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The Trail of Developments Up To D'Stridium

(And the massive secrecy concerning it???)

The search for control over gravity has been held to be but a pipe dream by many in the Scientific Establishment. Or, worse--ascribed to the realm of VOODOO PHYSICS! Consequently, while many Science-Fiction stories are full of information aout the subject, the average science text is all too mute and silent.

This is even more surprizing, given that the historical record shows that many reputable scientist have actually made considerable progress in this field!

So, what has been going on here?

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A good deal of criticism has been leveled at us, at ZDK.I, by those of the scientific community, because of our lack of giving references to other pioneers in the field who have made progress, before us.

However, in defense of the ZDK Institute, this has been because our work was new and unigue! It was not developed from the work of others before us. Rather, it was inspired and home grown solely by us, alone!

As a result, this creates something of a problem, as we now have been going back over the works of others, to find similarities with what we found in our own work. And, this causes its own criticisms, that we are trying to invent the horse, after we already have the cart moving at a good trot! However, if anyone out there is to ever make use of our work, then there needs to be some effort, to cross index what we have, with what others have done, as well. And, this we will make some effort to do here.

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D'STRIDIUM: Fundamental Concepts

Now, before we can do that, you need to have some idea of what the Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory is all about. And, it is hoped that you have read some of the other Articles, here, in the Technical Library, here, so that you will have some background in what we are talking about.

But, for review, and to jog your memory, remember that D'Stridium puts forth its own G.U.T. (or Grand Unified Theory) that all the Forces of Nature spring from one Central Trans-Dimensional Force. Consequently, the production of gravity ought to be possible by converting one Force into another and vice versa. So, have there been any practical examples of where this has happened?

First, before we start this line of inquiry, you also need to recall that the primary way for the ZDK Institute to achieve this conversion is through a specially designed reactor. Using something of a spherical contanment vessel, we do this by creating an environment similar to the formation of a galaxy. The hyper-gravity that is produced in this process (with holds the acreation disc of the newly forming galaxy in place, stronger than normal gravity), is then siphoned off by a plasma conduit that is used to carry gravity (or any other force we may wish to produce in the reactor), to its location of use.

Second, other sources are also possible. D'Stronics or achieving trans-dimensional flows of particles by elecricity has also been extensively discussed in these pages. And, a lot more could be said about this process!

Moreover, D'Stronics was develped because we found the photon to be the first trans-dimensional particle with its ability to be both particle (at low velocities) and wave form (at high velocities, exceeding those of the speed of light). And, thus, the electron, as a componet of the photon, was then found to be trans-dimensional as well--hence the rise of D'Stronics. Now, in this same line of reasoning, the Graviton was found to be an almost completely dimensional particle (which is why scientist are having such trouble finding them), yet we still continue to experience their wave forms in our dimension. Consequently, we ought to be able to produce and manipulte them (and thus control gravity).

Third, as the D'Stridium G.U.T. is based on the Pathagorian Spiral of ever increasing curve, then there ought to be some other, more mechanical means of producing gravity, using this spiral concept. One example would be the gyroscope, which in its spinning, produces some centrafugal force, that defies the normal laws of gravity. In a similar manner, spinning something (such as a fluid) to produce centripital force, ought to bring forth something of a graviton flow, and thus produce either gravity (attraction) or anti-gravity (repulsion).

Fourth, as D'Stridium is a trans-dimensional theory, we need to search for some kinds of prismatic materials, which can reflect the sub-dimensional energies up into our own dimension (much in the way that a well pumps water out of the ground for our use). Some of the crystaline forms of this (such as for dimensional lasers or DASERS) we have referred to as Jelonics.

Now, can we find any examples of these, in the works of other scientists?

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Back in the Renaissance, Leonardo did a lot of experiements on screws and is often credited with inventing the first water propellor, based on the screw concept. Moreover, he is also recorded as having developed something of a very curious water pump, using the screw concept. However, he seems to have fell under the ire of the Inquisition, as in the pump, when you pour water into it, expecting it to drain out, it actually sucks other water up into in, by some mysterious pump-like action! Magic? Or, anti-gravity?

Centuries later, in Nazi Germany, Schauberger seems to have run across this curiosity of Leonardo's, and built it into larger sized versions, that reportedly experiences forces of lift, similiar to anti-gravity! And his water vortex method was reputedly brought to America, after the War.

And, most interestingly, the recent discoveries that significant amounts of water are found associated with super-novas, causes us to think that the masses of water in a sun's or star's ort cloud (collection of comets and other frozen ice bodies orbiting beyond a star's major planets), may have something to do with setting up the gravity forces that produce novas!

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In the decades surrounding the turn of the last century (1880 to 1820s), Nikola earned the reputation as the wizard of electricity. And one of the things he is noted for is the Fuelless Generator, which, coincidentally, makes use of the spiral method, but for electon flow, not water (yet, electron flow does have some characteristics of water flow--or other fluids). Even more curious, he appears to have come up with several over-unity devices, where you get more power out of them, than you put into them. Now, regular science declares that this is simply not possible! For, you are not suppose to be able to create energy. However, if Tesla found some of the D'Stronic principles (in his extensive studies on electricity), then it is quite likely that his over-unity devices were actually functioning on trans-dimensional particle flows! They were not magic! Just advanced science.

Following closely on Tesla's heels, Brown in the 1920s, as a researcher for the California Institute of Advanced Studies, stumbled upon a unique phenomena. That a disc (or rather a flattened donut or bagel), which had a series of magnets pasted on it, with their S ends all pointing together, into the donut hole, would, in fact, produce some forms of thrust in that hole region--hence some kind of gravity production must have occured. Hence, the electons involved must convert into some kind of gravity by way of some kind of hydrodynamic vortex, like the Schauberg Water Vortex! (And it is totally amazing that this discovery has received so little attention or publicity!)

