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KahRa-KiyNa Collection

The Astaria Doll Collection Museum - Barbies

The Foundation maintains a Museum of a modest Collection of Religious Dolls known as KahRa-Kiyna. This is a specialty collection of dolls that represent the Nations, Countries, and Ethnic Groups that participate (or will come to participate) in Astaria (Our Futuristic Realm out among the Stars). It is not just a collection of Barbies only, but includes other fashion sized dolls as well.

The Astarian Doll Collection Museum is a Private Collection, and is NOT generally open to the Public for viewing. Nor are any of its representative members available for sale or trade. Rather, they are held in reserve as Religious Articles.

However, to meet the increasing demand of curiosity seekers over this Collection, a small sample is pictured, below:

[PICTURE:  KahRa-KiyNa Collection-1]

The KahRa-KiyNa Collection has raised many questions and produced a few controversies of its own, so let us consider some of the more technical details about it.

It is sometimes jokingly referred to as the Astarian Royal Harem, being a collection of very attractive fashion dolls (and a good representation of Nature's feminine art). However, in point of technical fact, King Solomon maintained a Royal Harem of around 1,000 women, who were representatives of the Nations, Kingdoms, and Countries that he had come to conquer and rule. Thus, there does appear to be some similarities between the two, as well! For, they have congruent purposes.

2. TERAPHIM - Holy Images:
Moreover, according to the Scriptures, Laban maintain a collection of images (dolls?) known as teraphim, which served as a standard or flag that he was the Clan Chieftan. These Rachel stole, in an attempt to make her own children the Clan Chieftan (Genesis 31:19). However, she did not take Jacob into her confidences, so her scheme seems to have been her undoing (Genesis 31:32). In addition, these religious images or dolls appear to be found throughout the Scriptures in the same capacity--identifying those who held the office to rule over the People of God. And being held as holy religious articles.

Furthermore, some Jewish Groups assert the tradition of the Shabbot Doll. That when a young man leaves home, and begins to do the typical Jewish Friday night (Shabbot) candle service alone, he often picks a doll to stand in for the portion that his wife-to-be should do in the service. Thus, the myth has developed that the doll serves as an image of the his future bride, and that the Angels, summoned by the candle service, will go out and search for a woman that closely resembles the doll that he has set in the candles, and bring her to him as his new bride. Sweet thought!

On the other hand, some, who are not acquainted with this Ancient Hebrew custom and practice try to paint the Shabbot Dolls as mere Voo Doo Dolls! This is not at all the case! (And serves as a good example of how anti-Semitic attitudes distort and twist things of the People of God, and try to make them appear evil.)

[PICTURE:  KahRa-KiyNa Collection-2]

A major portion of the collection is of recycled dolls: dolls that were cast away (and purchased from rummage and garage sales, or from Second Hand Stores). These represent God's amazing attribute of MERCY. That we, as lost sheep, and thrown away by the world as worthless, can find value in God's Kingdom--and that HE will care for us, and provide for us, if we will only come to HIM! For one thing we know about the ONE TRUE GOD, is that HE is a God of A SECOND CHANCE. If we will only repent of our wrong doings, and begin seeking HIM!

For more info on this Faith Process (and how to Repent), see Our KoReY (Futuristic) REVIVAL.

[PICTURE:  KahRa-KiyNa Collection-3]

Come and join the harem.


Upon occassion, individuals make donations of various appropriate dolls to the Museum. If you have doll(s) in the Barbie style that you think may fit Our Collection (of Ethnic or Peoples Groups), and are willing to donate them for a good and holy cause, contact us about adding to the Museum.

E-Mail the KahRa-KiyNa Collection at (Please, mark your subject box DOLLS!)

Or, snail-mail us at:

Shaddox Space Society
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This is a serious, mature religious collection. No children (or goof balls) please!

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