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Kolob's Growing Technologies of Mind Control

RANI Human Rights Violations - Right to Freedom of Thought!

WHAT IS HAPPENING??? Modern America is becoming more and more decadent. And despite the fact that Our populace continues to vote into office leaders who support Our Judeo-Christian Heritage, we, as a Nation, still move steadily into a more Paganistic (and Idolatrous) culture! Yes, and most mysteriously, an Occult style Culture that seems to be more and more in line with the Morals and Ethics reputedly found among E.T. or Space Aliens. (See Our earlier Article on E.T. MORALITY AND ETHICS for more details on this pehnomena.)

Is this mere coincidence? Or, is the Kolob subversion of modern American Society that extensive. (It seems to show up in so many different areas!). How could this totalitarian theocracy (of the Facist Axis Powers Network) achieve such dominace in our world, today? What means or channel would enable them to do this? Alien Mind Control technologies!

Yes, one of the most dramatic battles shaping up today is for control over your own mind! Now, this is more than just old fashioned ideology or psychological warfare. For, as the scientific facts clearly show, we may think that we are making our own decisions, but, in fact, those directions have all too often been put in our minds, on purpose! And, just how much you are being manipulated and influenced may really surpize you! So, let us look at how this awful web of deceit and delusion developed.

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One of the fundamental teachings of Judeo-Christian thought is that Man (and woman) was given Free-Will (or the ability to CHOOSE to serve God or not) by God when HE created them. And, this Freedom of Choice is a central concept to much of the Judeo-Christian experience (Joshua 29:15). Moreover, historically, it became the foundation to the fundamental Human Right to have control over your own mind!

Therefore, without the Judeo-Christian Culture around, we would have no philosophical basis for a claim to the Freedom of Choice. (And no Right to our own individuality or uniqueness--eccenticism.) And thus no rational basis for stopping totalitarian Mind Control.

So, is it any wonder, then, that Kolob (and its Fascist totalitarian theocracy) is tying to do away with the Judeo-Christian Heritage?

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Once Western Civlization began to enter the 1900s, a challenge to this traditional philosophical concept of Freedom of Choice arose. With the coming of the Facists totalitarian dictatorships (and Godless Communism), the State began to assert its claim to having control not only over its people, but also even dominance over their own, individual thinking!

Control over the Press and Media was used to run the masses of their population down a governmental track that attempted to reduce people to mere mindless robots, doing the work that the State needed, but supressing the asking any questions (and certainly not doing any significant thinking of their own). And, we, in the West, laughed at this, thinking it to be such silliness! But, now, these seeds of totalitarian control have take firm root in American Society (through Kolob), and they are now beginning to spring up to the bearing of some very bitter fruit.

For, in days past, good journalism used to present both sides of the story, and give you, the reader, the chance to make up your own mind. But, modern American media does not believe in such fair play, any more. Not only do you rarely hear the other side of a story, these days, but the presentations are being made so strong that you are not even allowed to think that there is another side. You (supposedly) know all that there is to know about it! (What a delusion!) So, be careful what you think you know. And take some time to search around for other facts, BEFORE you make up your mind on what you are being told to think.

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Then, once sound recordings began to be popular and radio widespread in around the 1930s, science apprears to have been directed by Kolob to make a very momentous discovery. While people had hearing that they consciously heard (and then could choose to listen to or not), certain sound levels were capable of being heard by the human ear, but were beyond the range of what a person's conscious mind would recognize as sound. Consequently, a person could be given ORDERS that their unconscious mind would hear (while the conscious mind would be unaware of it), and would basically obey!

This subliminal technique was apparently used extensively by the RAS in Hitler's Germany to seize control of the Country and to whip the population into a state of hysteria in support of the Nazis. Not only did it come in though high-fidelity sound systems at mass rallies, but it came in over radio, and for those who would not listen to either of the above, sound trucks roamed the streets, supposedly playing pariotic music (but actually broadcasting subliminal controls to keep the dissidents in line). (For more on RAS policies and techniques used in Nazi Germany and today, see Our Articles in Our Office of Social Defenses.)

