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(PUBLICIZING OUR SUPPORTERS - Announcing contributers to the World-Wide Believing Community)

Our Z-Mall is not a common, commercial E-Mall. Consequently, be sure you read this Page carefully, BEFORE attempting to advertise with us.


Simply LINKING God's People (Descendants of Abraham) with supportive, God-fearing Businesses!

As a charitable, not-for-profit organization, we at ZDK.F do not make, manufacture, nor engage in commercial enterprises! Nor, do we at the Z-Mall host businesses on our server nor provide them with services (such as secure pages, for business transactions), as do normal, commerical e-malls. Rather, we are just a simple link between the Believing consumer and the Believing business. So, your business stays with your server. And we will only direct traffic to your site.

However, announcing donations (selling ads) and publicizing their supporters in their bulletins and programs is a typical, legitimate fundraiser, used by many charitable organizations. So, why shouldn't we, at ZDK.F?


Therefore, as a religious oriented organization, we REQUIRE that all businesses that choose to list or advertise with us, either: 1) are owned and operated by God-fearing people (whether Jewish, Christian, or Muslim), OR 2) be dealing in merchandise that would be of special interest to such Belivers.

Moreover, to enter our Realm (and cyber-space) to get posted on Our Z-Mall Pages, we require that the advertiser take and maintain the Varangian Pledge which basically holds:

I will worship no other God,
but the One True God (of Abraham);

And I will be a good subject in your Realm,
obeying its Laws and Authorities!

Simple, but effective. (And for more details, consult the full Article, at the link, above.)


For most Believers, the Varangian Pledge presents no problem, as God has given them a conscience so that they mostly follow HIS Laws already, anyway.

However, some of the more secular people out there seem to have their conscience damaged a bit. And as a result run into problems with some of Our LAWS and Authorities. The popular breaches tend to occur around:

1. LAW 2.A IDOLATRY -- banning the sale of images of false gods or materials of false religions.

2. LAW 2.B OCCULT BAN -- forbidding the sale or distribution of items for serious Magyck, Dark Arts, and the Occult.

3. LAW 2.B.1 SORCERY -- blocking sale of potions, illegal drugs, or related paraphenalia.

4. LAW 3.A BLASPHEMY -- the vulgar or improper use of God's Holy Name(s).

5. LAW 7.B.7 LASCIVIOUSNESS -- the indescrete or public display (or graphic depiction) of sexual activities that God holds as forbidden (pornography).

6. LAW 7.B.8 LEWDNESS -- the vivid verbal description of sexual activities that God holds as forbidden (obscenity).

So, beware! VIOLATORS WILL HAVE THEIR AD(s) REMOVED! (And the money that they donated will for their ad space will NOT be refunded!)

If you have any questions about these, then be sure to consult Our LAW LIBRARY for more details.

In addition, as a religious site, we reserve the right to refuse (or remove) any and all ads that we feel would be offensive to Our Members (or Our teachings)!


As we do not host pages ourselves, but rather link to a Page at your site, we require the following of that ACCESS PAGE (that we provide the link for): A. ACCEPTABLE IMAGE:
As many people like to browse through Our Virtual Mall, we REQUIRE that your Access Page (the one Our referral links to) be of a proper business image with an atmosphere that is consistent with the style and content of the rest of Our Z-Mall. It should be business like and professional looking. (What the rest of your site looks like, is more your business--just so none of our LAWS are broken there.) For most business, this is their Main Page or Home Page--though some may want to design a special Access Page to provide a smooth transition into their site. (See Ratings, below.) B. Z-MALL LINK:
We also REQUIRE that your Access Page have on it, somewhere, a link back to Our Z-Mall. (For, as we send customer traffic to you, it is only fitting that people have a chance to discover us, too!) C. HIT COUNTERS?
Hit Counters on the Acess Page is not required, but it is a good business practice, so that you can figure out just how much traffic we actually send you. (Hence the popular us of an Access Page, as the one referred to by Our Link--and separate from your Main or Home Page!) D. WING OR ANNEX LOCATION:
If you have a preference for a certain Z-Mall Wing or Annex, be sure to indicate it. Or, we will pace it where we think it is most appropriate.


The Z-Mall goes through a review on the first business day of the month. Ads (etc.) MUST be in before that, or they may not get listed that month! (And we do not possess a time machine, so if it is not there on time, neither will you be!) However, occassionally, things arise, and ads may not get fully posted untill a day or two after this Monthly Day of Review. (Have patience--we are developing.)


As a non-profit organization, we do not charge a fee for use of our referral service.

However, we DO have costs and operating expenses, too! And, as we have just done you a good turn and favor by putting your business into the Net cyber-space stream, where you can collect more business, we EXPECT you to return the favor with a generous donation. In fact, ads submitted without some kind of donation will not be posted! (Hey, we have to eat, too--and pay the utility bills!) However, that donation amount is up to you.

