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DANITES: The Mormon Mafia

(The UFOs' mystery Men In Black?)

Intelligence Operations of Kolob's Secret Service

All too many people seem to think that the development of a Resident Alien Nation, here, in Western America, is just not possible! But, then most people also know nothing about the Danites and Kolob's Secret Service (the Mormon Mafia). Nor their extensive International UFO Conspiracy network, through the old Axis Powers. But, they will, now!

For, in Our earlier Article on THE RESIDENT ALIEN NATION, we examined the historical record, going all the way back to Ainu Japan, and then saw the rise of the RANI civilization here in Western America, up untill about World War II (and so on, through the next Article, on the KOLOB E.T. INVASION). Then, in Our previous Article on KOLOB'S DOMINION OF DESERET, we did an accurate military analysis of their armed forces and their potential for advanced weapons development (including strategies and objectives). And, from that you should see that this is no joke. They are serious about overthrowing the U.S. federal government, and replacing it with a totalitarian theocracy--FACISM! And, they are rapidly developing the means to do just that!

So, how in the world are they pulling this off? Well, in this Article, we will try to explain their very effective means--the Danites. First we will see their historical development. And then we will detail for you, what we know of its current operations.

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DANITES: Myth? Magic? Or, Mystery Men?

The Mormon's official stand is that the Danites do not exist! They are only a legend, invented by those bent on Mormon bashing. And, as a result, the average, every day Mormon probably has never heard of them. Or, if they have, they view such information as a lie from the Devil!

However, the historical record is very clear on this (even among Mormon historians). Joseph Smith's teachings (and bedroom activities?) seemed to always stir up trouble for his band of followers. So, in self-defense(?) he formed a body guard, known as the Danites, to protect his person, and other notables among their utopian community. However, despite these precautions, he was still killed in a mob riot against Mormonism.

As a result, when Brigham Young moved the main band out to Utah, he reorganized the Danites, made them stronger, and formed them into more of an organized militia like organization--ready to fight with modern military weapons and using standard army tactics. The records tend to show that this small band was hightly trained, very skilled at warfare, and mobile enough to strike at any point in the Deseret Empire (which at that time, they considered to be all of Western America, from the Mississippi on to the Pacific.) Moreover, the historical records list hundreds upon hundreds of Mormon men, who were proud to serve in their Nation's Armed Services, in this manner.

However, their plans for total dominion here were cut short, when the Gold Rush brought the 49's to California and then filled up the Pacific Coast with non-Mormons, afterwards.

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Then, we come to the 1880s. We have already noted the strange events and occurances that seemed to go on at this time, that transformed Mormon society a lot.

So, it should not be surprizing that this transition time also had a dramatic impact on the Danites, as well.

For one thing, they began to fade away as Public Armed Forces, and go underground, with more and more clandestined activities. And more and more SECRET AGENTS (Wild, Wild West!)! Moreover, rather than attacking in standard military formation in the daylight, they took to more and more guerilla style raids, in the middle of the night (Gestopo like tactics).

Well, perhaps the growing presence of the U.S. Military had something to do with this? However, other evidence points to the arrival of Kolob at about this time, and the establishment of the growing RANI presence among the Mormon colony. So, it seems more likely that this was a result of Kolob strategy and training. Even as they employed in Germany, developing there a very highly effecient Secret Service for the German Intelligence Arm, which later became ABWEHR and the dreaded Gestopo. And they all seem to share similar strategy and tactics--indicating a common school of thought (from Kolob).

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Thus, it is not surprizing that the historical records become slim here, considering the change to covert operations and resultant secrecy. After all, once Deseret joined the Union, if would not be wise to let it be known that the Mormons still maintained their own private army! However, they did.

And we get a few peeks through the cracks at what that may have been like. The famous TV Program WILD, WILD WEST, has caused many to speculate that this was the way it was, with James West working not for the President of the U.S. (as most assumed in watching the TV show), but rather he was actually working for the President of the Mormon Church! (The producers of the later movie wisely changed this viewpoint--but for some reason, the movie is just not a popular as the original T.V. Show!!!)

Moreover, western folklore is filled with legends and tall tales of cowboy style AVENGING ANGELS, riding the range, and slitting the throats of those Mormons who became heretical and broke their oath! (Not to mention relocating various undesirables as a subtle ethnic cleansing program, to keep Deseret territories pure.) And, this vigilanti style justice is still all too admired in Mormon communities, today!

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And in control of America's Secret Services!!!

The next major event that comes to light concering the Danites is about mid-way through the Cold War. As America was having difficulties fighting communism, various government agents began showing up at Congress, complaining that the Mormon Mafia was in control of both the CIA and the FBI! And that these Organizations were only promoting Mormons to supervisory positions. (Dozens of cases can be brought forth to show this a common complaint!)

The Mormon Church countered, claiming that their returning Missionaries were only naturals for the jobs of these special agents. For, the missionaries (sent oversees by the Mormon Church as youths) had desirable overseas experiences, which most of the other applicants did not! It gave them an edge on placement--or was it bias?