Moreover, in assembling a series of these discs in tandem, a long rocket like accelerator or thruster could be produced, which was called a Biefield-Brown Device. Or a nacelle! (Yep, much like you see on the ships of Star Trek! So, was T.T. Brown the original trekkie?))

Now, what would happen if a Biefield-Brown nacelle were mated with the high level power outputs of a D'stridium Reactor? Surely, hyper-light speeds are not that far away!!! (Though for ZDK.I work, we prefer the warp coil, discussed in other Articles.)

Following T.T. Brown, Bruce DePalma took gravity work one step further in a so called N-machine, where stress, in the form of centrifugal force (from spinning the disk or coil) is applied to an electrical field, thus throwing it a right angles, and an amazing electo-gravational field is produced, thereby. Or, so it is claimed.

John R. Searle:
Apparently, working independently of DePalma, J.R.R. Searle flattened T.T. Brown's donut into a large disk (more in line with Tesla's Fuelless Generator disk), where a massive electical field was stored, and then subjected to the stress of spinning. The end result was the apparent generation of some kind of electo-gravitational field. (And, amazigly, also the contemporary look of the popular flying saucer.) Yeah, are we there, yet!!!

Putting a lot of this together, Thomas Bearden claimed that gravity and electircity were linked. And that in the Biefield-Brown effect, the electons went through some kind of dimensional shift, apparently loosing one or two dimensions, so that they became two dimensional. Consequently, we have arrived at the threshold of dimensionality and D'Stridium. And, now, ZDK.I takes the stage for further developements!

However, these facts were apparently kept from the public in the UFO craze and scare--and its resultant government supression.

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While D'Stridium points out that these potentials are there, at the present, we haven't found any work related to this process (yet). However, as lasers and Star Wars type programs are secretly underway, it may be that the research is there, but just not available to the public. Perhaps we will hear more of this in the future?

(And, I might add, that D'Stridium Theory gives some clues as to which substances and elements might have the greater potentials for producing trans-dimensional particle flows that could be put in harmonic step, just as is done with the laser!)

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The Tunguska incident in 1908 has caused much scientific speculation. Some have asserted that it was only a comet or metero. However, no meteor fragments or impact craters were found in the area. Others have asserted that it was a mini-black hole. But, this may be stretch current science a bit? Others have suggrested that it was a reactor explosion of an alien space craft. Well, if the aliens are using D'Stridium propulsion (as seems likely from our understanding of it), the explosion was far to small for a reactor melt-down. And, into the controversy, we even made a stab, suggesting that someone out there, may have attempted to produce an early D'Stridium Reactor, but didn't not design it right, producing an unsually low yield, that eventually overloaded into an explosion. However, this may be stretching science a bit to make it fit the facts, too.

Consequently, we now turn your attention to what does seem to fit the facts. Researchers into Tesla's work have come to the concensus that it was probably one of his experiments. In the beginning of the 1900s, he was building Wardenclyffe, to transmit messages and electrical power all over the globe. But, by 1908, he had fallen into bad economic straights, with the project not fully completed. However, calculations on his potential power outputs indicate that a sudden burst of his equipment could have produced a massive electrical storm or even EMP. Moreover, others have pointed out that Tesla published claims of coming up with some kind of death ray, to make war obsolete, at this time! The facts seem to fit.

However, who hold this line of thought, tend to extend the derranged mad scientist image of Tesla and claim that he lost his mind a bit and was trying to intimidate the world by his power. And perhaps force investors to back him in Wardenclyffe! Sorry, I don't buy that. Weird and eccentric though he may have been, I fail to find that image of him to hold up!

Instead, I think that the better scenario of what happened was simply this. Tesla was known to pull tricks and stunts with electricity to fascinate the public (and draw in dollar investments). Wardenclyffe was in economic trouble, so he needed money (not politics nor world conquest). So, I think he hatched a plan to pull off an eletrical stunt, that would grab the public's attention, and get him the financing he needed. His plan, I believe was to simple fire off a flash of light in the polar sky, as Perry was nearing the Pole at this time. This reported sighting would ride on Perry's achievement and get Tesla some need good press. Yep, that sounds like what he was up to!

However, when he threw the switch to fire the electron burst, his power ranges were much higher that what he had been normally working with. As a result, rather than landing the burst on the North Pole, as he had planned, he scraped the doorway into D'Stronics, got an added kick from trans-dimensional particle flow, which not only caused his burst to over shoot the North Pole (ending up in Tunguska, which is nearly a straight line from Wardenclyffe), and rather than a simple flash of light, it released these trans-dimensional energies in the form of a fusion explosion of about 10-15 megatons!

Now, while Tesla was expecting to get some positive attention, the unexpected blast shook him up! And, rather than announcing it in public, he began to wonder about just what he may have done--and discovered. Consequently, his work in zero point energies (claiming power somehow comes out of a vacuum--but it doesn't, rather it comes from the trans-dimensional area) took off at a frenzy afterwards, and he produced a series of over-unity devices, showing that he had some idea of how to scrape the trans-dimensional doorway with D'Stronic like processes, to get an added boot in electrical output, though he did not seem to graps the dimensional concept of where this strange added energy came from.

Thus, in this scenario, the Tunguska blast confirms the predictions of the D'Stronics part of the Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory (or D'Stridium).

So, the next question is, did Nikola come up with gravity production, too? (Or, was this the gist of the so called Philadelphia Experiment?)

For more on Tesla's work, see our Article on the TESLA PARALLELS.

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Despite the hot and avid criticism of D'Stridium, the scientific evidence mounts that it is correct. And these correlations with what the works of others have found and produced only add to that claim. D'Stridium works!

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