(But, we might add that almsgiving is a traditional teaching for God's People! And that for the truly Godly, normally, a TITHE, or 10% of the income you get on a venture, is a Scriptural Principle. So consider, as is also widely taught: remember God and HE will remember you! Yet, in any case, GIVE AS GOD DIRECTS YOU--2 Corinthians 9:6-7!)


The Z-Mall has 3 types of Ads:

A. BUSINESS NAME DIRECTORY: This is a Premium ad, with room for a small (thumbnail) image or company logo (in .gif format), that also displays the Name of your company or the Brand Name of your major product (in large print). There is also room for a sentence or two about your company or its product(s). (Various links are available.)

B. CLASSIFIED MERCHANDISE GUIDE: This is a basic ad, with the Name of your company (linked to your Access Page), your e-mail address, and phone number--all listed under a major merchandise classification, so that shoppers will know that you carry the product(s) they are looking for.

C. ALPHEBETICAL COMPANY LISTING: This is a bargain basement ad of just a straight list of companies (with links from their name to their Access Page). And while you may think that this is a good place to get lost in, be assured that some bargain hunters will go through every name on that list, looking to find what they want!

Some heavy advertisers may want all 3, while modest home businesses may just settle for that Alphebetical Listing.


Since we have no flat fees for advertising, ads are place in priority position according to who donates the most to us for that month.

Thus the top of the Business Name Directory is reserved for the company that sends us the most money for that monthly listing. And, similiar priority is used in the Classified Merchandise Directory, as well!

Consequently, on that Day of Review, you may find your place given to another who out bids you for that position! So, be sure to keep your donations current (and ahead of the pack). Space is limited!

Which also, unfortunately, means that if you slide in donations, then you will slide in location, too. And, may end up getting out bid for the Business Name Directory (which has very limited space), and perhaps even on the Classified Merchandiese Guide, if you slide enough (though it has more room).

Finally, those ads that continue month after month to not contribute to Our cause will eventually be removed, even from the simple Alphabetical Listing (by company name).


Your contribution to Our cause or donation should accompany your advertising (and arrive with us BEFORE that Review Day, for posting that month).

Money Order payments are preferred (out of the Country advertisers MUST use Money Orders). Checks, within the USA will be accepted, but your ad may be delayed until your check clears! (Plan ahead!) And, unfortunately, we MUST charge a $25.00 fee on all returned checks! (Sorry, credit card service is not yet available here, yet!)

Make payment payable to ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation.

While ads may be sent e-mail, unfortunately, payments still have to be sent snail mail, to:

Z-Mall Advertising
ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 USA


As a general policy, all business that we list are expected to hold to a money back guarentee. That if the customer is NOT satisfied with what he got and returns the item in question, then he should at least get the price of that item back--without questions.


As a general rule of thumb, all ACCESS PAGES should be presented in a manner that is acceptable to the general public. (See Page Requirements, above.)

As a result, all ACCESS PAGES should be consistent with a G rating.

However, as you ought NOT to allow your children to run around your city's mall unattended, so too should you not allow your children to cruise through Our Z-Mall without supervision. So, parents, consider this a PG Rated Area.

Be discrete! Senstive items of a more mature or adult nature, such as underwear, lingerie, swimwear, dancewear, feminine hygene, birth control, etc. should NOT be openly displayed on Access Pages, but may be listed on other Pages of your site--PROVIDED that they are clearly labled, so that if you don't want to buy them (or view them), you won't stumble across them, accidentally.

R or X or NC-17 RATINGS???
As such ADULT(?) material is offensive to most religious persons, these should NOT be displayed nor sold in Our Z-Mall! (Use your own Web Network to pedal such junk!)


We will do our best to set ads exactly as we receive them. However, be advised that some of our volunteers are fumble-fingered (yes, handicapped--seriously). Consequently, we will NOT be responsible for any mistakes that they may make! Nor will ZDK.F be liable for any damages that those goofs may create! However, if you notify us of a mistake, we will take the extra time to fix it as promptly as we can.


If you have any more questions, use the contact routes, below.

Other Contact Routes:

(Getting to know us better?)

Comments? Suggestions? Not finding what you want? Something not working right? Then try any of these ways below to get word to us.

E-Mail us at zdkf@gorge.net (Mark subject box Z-MALL ADVERTISING!)

Or, regular mail us (snail mail) at:

Z-MALL advertising
ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 U.S.A.

Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674 (with the Shaddox Clan offices)


Listing on Our Z-Mall Referral Pages in no way implies approval or endorsement of that company's product or services. Nor, that we (at ZDK.F) approve of or support their business pratices or campaigns. All we are saying is that they are available for business and have claimed some kind of God-fearing Faith in their lives (by the Varangian Pledge).

As always, remember the consumer's warning: BUYER BEWARE. And be sure you know exactly what it is that you are getting! And who it is that you are trying to deal with.

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