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Understanding The Hebrew Concept of the Mensch:

and grasping the importance of Britain's Eccentrics

The wicked of the world are fond of picturing Man as the base, brute beast. But, was this what God intended? No! God had a higher purpose and calling for Man. Consider what HE says:

And God said: Let US make Man in OUR own Image--After OUR likeness! ...So, God created Man in HIS own Image--in the Image of God created HE him; Male and female created HE them. (Genesis 1:26-27)

MAN'S INDIVIDUALITY - God's Uniqueness

Now, what does it mean, to be in God's Image? Unfortunately, some of the blow-hearts are going to try to tell you that this means that you are God. Rubbish!!! And any real Man with the sense of a goose knows that he is not as Powerful nor as Great as God! So, just what does that above Passage mean, when it says we are in God's Image?

Well, let us just take a quick look at one attribute of God, and see how it applies here. Now, Holy Scriptures tell us that God is Unique--that there is none like HIM (Exodus 15:11)! Consequently, no man can ever be exactly as God is! In fact, no man can even approach to being as God. For, God is unique. And there is none like HIM!

However, as Man was made in HIS Image, each Man is accorded a spark of that Divine Nature. And he was given a personality (or soul) as a unique being, too. Thus, each Man is his own special character. And, each Man has his own distinct individuality. So, though there may be some similiarites among some groups, still, each particular Man is distinctly unique--and his own person! Even as God is unique. Consequently, each individual Man has value and rates high with God--AND HIS PEOPLE.

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THE HEBREW MENSCH and The British Eccentrics

Correspondinly, in Hebrew Culture, there has developed the idea (or attitude) of the Mensch--unique person! That each individual Man is his own special being. Hence, individuality, and being a bit different (or odd), was commonly accepted in the Hebrew Community for centuries. (Just so you weren't too weird or strange, in the evil sense.)

Along this same line, Britain, in following this Judeo-Christian Patriarchy model, developed a deep appreciation for the value of the individual, unique Man. Here, British Men, who prospered and rose to great wealth, were allowed to do pretty much whatever their fancy desired, and buy or pursue whatever hobbies or avocations they might choose (just so it wasn't too illegal). Consequently, down through history, Britain has been the champion of human rights, where the individual (and his uniqueness) is respected. And, thus, British history is full of notable (and lovable) eccentrics. So, is it any wonder that, today, Britain is held to be a world haven for such unique and talented people--eccentrics of the world!

In contrast to this, the rising industrial revolution in America liked to strip Man of his individuality and reduce him to a mere machine (or extension of a machine), just to make a living. And, the wicked of the world have played on this, so that American Men all too often turn out to be mere mechanical clones or robots, just like the guy next door. However, this attack on Man's individuality is also a veiled attack upon God--for Man is made in the Image of God (not in the likeness of other robots or mere machines)!

Now, to properly combat this, we, as Men (Believing Men) need to step forth and acknowledge (nay, revel in) our God given uniqueness! We are individuals. Created in God's own Image. Why be cheap copies of machines that the wicked have made?

But, unfortuantley, we have been molded that way--from boyhood (by the forces of the wicked world that denigrate us by the pressures from their evil society)! And much of the ability to combat it and overcome this assualt on Real Manhood is based on understanding how we got this way!

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MODERN MOTHERHOOD - The Boy's Emotional Lobotomy

Well, men, how did we get this way--just being cheap copies of other emotionless robots? Unfortunately, this was how we were raised, in the modern world! And, here, the worldy women have joined with the wicked of the world in reducing us, as Men, to mere emotionless machines.

There use to be an old saying: THE HAND THAT ROCKS THE CRADLE WILL RULE THE FUTURE WORLD! Correspondinlgy, in Judeo-Christian Patriarchy, and especially in the Hebrew Community, the child was the Man's pride and joy. The wife was only there to take care of the kid's physical necessities, while the Father was free to enjoy and shape the new soul in the Family (and to get his uses and benefits from his children). That is Patriarchal Culture.

