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The Man Is the God Ordained Ruler of the Home:

But the Pagans Often Twist That Byond What God Intended

Despite the fact that most Pagans shake their fist at God (and are the first to have HIS Book banned or burned), when it comes to defending their Patriarchal Rights, HIS Holy Word is often quoted (though twisted and distorted from its original meaning). And, for the modern Believing Man, who struggles so much with what the wicked of the world try to dump on him, this is often confusing. So, let us set some things straight as to what Biblical Patriarchy or Judeo-Christian Patriarchy is--and what it isn't!

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God Ordained Man as the Ruler of the Family

Without question, God has ordained The Man or Husband (Mensch) as the Head of the Family and Ruler of his own Household. This was God's intention from the very beginning, as it is written of Man's creation:
And the Lord God said: It is NOT good that Man should be alone! I will make him a HELPER that is meet (or suitable) for his needs! (As it were, his opposite or compliment.) (Genesis 2:18)
Thus, it was God's original design that woman or the wife was to be the Man's HELPER or subordinate (not his boss nor his co-woker). She was to be his beast of burden, his plow horse, his maidservant, and his slavegirl. God said so!

And for those who forgot the beginning, God reminded them of this Design of HIS, saying:

And he sent letters into all the King's Provinces (Persia), into every Province (subdued nation) according to its writing thereof, that is to every Peoples after (in) their own language, that: EVERY MAN SHOULD BEAR RULE IN HIS OWN HOUSE, and that it should be published (everywhere) according to the language of every Peoples! (Esther 1:22)
Therefore, without question, God has ordained The Man to be the Ruler in his own family, the king of his own castle, the lord of his own home.

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CHRISTIAN FEMINISM - Dispensational Dethronment???

Yes, but the Feminism of the wicked world has gotten its advocates to claim that this was only for Old Testament Times (for Hebrew Culture and Judaism). Now that we are under the New Dispensation of Christianity, woman should be free to be the family ruler (and ruler of the congregation or nation, as well).

However, the biggest advocate for the Christian Dispensation, Hah-RaV Shouhul (or the Apostle Paul), had this to say about that God ordained position of Man for the Christian Family:

Wives, SUBMIT YOURSELF (be subordinate, comply) UNTO YOUR OWN HUSBANDS, as you would unto the Lord! For the husband (Man) is the Head (Ruler) of the wife, even as Christ is the Head of the church; And HE is the Savior of the BODY. Therefore, as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be (subject) unto their own husbands, in everything! (Ephesians 5: 22-24)
So, it doesn't sound to me like that ordained Rulership of the Man was changed or altered by Christianity. Moreover, the appointed leader of the Christian church, the Apostle Peter, has this to say about it:
Likewise, you wives, be in subjection (subordinate, compliance) with your own husband; That even if any not obey the Word (Believe), that they may, without any word, be won (to the Faith) by the (submissive) behavior if their wife--while they behold your own chaste (pure) behavior, couple with fear (respect for them)...even as Sarah obeyed Abraham: CALLING HIM LORD (i.e. slavemaster); whose daughters (descendants) you are, as long as you do well, and are not turned aside from the Way with any amazements. (1 Peter 3:1-6)
So, sorry, but the Christian Feminist bunk that Christianity brought a dispensational change in the Rulership of Men over women IS JUST NOT THERE IN THE SCRIPTURES! Neither has it been advocated in the Hebrew Community nor in Judaism. And you can't find it in the past centuries of Christianity, either!

Rather, Christian Feminism has its roots in Paganism, and the worship of the ungodly Earth-mother! And smacks of the image of the anti-christ (2 Kings 11:1-21). So, stay away from it.

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Now, as strongly for Pig Power as the foregoing Scriptues are, we also need to keep them in perspective. For, once the Pagan men get hold of them, they twist such ordinaces into wickedness. For, there is a good deal of difference between God ordained Rule, and Pagan Rule. (Ask any Believing woman that is married to a Pagan husband and she can quickly tell you!)

For, to be a God ordained Ruler, your main duty is to UPHOLD AND ENFORCE GOD'S LAW! That is why God set you in that position of authority over the Family: to teach them HIS Laws--and to be sure that they obey them. For, it is clearly written of Rulers:

And it shall be that, when he (the ruler) sits upon his throne of his Kingdom (domain, household), that he shall have written for him a copy of the LAW (of God), in a Book out of that which is before the Priests and the Levites (i.e. BIBLE). And it shall be with him, AND HE SHALL READ THEREOF ALL THE DAYS OF HIS LIFE: that he may learn to fear (repsect) the Lord his God--and to keep all the words of this LAW, and to do these statutes! (Deuteronomy 17:18-19)
So, guys, if you expect to get those Biblical Fathers Rights of Our Biblical Patriarchy, then you had better uphold your duty--and get a Bible and start reading everyday (to teach and uphold what God has written in it--TO YOUR FAMILY)! Nor are you allowed to deviate from it, for the LAW of God is the Supreme Law of the Land, and no one can issue a decree or give an order that supersedes or takes precendent over what God has commanded!

In contrast, the Pagan Beastarch does not see himself as God's Governor, teaching and upholding what God wants! Rather, the Pagan demands that his own word is law, so that he is more the autocrat or dictator--ruling to enforce his own will. (And then they try to claim that their whims are God's Will? BALONEY!!!)

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Thus, the final Authority for the Biblical Patriarch is God and HIS Word. But, for the Pagan Beastarch, it is merely his own whim or will of the moment. (And tomorrow, it may be entirely different!)

