely to producing a variety of medicines and radiation treatments (much as we have seen done with success in cancer treatment). All we need is the time and the money to pursue this line of research!

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Along these similiar lines, bio-chemistry has long associated the effects of oxygen as the sustainer of carbon based life. (Note above discussion.) So, quite logically, oxygen must be some kind of Trans-Dimensional doorway to the meta-physical Life-Force. Thus, should it be surprizing that Oxygen also shows up on the D'Stridium recognition chart (determining transmittal, receptor, and source elements)? Such as we use for D'SMeds!

These intriguing and fascinating facts indicate that there is much more to Oxygen than we now know (or suspect, scientifically). So, because of its interesting place in the D'Stridium Theory, there needs to be much more research done on Oxygen, and its associations with the Life-Force. Not only may this result in new means of healing, but it may give us a handle on retarding aging (and extending our longevity 2 or 3 times).

Quite clearly then, Oxygen needs to receive a lot of our attention in further D'Stridium research into medical applications.

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So, what does D'Stridium research hold for Medicine and Health Sciences in the Future? Well, if the small crack into that view that we have just opened in this Article is any indication, it will be truly mindboggling (as the rest of the D'Stridium Theory is)!

However, before we start shouting glory Hallelujah (and begin lining up to get healed), we need to come down to Earth and face the controversies of the Theory. And, the fact that the rock-headed attitudes of the government have basically placed a monopoly upon D'Stridium research (and are trying to seriously nix any private research into it--despite the obvious advancements that the ZDK Institute has made, privately, in this area.)

So, how long can they hold out on such a blockade? Well, unfortunately, we seem to already have wasted a whole generation in this stand-off. So, it may be awhile. Meantime, a whole lot of people out there are going to die from diseases that could have been EASILY cured by D'SMeds. And countless more are going to suffer needlessly in the pains and torments of illness because some bureacratic block-head is worried about if he can keep his own job or not.

Aren't the issues of Humanity and the healing of Mankind more important than silly political ideology??? (Or, has our government degenerated into the Stone Age!)

Now that is a decision that you are going to have to make. And we hope that the information that we have supplied you in these Articles will help you make an intelligent choice--and not one based on blind ignorance.

But, we, for our part, must take our stand on the moral and ethical (and religious) grounds that D'Stridium Theory is bound up in. For, the Bible says: I AM THE GOD THAT HEALS THEE! Therefore, we must be God's Hands, and instruments of healing, to any and all in need. How could we do otherwise and still claim to be humanitarian?

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