However, the officials failed to address the issues of divided loyalties of such agents (for Deseret or for US?), and why the major recuriting offices for both CIA and FBI were at Brigham Young University (separation of church and state?), and even worse, why such trained agents seemed to become disillusioned and leave the US Intelligence Organizations in record numbers--only to join the Mormon SECURITY FORCE??? (We appeared to be training the Danites!)

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Now, into this mess stumbled ZDK.I with its Cold Fusion Crisis. Prior to then, we had been experiencing odd, RAS (Radical Anti-Semitic) sytle harassment, which investigation tended to link with the Danites (or Mormon Mafia). So, the connection between the Neo-Nazi Alliance and the Danites became obvious to us, in the crisis. Then, with the political firestorm over Our work in advanced nuclear energy, we began to find a further connection with this Kolob led Axis Alliance and the International UFO Conspiracy, which seems to want to monopolize ALL UFO and ETI technologies for itself (even keeping developments from the officials of the U.S. government). See MAJESTIC!

And why should we be surprized? Not only do the Danites operate like the Nazis, but if you trace the roots of the CIA, you will find that the main reason it was created was that the leaders of ABWEHR (the Nazi Intelligence Network) in Europe came to the U.S. officials after World War II, and offered to join us and help us fight Communism. Thus, the CIA was created to higher them to work for us. (But, now, who is working for who???) For, Kolob seems to be leading them all into a network that will give them world dominion, in a few short years (if nothing is done to stop them)! Thus, American Intelligence Operations tend to not only be dominated by the Mormon Mafia, but also are increaing independent of Executive and Congressional control.

So, who is really running the Country--and its Intelligence Operations--here? (The answer is obvious to us!)

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The Modern Means and Methods of the Morman Mafia

In the first part of this Article, we looked at how the Danites developed, historically. Now, we will turn our attention to exactly how they operate, today.

And, as you will soon see, they have quite an extensive network of varied operations!

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1. International UFO Conspiracy - Men in Black?

Without question, the Danites are up to their ear lobes in joint operations with the Axis Powers over the issues of UFO and various ETI technologies. They are attempting to maitain a monopoly on such developments, both by suppressing the works in these areas of people not aligned to Kolob and by theft of any such development to fuel their side. Which only leads us to believe that they are the real Men In Black! (Only, instead of protecting us from the slime of the Universe, as in the popular movie, they are the slime, themselves--trying to take advantage of the rest of us.)

So, see the rest of the Articles here, in Our KoReY UFO Literature Section, on the Kolob UFO Conspiracy, for more details on this.

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2. AXIS POWERS - Radical Anti-Semitism

The Mormon attitude to do away with all the traditional churches matches the typical RAS attitude of wiping out everything of Hebrew origin. (And since the churches developed from Judaism, then they must be done away with, too.) Which is to say nothing of their common, nasty attitudes towards Jews (their radical replacement theology holds that they are the only true Jews--the rest are all fakes and frauds)!

To learn more about these RAS issues and operations, see Our Section on Our OFFICE OF SOCIAL DEFENSES Literature.

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3. ECONOMIC WARFARE - Relocation Policies

Since the open killing of undesireables might raise international attention and cries of Human Rights violations, the Danites tend to rely more on economic hardships to drive their targets out of Deseret territory. Which has earned them the reputation of being the Mormon Maifa ("ya eider woirk fo da boss, or yas dona woirk at all").

Their Economic Warfare operations often consists of:

Thus, without a means of livelihood, the undesirables will tend to move away (or are basically run out of the country)! Keeping Deseret CLEAN!!! (Yes, a very subtle Ethnic Cleansing Program.)

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4. BIO-CHEMICAL WARFARE - Medical Mishaps and Mis-Adventures

Bullets and bombs would make too much noise and might make people look at what is happening. But, someone becomes sick and then dies--well isn't that natural? Who is going to check? And what could they do, if they did?

Here the Danites are very clearly associated with the RAS policies of the Nazis, for this is one of the main reasons for the Nazi medical experiments: to find out what would debilitate people or compromise their immune systems, so that they would soon get sick from something else, and then die--apparently naturally! (So, is this what is really going on with most so called Alien Abductions, today?)

Even worse, this was one of the main complaints of those that ran the Mormons off in the Mid-West: so called poisoned wells, and people stricken with strange disease--thus being run off of their farms as their health was no longer good enough for them to work it! ECONOMIC HARDSHIP!

And, in this light, America's CBW Center at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah is VERY ALARMING! (Especially since many UFOs have recently been seen with comtrails or chemtrails or vapors behind them--as if spraying something!) See the facts on this, in Our Article on KOLOB'S DOMINION OF DESERET. And dare we bring up the Bio-Medical Center at Ceder City, Utah? (And Dulce?)

And for an even more disturbing twist in these medical experiments on humans (and second side to this coin), see the Family issues, below!

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5. FAMILY FOIBLES - Spiritual Wifery

It has already been noted above, that the Mormons have an obsessive pre-occupation with who is in whose bed. And most laugh at this. But, perhaps there is, indeed, a method to this madness?

For, Family Feuds are one of the surest ways to destroy the economic base of a Family Line--thus eliminating (or reducing) non-Mormon genealogy from Deseret Territory.