But, modern motherhood, shoves the Father out the door, and tells him that it is women's work to tend the kids (just go off and be the work-a-holic at the factory or office until you drop--the kids will never miss you). Thus, fathers are often denied their Biblical Fathers Rights and forced to abandon their children (whithout really understanding how come).

And, while little girls can usually throw any kind of emotional fit they want, and it gets laughed off (or explained away as only being her hormones), little boys are usually beaten into thinking that showing ANY EMOTION IS WRONG! Or, that he is sissy if he has any emotions at all! (So, is it any wonder that they have trouble expressing love to their wives in a marriage relationsip?) But, this is what modern motherhood has taught us!

Even worse, statistics show that little boys are far more likely to be violently, physically abused, than are little girls. (And this by their own mothers!)

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MODERN EDUCATION - The Boy's Intellectual Retardation

Nor does the female bludgeoning stop once the boy leaves the home! For, it has long been a noted phenomena in America that boys often start their school careers as slow learners only to pick up and exceed at the higher levels. Why? Well, early secular education is almost totally dominated by women. And, while little girls are often seen as cute and bright in grade school, little boys are far more often reported to be trouble and discipline problems! Is it any wonder what is really going on? Boys are being taught that they don't need to be smart! Just be brute beasts. (After all, the factory only needs a a mound of mussle or robot that can push levers all day, and all night--how much brainpower do you want them to have for that?)

Consequently, the wicked of the world disdain education. And would just as soon see it done away with. (After all, intellectuals are just troublemakers, anyway!)

However, the Hebrew Community highly values education. We have always been known of as People of the Book. Consequently, reading and study skills have always been highly prized. And it was considered the Man's duty to teach his sons to read (or to take him to the Rabbi or Priest who would teach him). The boy's education was too important and too valuable to leave to mere women. (And considering how badly little boys are treated these days by female teachers, is it any wonder?)

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MODERN ADULTHOOD - The Boy's Perpetual Slavery

In the Hebrew Community, and down through history in most of the traditional Christian Churches, the boy reached a point where he became a Man--an adult. This was often the Bar Mitzvah or Church Confirmation. From then on out, he was no longer under his mother's thumb, but became part of the Community of Men! This was the traditional Judeo-Christian Patriarchy practice.

But, it is no longer there, in the same way. Women expect now to rule their sons to the grave. Fathers? Forget them! They are either suppose to be too busy being work-a-holics or lost in the bottle at the bar, when they should be home--with their children. Besides, all the wicked of the world want is an army of little emotionless robots. So, guys, just accept your lot as modern slaves! (They say.)

Is it any wonder that so many Men don't make it? The damage of such attitudes on the male psychic is horrendous! And, so many Men come to the middle of their years and collapse, wondering is this all that there is to life? Truly, something is missing! (His uniqueness? His individuality. Who ever heard of that!) Men have lost THEMSELVES! [Praying Hands Shield]

MODERN WORSHIP - The Boy's Purgatory

So, what happened to the Congregation? Weren't they suppose to be teaching little boys about their unique Image--like God's? Isn't there that Judeo-Christian Patriarchy? Well, unfortunately, the modern Religious Establishment has sold out to the wicked of the world! (And, besides, most congregations are now run by women!)

As a case in point, because of my religious activities, I often visit various local congregations just to see what is going on in God's World. Well, on this one occasion, I was invited to a local congregation for Mother's Day. And I was impressed: they had speeches praising the deeds of various women in the church, tons of flowers and other gifts as awards, a nice sermon extolling the values of good mothers, and a great potluck afterwards in the honor of women. Well, some time passed, and then I had the opportunity to go back--and as it was Father's Day, I thought that this was going to be GREAT! But, was I wrong! There were no speeches elevating the men of the congregation, there were no candies or gifts or awards, nor was there a potluck honoring men afterward--and the sermon was filled with Man hating and male bashing verbage, as every male sin was dredged up and thrown in the face of the men there, as proof of just how evil and wicked they were. (Need I add that this congregation has a reputation for not being able to get and keep men at their church?)