Consequently, it is important that we know and remember the vital teaching of the Holy Scriptures: THAT NO AUTHORITY HAS THE POWER TO COMMAND YOU TO DO SOMETHING AGAINST GOD'S EXPRESSED WILL (i.e. HIS Law)! This was the lesson of the Hebrew Children (Daniel 3:16-18) and the teaching of the Apostle Peter (Acts 4:19 & 5:29).

Thus the Biblical Patriarch MUST NOT command his subordinates (wife and children) to do anything that is against God.

And the Pagan Bestarch is groundless when he tries to indulge his whims by ordering you to do things that are contrary to God. (He may not use Biblical authority to make you do an unscriptural thing!) And here, the difference between true Biblical Patriarchy and the Pagan Beastarch (which claims to be Patriarchy) becomes more clear!

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INCEST - The Silent Beastarch Plague

And, in no other issue is this vital principle seen more clearly than in that of hideous modern plague of incest.

The Laws of God against incest (in all its forms) is extensive--and very plain! (Leviticus 18:6-26) DO NOT DO IT! There is even a specific provision against father-daughter incest (Leviticus 19:29) and one against step-father - step-daughter incest (Leviticus 18:17). Therefore, the Biblical Patriarch has absolutely NO AUTHORITY to command such a thing to be done. Rather, Fathers are under the command from God to deliver their daughters to their marraige beds as virgins. And to fend off all men from their daughters, until she meets that man that will be her husband for life.

However, most Beastarchs attempt to claim that incest is their Patriarchal Right??? But, it is nowhere found in the Scriptures! (Unless you attempt to twist them!)

Thus, some Beastarchs have attempted to claim that the incident of Lot's daughters give them the permission or precedence to go into their own daughters. BALONEY!!! That is an entirely twisted mis-representation of that whole passage. Look at verse 19:31 which clearly says:

Consequently, this is not Patriarchal permission for incest. Rather, it is the mistaken ASSUMPTION of some foolish girls, who thought that they were in a world wide apocalypse (like the destruction of Noah). And as their Father was probably in shock from the disaster, and did NOT tell them all that was going on, they, like all too many women, went off on a Plan of their own--BEFORE THEY KNEW WHAT ALL THE FACTS WERE! After all, haven't you ever made a foolish ASSUMPTION, thinking that you knew what was going on, only to find out later that you really did not know a thing (and only made a mess out of things by your mis-guided actions)? Well, that is what is happening here, in this Passage! NOT permission for Beastarchy incest!

Consequently, many of the world mistakenly think that just because you are a Biblical Patriarch, that you must be advocating incest. That is utter nonsense! And it is time that people realized the difference between true Biblical Patriarch and the common Pagan Beastarchy!

Moreover, incest is such a violation of the Noahic Rules of Fellowship, that if we find any of our members even advocating it, they will be dis-fellowship and excommununicated!

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Biblical Discipline vs. Beastarchy Brutality

Which brings up another issue that needs to be clearly distinguished! And that is the question of discipline.

The Bible clearly teaches the Biblical Patriarch to spank his children, when they need it. (And if it is done right, they won't need it often!) There is an abundance of teaching on this. (Proverbs 13:24, 22:15, 23:13-14 and Hebrews 12:5-11).

Consequently, a good sharp swat (or two) to the fanny can bring wonders of peace and tranquility to the home! Or, even a slap to the face, if foul words or back-talk is being uttered. These are not out of line with the Scriptures.

However, broken bones, disfigurement, or even the threat of death is NOT discipline! Neither is punching with the fist or karate style kicks! And, while the Beastarch claims that they are part of his Biblical Patriarchal authority, guess again! Rather, the Bible sets forth that if any servant (child or wife) is disfigured, then they have the rights to their FREEDOM--thus divorce if need be (Exodus 21:26-27)! Such domestic violence is NOT approved by God (Malachi 2:14-16), and those who truly have God's Spirit, and are Real Men and Biblical Patriarchs, will NOT be doing it.

Now, unfortunatley, most people in the world ASSUME that if you are advocting Biblical Patriarchy that you are also advocating domestic violence--and beating your wife into a pulp! This is simply not the case, as the above Scriptures, show. True domestic violence is NOT approved of by God. (But, we must not confuse Scriptural Discipline with unwarrented violence.)

For God has given the Father authority to disicipline his children. (And his wife, if need be.)

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Therefore, KoReY has determined that it wants no part of this Paganistic and ungodly Beastarchy! Rather, we are firmly committed to Biblical Patriarchy. And in following God's Commands for the Family, as HE set forth in the Holy Scriptures. Thus, we promote Biblical Fathers Rights--and set forth the Fathers First Priority!

(Therefore, perhaps, we will be that Patriarchal Culture that takes over, after America collapses? Consult the Zimmerman Curve!)

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Well, the point of the whole ZDK Outreach is that there is going to be a Great Revival (and Patriarchal Reform) through our Realm. However, this is just not a far off in the Future thing. You can get in on the RETURN (and Reform), today. All you have to do is get Regenerated or Renewed (born again). You can find how to do that in Our Revival Course (in Our Revival Chapel). Or, follow the handy link, below:

To get Our REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Revival Course]

For Biblical Patriarchy is not going to be restored without a fight. So, get in here! And get prepared for the battle! Help us establish the Fathers First Priority. And help us win the Judeo-Christian Patriarchy and Biblical Fathers Rights that every man should have in his Family.
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