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(BELIEVER'S BIGGEST BUYER'S BIZARRE - God's World-Wide Market of Judeo-Christian Businesses)

Trap your treasures and trophies here, today!


(Explainations and Notes, below):

Your Way to Amazements and Amusements! (Click on LINKS, below, OR (Z-MALL GRAPHICS DIRECTORY Page with low graphics .gif, OR, go to Z-MALL PORTAL -- high graphics needed!)

Lost? Need Help? Want info? Or, just curious? Here are the links to Our Offices and Administration--as well as social and cultural events at the Z-Mall! (Scheduling? Publicity? Advertizing? Security? Etc.?) -- low graphics (.gif)

2. NORDIC (Northern European) Wing
Searching for thick furs to put out that blasting chill of the North Wind? Or, just looking for blonde items? Then here are the links to the treasures of the North. (Come follow the Vikings! They scoured the world in search of good trade items!) -- low graphics (.gif); Or, see TEXT ONLY Version.

3. EASTERN (Arabic) WING
Fan of the Middle East? Or, interested in Bedhoin or Arabic items? This Z-Mall Wing will link you to some of the best sources of Arabic and Middle Eastern selections! Your Desert Oasis and Camel Caravan awaits you there! -- low graphics (.gif); Or, see TEXT ONLY

4. SOUTHERN (Astarian-Futuristic) WING
Sci-Fi buff? Interested in what Our World may be like tomorrow? (Believers in Space?) This Z-Mall Wing will teleport you to some of the better resources for merchandise dealing with the Future (or Sci-Fi Societies and Programs) Your starship awaits your orders here for goods to be transported to your door! -- low graphics (.gif); Or, see TEXT ONLY Version.

5. WESTERN (Hebrew - Judaica) WING
Hunting for special containers for chicken soap? Or, wondering where in the Hebrew world your relatives got that gismo? Well, here are the links to Hebrew, Jewish, Messianic, etc. items--that will delight your heart, and mispochah (and cross your Rabbi's eyes)! -- low graphics (.gif); Or, see TEXT ONLY Version.

Caught by the lure of the Orient? Looking for mysterious rare finds or inscrutable deals? Then, check out these merchants of the Far East and see what treasures they may bring to you! Or, search for the homeland of the 3 Wise Men? (Coming?)

Desiring some Yankee ingenuity? Or, partial to products from the Red, White, and Blue? Then shop through this Mall, as your mouse does the walking, to find those unusual and common items that we all seem to want!

Hooked on hot Latin music? Or, looking for those real macho items where Latin men are not afraid of being men? Then, ride South of the Border with us as our merchants bring to you the treasures of Latin America! (Coming?)

Are you an incurable Anglophile? Have a taste for territorial tea? Or, searching for those old fashioned Victorian items? Well, the sun will never set on all that you can find here! All of Great Britain (and its former Empire) now lays at your finger tips! (Coming!)

Seeking a steaming jungle safari? Or, just wondering what the Dark Continent might have to offer? For, the world travellor or the exotic armchair buyer, this developing Annex will link you to some of the hot items of Africa! (Coming?)

The incredible world of the ZDK Foundation! Get a good overview of Our whole Realm. Or, just get the quick, basic facts about US. There are many, easy explainations here that paint a good picture of what WE are all about! So, take the time. Take a look! For, you will find Our world interesting! (Catch a glimpse of Our "vision" and Our goals. And consider the Judeo-Christian Organizations we are building!) -- low graphics (.gif); Or, see TEXT ONLY Version.

12. MINISTRY of CULTURE (Astaria)
ZDK.F integrates many Cultures of the World (we are a leader in Inter-Cultural Ministries). This Cultural mix is achieved through Our Futuristic SPACE World of Astaria (and its various KoReY Heritage Worlds). Here is God's Plan for Mankind's Future--out among the Stars. (See the differing Peoples and Beliefs that HE is bringing together by Faith in HIM!) -- low graphics (.gif).




ZDK Associations???

ZDK is a Hebrew acronym, whose meaning and origin has been associated with Our Family since Bible Times and it has no connection whatsoever with either the Asian Heritage marital arts of Zendokai or its ZDK--nor with any German manufacturing or products using a ZDK lable! Nor, do we want you to think that their longstanding use of Our Family Name implies that we run their organizations nor approve of what they may be doing! So, to help you avoid the confusion, with them, we have begun referring to Our Family Foundation not just as ZDK, but as ZDK.F (or zdkf) to help you keep our distinctiveness clear in your mind.

(So, if you happen to be here looking for martial arts or German products--YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE!)

Other Contact Routes:

(Getting to know us better?)

Comments? Suggestions? Not finding what you want? Something not working right? Then try any of these ways below to get word to us.

E-Mail us at zdkf@gorge.net (Mark subject box MALL-MASTER!)

Or, regular mail us (snail mail) at:

ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 U.S.A.

Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674 (with the Shaddox Clan offices)

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