The Haven of the Faithful has slipped from holding Man in God's Image!

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MODERN FASHION - The Boy's Public Debasement

Part of the expression of uniqueness and individuality is your own fashion statement. Now, Men in the Hebrew Community often prefer purple or bright blue (those of the Viking or Nordic Community prefer bright red) as an expression of their Manhood and virility. But, the wicked of the world holds that only women wear bright colors. (And men who do must be gay or something! What idiocy!) And individualism or self-exression in dress for men? Hey, the wicked of the world want Men to only wear black suits, white shirts, and ties, so that they will look like all the other decorated penguin robots! Forget being unique. (You are held to be weird or gay if you dress distinctly!)

And silk clothes? That is for women! Hey, you must be gay to wear that! But, silk has been a symbol of luxury for Men for many centuries, all the way back to Ancient China and Persia! And, it was a sign on Noblemen throughout the Mediavel World in Europe! But, today, individual expression in silky material? Forget it!

Now the Hebrew Community does have some restrictions on how men dress: mainly different from women (Deuteronomy 22:5); with wearing some kind of a beard (Leviticus 19:27 & 21:5) so that they don't look like smooth faced women. Yet, despite these simple restrictions a great deal of self expression is allowed in how men dress. Even hair, which is taught to be shorter than worn by women (I Corinthians 11:14-15), is still allowed to be long if the man so chooses--he just needs to either bind it in 7 braids as a Nazarite style or wear in in one long braid as Chinese style (as a very strong male symbol--Dr. Freud). But the wicked world wants men to all be crew cut, clean shaven robots--so that they look like every other mere machine!

But women? Hey, they can dress as they please! (And say and do whatever they want, too!) That is the wicked world's double standard!

Doubt that? Well, how long has it been since you saw a woman with long hair? Now they all want it short, so that they can look like men! Even in the churches. And for that matter, how long has it been since you saw a married woman in church with a hat or scarf on (I Corinthians 11:3-10)? And dress--they all come to church in pants or slacks, which were ascribed to men (Exodus 28:42-43 and Ezekiel 44:18) and have been a symbol of manhood down through the centuries! Thus, modern women want to be free to look like (and be?) men! But, let a man show up in a robe or a kilt, and just watch how fast the ladies will cut him down (or call him gay). What a double standard! Yeah, and what they do is gross! It is perverted! It is SIN! (And then they wonder why the Spirit of God does not move on them like HE use to--when their grandmothers dressed like proper ladies!)

And they are into Male bashing to the max! But, we, as Believing Men, are told to put up with it--and DON'T YOU SAY NOTHING ABOUT IT! So much for Men being in God's Image, and being HIS ordained authority to the Family (and Community) that should be obeyed. The Judeo-Christian Patriarchy is just out of fashion (and done away with by the women's movement in the modern churches). Doubt that? Well, just try to preach a sermon about the evils and wickedness of modern women in some church these days, and then see how fast they boot you out! (I double dog dare you!)

And, need I bring up fashion designing? Any Man who enters the clothing industry is debased as gay by the wicked on the world! But, then, most real Men ARE interested in what women wear (or don't wear). But, if you admit to that, you are opening yourself to male bashing! (Hey, modern women can pursue any career that they want--but a Man, well he can only be the work-a-holic at SPECIFIC jobs!) It is gross discrimination! [Appiru (Arabic) Shield]

MODERN MARRIAGE - The Boy's Bate and Switch

The design of God for marriage is clear:
...It is not good that Man should be alone! I will make him a help-mate (maidservant) to is suitable for his needs! (Genesis 2:18)
And, women of the wicked world are all too good at making themselves look like they will meet a Man's needs, that is, untill they get the knot tied, and then they run off in total neglect of what he may need!