How does this work? Well, in the old days, if a man seduced another man's wife, they would either tar and feather him or string him up. But today, the laws have changed. Thus, if a Danite seduces a non-Mormon man's wife, and he now gets a 2nd or 3rd (20th?) wife! And, if it leads to divorce, he gets the man's house, his car, most of his money, a steady income from child support (and we can really bash those dead-beat dads that don't pay--but not mention the woman's infidelity; nor the seducer's SIN), and an even sweeter treat: the man's teenage daughters (for in Mormonism, incest is considered the husband's patriarchial right--and his 30th or 40th wives)! [Yeah, no wonder so many people who live around them think that many Mormons are disgusting perverts!]

Moreover, one of the avowed goals of the Danites is to pillage and plunder the Gentiles (non-Mormons) around them! Why should we think that this excludes the Family of the undesireables? And, in point of fact, one of the biggest crime waves in the West is on inheritance thievery (for that is where the largest amount of money is transfered between people, so the Danite organized crime group is there to rip off the relatives!) Yes, and you thought grave robbery was disgusting. Yet, we have failed to see just how lucrative and profitable it can be! (Especially if you are for euthanasia and help the old folks into the grave, a bit early, with chemistry--as above!)

Even worse, this was the other half of those nasty Nazi medical experiments on humans--figuring out what would make people sterile or impotent (and unable to reproduce). Thus, the clan of undesireables could be eliminated in one generation, if they could be blocked, somehow, from Nature's plan of multiplication. (Which, unfortunately, also seems to tie in with some of the Alien Abductions, as they seem to have some kind of reproduction function and obsession, too!)

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6. GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION - The Maze of Taxation Scams

Well, someone once said, that the best way to go into busines is to USE SOMEONE ELSE'S MONEY! Consequently, the Danites have many elaborate Tax Scams, where the citizen thinks he is supporting and paying for one thing (for public good), but actually ends up financing Danite Operations!

This appears to be what is going on with the Dark Projects. The money is being appropriated by taxation, but somehow disappears down the rabbit hole with Alice, so who knows what it is eventually used for. And try to get a GAO audit of a Dark Project? Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas--it is easier for that fat man to squeeze into a house without a chimney!

Moreover, this was one of our big run ins early on with Mormons! Working in a Public School, I saw some things that looked like funny money to me, so I reported it to the State Authorities. But, rather than an investigation, I got RAS harassment dumped on me and run out of the school district! And, I was warned by a Danite representative that they were going to lay such an economic hardship on me, that I'd never work in this State again! And, I was unemployed for a long time. (Consequently, I started poking my own nose about, to see what all was really up, and began to turn up more and more on the Morman Mafia--until I arrived at Kolob, and its Axis Alliance!)

[Divine Law Shield]

6. SOCIAL DISEASE - Organized Crime and Mafia Matters

Well, some years back, the Iran-Contra scam blew up and hit the news. There, CIA agents were selling dope and drugs to raise the money to pay for their covert operations. Talk about corruption! (And, just what were they doing with our tax dollars that were appropriated for their operations?)

In this regard, the Danites really do deserve their common name of Mormon Mafia. And their list of criminal activites include:

In fact, one Danite Agent even offered me all the girls I could ever want (even young, teenage girls) if I would just stop digging up stuff about them. When I told him that such bribery did not fit my standards of morality and ethics, he then warned me that they would do everything that they could to falsely accuse me of inappropriate behavior with women (especially young girls)--and so they have!

However, now the question is: JUST HOW MANY OTHERS OUT THERE HAVE THEY BOUGHT OFF WITH THIS TEENAGE HOOKER THING??? (Or, are blackmailing them with statutory rape charges!) I don't think that we really want to know!

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The Rising Power of Deseret Under the Danites!!!

Well, are you still laughing? Yeah, once you get a good look at the extensive Danite Organization and its wide-spread Operations, there is no doubt in your mind that they are more than capable of carrying off their avowed goal of overthrowing the sovereignty of the U.S. federal government over its own soil. For, that is basically what they have already done, while we were sleeping. And, now, the job is nearly complete!

So, what are you going to do?

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Obviously, Our bias is plain! We are calling on people to make their RETURN to the Culture and Life-style of the Judeo-Christian Heritage. (The Heritage that is wrapped up with the History and Culture of Earth--and most notable Western Civilization! And not something of E.T. origin or Mormonism!) So, come along with us! Our Realm Revival Course will give you the basic details of the main concepts of the Judeo-Christian Faith. You can access it through Our Revival Chapel, or use the handy link, below:
To get Realm REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Realm Revival Course]

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However, whatever you do, don't stop here!

To get the next Article in this UFO Literature series on dealing with the Super-Secret MAJESTIC Organization, Kolob's manufacturing monopoly on UFO and ETI technologies, use the handy link, below:

To get THE MYSTERY OF MAJESTIC (Click Here): [Kolob's MAJESTIC Operation!]

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Well, Our KoReY Introductory Literature is just for you! It gives you the details on what Our New World out among the Stars will be like (and why it will form that way). To get Our Articles on Astaria, use the link below:
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