Now, while Nazi propaganda media is still banned from being listened to in some areas (because of this), do not think that this technology has died! It is being used extensively by Kolob (and their RANI) in America. For example, about a decade or two ago, there was quite a flap about modern rock bands using subliminals in their music (but the controversy died out, without significant safeguards being created to stop it). Consequently, there is no control or monitoring of this avenue of mind control, today! Even more so, at college, most budding sound engineers play with this kind of subliminal recording, and so called seduction tapes are all too common among college youth (as women seem to be especially susceptible to this kind of manipulation--so ladies, beware!).

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Then, as the Movie industry started in the 30s (and took off in the 40s), science was led once again by Kolob to discover that if you replaced a frame in the long line of picture frames that make up a movie, while the person's conscious eye would not detect it, that it would still impact their subconscious so that it could order them around, much as an audio subliminal would.

This technique was used extensively by the RAS in Nazi Germany to deliver mind control messages to the populace in their propaganda films. Consequently, Nazi films are still banned in many areas, today.

However, this kind of ADVERTIZING became so potent once T.V. began to send movies right into your own home, that an outcry forced the U.S. federal government in the 50s to make legislation to ban this kind of mind conrol. And, while the laws are on the books, no significant enforcement of them has been done in recent years. Moreover, the current outbreak of griffiti among our youth is, no doubt, an indicator of just how much they are subjected to subliminals (and thus see writing all over the place, like their subconsicious sees on T.V.). So, how much has our unconcious seen?

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In the days when the Judeo-Christian Heritage was strong, amulets or occultish magic symbols were rarely worn or seen. For, the Word of God declares:
I will set no wicked (unclearn) thing before my eyes: I hate the work of those who turn aside (seduce with subliminals); It shall not cleave (be with) me! (Pslams 101:3)
But, as Kolob (their RANI) do away with that Divine Culture, we are seeing an ever increasing rise in the use of magic symbols all over. And, many of these work on the visual subliminal technique we have discussed above. Your conscious mind may not even be aware of them being around, but they will influence your unconscious mind, so that you will feel the desire to do what the amulet is telling you to!

Moreover, in more recent times, the controversy over pornography is not so much over the showing of naked women or naughty nudie pictures, but rather over the fact that most pornography these days are filled with amulets and other visual subliminals (in the backgrounds) where most people don't notice them--but where they will still have a profound affect upon the person's unconscious desires! (Leading them into more Paganistic andE.T. compatible immorality!) [KoReY Interstellar Colony Shield]


With the rise of T.V. in the 50s, the potential for combining audio and visual techniques of subliminal mind control exploded! And, rather than having to draw or round up the people to get them into the Movie Houses to subject them to mind control, now you could be beamed into everyone's living room! And, not only have adverisers made note of this potential to reach millions with their products, but Kolob (through their RANI) now have an extensive network by which to control the masses of our population.

Even worse, while subliminal cuts (and even subliminal audios) can be detected, a new video technique called fractional framing is being rumored (80s?) to be out there--and it is nearly impossible to detect! This is where rather than replacing a whole frame of a movie (as in a normal movie subliminal cut), only one or two of the 530 some lines in the T.V. screen frame are replaced with the subliminal message. Thus, if anything is ever notice, it is simply dismissed as normal interference (or a single, wrinkly line across the screen). But, its affect on the unconscious is just as dramatic. People can be ORDERED to do things and then feel the compelling desires to do so, even though they may have no conscious idea why they must do them!

Yes, it is out there!

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By now, you should be more than aware that there are some very nasty mind control techniques out there. But, the worst is yet to come! Some years back, as scientists discovered that there are minute currents of electricity in the human brain, they also discovered that these currents tended to function on a wavelength known as ELF (or extremely long frequency). Later experiments showed that humans were susceptible to ELF transmitions from outside sources (outside of the person's brain). These early experiments clearly showed that people could be thrown into a state of PANIC by strong ELF transmitions or that they could even be thrown into an emotional level of strong suicidal depression. (No doubt, the army loved this, as it appeared possible to zap your opposing army and have them all kill each other!)

