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ZDK Family Ministries - Women Issues (*** PG ***)

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Women Challenges

Religious Feminism Challenges Traditional Judeo-Christian Women

God's Kingdom has always been the Champion (and Protector) of women, with its Biblical Women's Rights, and Our current Women Ministries! However, modern Judeo-Christian woman are facing all kinds of modern problems--especially those put forth by modern church feminists! Consider this collection of Articles and Issues on this hot topic!

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Our Women Problems Literature Directory

Our ZDK Women Problems Pages has many Articles and Literature to help you deal with Our Future Realm's Home Economics, the time honored facts of Biblical Women Rights, as well as the current controversial issues of Women Ministries in Our World (not to mention helping the traditional Judeo-Christian Women fit properly into Our Realm of God's Holy Kingdom). To access these, click on the Links below (or click on the round SHIELDS at the top or bottom of the Page--Navigation Bar):

[Nordic Peoples Shield] 1. IDOLATRY OF WOMB WORSHIP
-- The popular heresy of Feminism stoops to new lows, turning Belivers from their proper worship and service to God into the Idolatry of worshipping their wives, and following the whimsical desires of the womb, rather than God Will!

[Realm Security (Sword) Shield] 2. MURDERERS OF GOD?
-- The popular game(?) of modern Feminism stoops to new lows, aiming veiled darts at God, through HIS visible representatives, and most especially at Man by their Male Bashing and demonic Male Hatred! (And the historical trail of this Demonic Beast is traced.)

[Realm Nobility Shield] 3. MODERN MATRIARCHY
-- The strangle hold that this popular perversion has on current American Scoeity, and that corruption that it has brought to our Land and our Congregations (in sharp contrast to the teachings of God) so that the coming punishment and destruction that it will surely bring, will soon come!

[Revival Chapel Shield] 4. THE CHURCH WITCH
-- As the Return of the Lord draws near, we need to be sure to NOT stick our heads in the sand over the evil that will be let loose just beforehand! And, here we see the rising power of the coming Whore-Witch of Babylon clearly exposed! BEWARE! (And don't let her, and her sisters, take control of your congrgation!)

[Abrahamic Faith Shield] 5. THE MENSCH
-- Nothing seems to drive the modern woman up that wall as does trying to understand her man! This Article gives help here. For, we need to grasp that God designed Man to be a unique individual--his own person (This has found expression in the Hebrew Community's concept of the Mensch--and Britain's acceptance of eccentrics.) But, how does the average wife cope with the uniqueness of her husband (especially since the wicked women of world wants his conformity to the image of the emotionless robot)? Well, find out, here! [Transfer to Fathers First - Men Issues]

[Information Age Shield] 6. MEDIA SECURITY ALERT
-- The growth of subliminal Mind Control techniques threatens Right to your own mind and thoughts! Not only is this gross violations of Basic Human Rights (and massive potential for totalitarian governmental abuses) but there are some very specific warnings to women! (Such as, subliminal seduction tapes that are being used by evil men to trick ladies into compromising positons--and get them to think that it was their idea! [Transfer to KUFOL Pages]

[Spiritual Engiftement Shield] 7. PRO-POPULATION POLICY
-- God's Command to Procreate Seen as Guidance to fill Our Important Need for Adaquate Manpower for Our Interstellar Expansions (*** PG-13 ***) Thus, the importance of the woman's role as mother--sacrificing her own life (career) for her children, their future Family, and our coming Nation (MATURE, scientific reading) [Transfer to KUFOL Pages]

-- That tempting, forbidden fruit that some women cannot resist: A look at God's provisions for the sanctity of wedlock, and the good reasons of the Scriptures for why adultery, or wife defilement, is such a mortal sin (and capital crime). *** DON'T DO IT!!! *** [Transfer to Law Library]

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Queen AhQo - the Biblical Aholah

Fallen Woman and Backslidden Israel

Hear God's Heart's cry for today: COME BACK, ISRAEL!!! (Hosea 14:1) For, HE wants her as HIS Bride, again! So, make your own personal RETURN to God, today! Don't delay! (Be the Israel HE needs!) God's recycling Plan for women thought worthless. *** PG-13 ***

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Help for Bad Girls and Wicked Women! (Patterned after the Viking Heroine!)

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Take a peek at what the Men are discussing over in Our Fathers First Priority Section. Are they just out to make slaves of us--or is there more to their story?

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