And the modern churches aren't much help, here. For, now, women don't have to be submissive wives any more. They are to be free to run off from him and do whatever they want! In fact, a few years back, I was invited by a church to go off to one of their marriage retreats, where a big name author was conducting his seminar. Well, I got the book he was going to use, and read it. And I was shocked! It was totally filled with male bashing and how Men MUST serve their wives. (It said nothing about what Men might need--or that wives are to submit to their husbands, and his needs. What ever happend to the Judeo-Christian Patriarchy?) The only concession that it made to any kind of male need was a statement that basically said: JUST GIVE HIM ALL THE SEX THAT HE MAY NEED AND YOU CAN HAVE WHATEVER ELSE YOU WANT! What wicked, worldly philosophy! (But, it was in a church manual!)

For, as you get older in age, sex wanes and becomes less and less important in a marriage. And, if you have not developed a relationship based on the servicing of other needs (both physical and emotional), then you aren't going to have a marriage, soon! So, is it any wonder that divorce has become such a plague in the modern world? (Or, that Men are just not getting their OTHER needs meet in modern marriage?)

But, if you show up with a pre-nuptial or pre-marital agreement (as was done for centuries in the formal betrothal), just watch how fast the modern women of the church run you out! [Fruitful Vine Shield]

MODERN FINANCES - The Boy's Vanishing Money

One of the biggest male bashing scams is the spreading of the Peter Pan Syndrome--that Men fail to grow up. Consequently, there is a lot of male bashing about BOYS AND THEIR TOYS. But, dare you sit down and count up how much money women waste or throw away frivilously? Yes, and how many Men that have come to us saying that they worked like a dog and then came home and turned their check over to their wife, only to have the money all dissappear! Rather, Men deserve to have some enjoyment out of life--and their labors (Ecclesiastes 2:24).

And toys? Dare I bring up guys playing with dolls? (They'll try to send you to the luny bin over that one!) But, why not? Girls can play with whatever kinds of toys that they want these days. So, why discriminate against males?

[Abrahamic Faith Shield]

MODERN FATHERHOOD - The Boy's Forced Absenteeism

The Holy Scriptures teach that a Man's children are his own personal property or chattels. But, the wicked of the world think that all a kid needs is its mother! (Forget you Dad!)

And, come to a divorce (which has been engineered by the wicked, above), and you will find the wife gets it ALL! And the bond of Fatherhood is ignored by the Courts. For, the children are given to the wife 90% of the time--and she pushes the Father out of the children's life in revenge! Hey, if we really are to have equal rights, then, be like Solomon, we should divide the child--half of the remaining early years to the wife (to continue raising them) and the last half (on to adulthood) to the Father. That is fair! And those States which openly support the modern matriarchy (and won't give Fathers their child at least half of the time) should have their federal funds taken away, until they have Men getting their children at least as often as the women!

Which is why we have asserted and maintain the FATHERS FIRST PRIORITY! That the Men of Our Realm ALWAYS get their children first in a divorce, to counter-balance the modern woman always getting them! (And, besides, such a policy is a strong deterent to divorce! For, women will have to think twice about divorce, as it will likely mean that they loose their children.) Thus, for family stability, we support the establishment of Biblical Fathers Rights! Especially in Our Future World!

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MODERN COMRADERY - The Boy's Dwindling Friends

Much has been written psychologically about male bonding. For, it is, indeed, not good for Man to be alone. Not only does he need his wife (and kids) but he needs his other fellows and friends, too! Consequently, the congregation has been the traditional meeting place for Men in Patriarchal Culture.

There real Men (Patriarchs), would gather and run their Commuity (without the women). And, at celebrations, the Men would show their unity in fellowship by dancing with each other! (But, now, the wicked world see such activities as being gay!)

Moreover, as we have seen above, the wicked of the world have moved into the congregation (both the church and the synagogue). And have run most of the real Men off! All that is left for Men to gather in is the trap of the tavern and bar.

That is, unless you are willing to enter the new Messianic Kingdom Dispensation. And gather with us in Our Realm. So, come on it! Join the Patriarchal Culture of Our Future World. And experience the old blessings of Judeo-Christian Patriarchy! Help us estalish the Fathers First Priority and fight for Men to get their Biblical Fathers Rights!

Don't be left out!

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