However, in the realm of mind control, ELF has the potential for great abuse. No doubt, advertisers are looking into this! And, any totalitarian power could not keep from exploring this avenue to zap its populace with mind numbing broadcasts! So, is Kolob (and its Axis Powers Network) using this? Well, logically, what do you think? It is available. And have they shown any restraint in this area--to respect the Human Right to have CHOICE? NO!

Given this, the reports of UFO encounters tell of some kind of telepathy being used by the Aliens, especially in abductions. (See Our other Article on SPACE ALIEN ABDUCTIONS for more details on this.) Thus, clearly some kind of mind control is being employed, either by visual subliminals (feeling like telepathy) or perhaps even direct ELF transmitions. (See Our other Article on PARA-MILITARY ABDUCTIONS for more details on this.) Clearly, this is a dangerous and threatening area of Kolob (and RANI subversion) that needs some effective counter-measures! (See A.R.M. for details.)

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More and more, people are reporting that while they are listening to their radio programs (or even T.V. programs), that they pick up faint signals that sound like somebody trying to talk to them, but they can't quite make out what is being said. (And, in some cases, such interference signals have even been picked up on speakers at music concerts!) Thus, while your radio station may be moral and ethical, Kolob (through their RANI) can tap the carrier wave and insert their own parallel broadcast, filled with all kinds of audio subliminal signals. And we seem to be seeing more and more of this in recent decades! [NORDESEL Unity Shield]


Perhaps even more subtle is the impact upon our sleep! Now, dream interpretation is as old as the Bible (and the story of Joseph). Not only does it have stories of dreams influencing people and governments, but God is suppose to speak to people through their dreams, according to the Scriptures. However, the recent rash of people dreaming about Space Aliens tends to suggest that Kolob (and their Axis Powers Network) have some control over this technique, now. Perhaps through traditional subliminals, where people are ORDERED to dream so that it will appear that they are being directed by angels or spirts (dead relatives?) as to what they should do? Or, maybe even through some kind of ELF or direct telepathy (psychotronics)? In any case, a lot of DISCERNMENT now needs to be used, if you are into using dream interpretation. Not only may it be a lying spirit (i.e. demon) giving you a dream, but now it may also be Kolob (and the Axis Powers Network), attempting to get you to do something to aid their cause!

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But, perhaps worst of all, are the rising reports of Alien Abductions. In reading over these, there is little doubt that some kind of mind control technique was used to trap the victims in the first place (such as the telepathy experiences we covered, above). Now, while the numerous reports seem to indicated some kind of medical examin occuring, the emotional impact on abduction victims tends to suggest that some kind of torture is also being used here--no doubt to make the victim do what Kolob wants done. Probably by implanting some kind of post-hypnotic suggestion. (And even some agents of our secret services admit that hypnosis and subliminals are used by them on some of our own agents to condition them for espionage work! Should it be suprizing then, that Kolob (and their Axis Powers Network) appear to do the same thing? (See Our other Article on PARA-MILITARY ABDUCTIONS for more details.) Yet, clearly this kind of direct mind control is more than a violation of basic Human Rights! Moreover, it smacks of outright espionage and coerscion--and the need for a Reply-In-Kind action (See Our other Article on INTERSTELLAR DIPLOMACY for more details on this.)


No matter how much you may want to stick your head in the sand and ignore it, the scientific facts are that there ARE a variety of nasty mind control technologies out there. And there is a reasonable indication to show that they are being employed in some places, by someone. For, if the scientific technology is there, someone will make use of it! Right? (Especially if it isn't illegal, nor enforced if it is against the law!)

Even worse, what reports of UFOs that we have tend to show that these kinds of mind control techniques are being used by them, as well! Thus, Kolob (and SAP or RANI) subversion of our world (and getting us to abandon our old Judeo-Christian Ways) seems well underway. And, one of the main means for them carrying out their subversion of our world to their ways is through using these nasty mind control techniques. For there appears, indeed, to be the rising of a very ugly, totalitarian theocracy of the Axis Powers (and their occultish, magic culture of Kolob) right before our eyes!

(And, nobody seems to notice--the spell of delusion is too strong!)

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The main thrust of A.R.M. philosophy is to NOT give in to the Kolob (and its decadent, Paganistic Space Alien Culture)! Consequently, whatever we can do to disrupt their mind control techniques, will make their takeover more difficult. So, consider the following rules to help defend yourself.

  1. Stop watching broadcast T.V.! Subliminals are all over the place there. Or, at the least, only watch it randomly--don't have regular programs where others will know that you will be watching. Not even the News!

    (TEST: to look for subliminals in your regular T.V. program, turn your chair around and face the wall, with your back to your T.V. Then, turn off the lights in the room, so it is good and dark. Now, if you see a lot of bright flashes on the wall, while your program or its commercials are on, the odds are very good that those are filled with subliminals!)

    Thus, the football or sports mania may not be manly interest at all--it is likely to be subliminal addiction!

  2. Stop listening to broadcast radio! Audio subliminals are quite likely there, especially in areas where Kolob may be known to be strong! Or, at least, listen only randomly, so others will not know when or where to insert a subliminal to direct you. (Be careful of spurious broadcasts there, as well!)
  3. If any Cult members show up at your doorstep, offering to let you view their video (or listen to their recording), tell them to take a hike! (Or, report them to A.R.M. or other local authorites.) No doubt such tapes are filled with subliminals to get you to feel like you MUST join their Cult.
  4. Don't accept offers of recordings (video or audio) from anyone! (Especially if you are female!) It is just like taking a drink from a stanger--you never know what they might have slipped into that drink!
  5. Don't purchase recordings (video or audio) through the mails. Too many hands handle those kinds of packages, and with your address plainly on it, they would be all too tempted to open it and mask over it with a special subliminal message or ORDER just for you! Instead, buy them at reputable local stores.
  6. Avoid listening to your favorite music or video programs, over and over again. If there are any subliminals in them, you might luck out and not be affected the first time around. But, repeated exposure will break down your resistance and make the subliminal more effective against you!
  7. Keep all video and audio recordings in a safe and locked place. Occassionally, such recordings have been reported stolen or missing, only to show up later--laced with subliminals!
  8. Take up reading more (books, magazines, newspapers)--where you have a chance to think about what the author is trying to tell you. Then, maybe you will agree with him or maybe you won't. There, it is your CHOICE. Exercize your Freedom!
  9. Never, ever make important decisions while you are watching T.V. or listening to radio! You are just asking for someone to influence your thinking (and choices) with their subliminals!
  10. Turn off your T.V. and radio about a week before any elections! The temptation to subvert our election process is just too much. Certainly, programming during such times will be filled with subliminals on how you should vote. (And where is your CHOICE in such an election?)

Moreover, what is really needed is some kind of automated program that can detect these various subliminals and mind control techniques and filter them out of your receivers! This the ZDK Institute is committed to (and current research is now being attempted in this field). Moreover, it is our hope that such unethical infringements upon your basic Human Right to the control of your own mind, will be prosecuted to the fullest by the U.S. federal government, once these subliminals can be found, readily identitfied, and traced back to their transmittors and producers! (And to provide A.R.M. with accurate Intelligence as to where they are coming from and who is doing them!)

Join Our sacred cause, and help us defend your religious Right to the Freedom of Choice--and the basic Human Right to control your own mind!

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Recent Rise of Kolob's Fascist Totalitarian Theocracy in America

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*** NOTICE ***

While supporters of Space Aliens brag of their mind control telepathy techniques, we look upon the rising technology for subliminal mind control with disgust and call for it to be an accepted, basic Human Right to have the Right to your own Mind and thoughts--and that violations of this freedom are gross acts of oppressive totalitarianism that we cannot sit idly by and ignore!

(*** A.R.M. Policy ***)

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