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Current Attempts to Understand D'Stridium Concepts--Finally???

(And the World(s) On Beyond Zero!!!)

When I first mentioned that I might be doing this article, it was suggested to me that I should call it HOW TO EAT CROW (AND EGG ON YOUR FACE, TOO)! However, that may be a bit premature. For the sacred cow has not been slaughtered, yet (i.e. Evolution). So, the mandated religion for the acceptable scientist is still in force. But, the fortress is certainly starting to crumble! Despite the fact that we were pretty much ignored in the Cold Fusion Crisis, the impact of our work is still continuing to send ripples cascading into the hallowed halls of academia. (And, if you missed all that Cold Fusion stuff, then I strongly suggest that you read our article to see just what was, and is, at stake here. So, click here for the COLD FUSION CONTROVERSY.) But, for now, let us assume you are up on that, so we can examine some of the concepts that were set to perking by it.

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In the wake of the Cold Fusion Crisis, some scientists suddenly discovered that there were some kinds of energies lurking in the realm of the numeric zero. (Nikola Tesla had discovered this, too--but the scientific community didn't like him, either, and his work was largely ignored. For details, click here on Our Article on NIKOLA TESLA PARALLELS.) Now, while this is a giant leap in the right direction, it is falling far short of grasping and understanding exactly what is going on here, scientifically.

The analogy is somewhat like going up to the girl of your dream's doorway, and standing there, ready to ring her doorbell, and talk to her, but then suddenly deciding you are too chicken to face her (after all, she might not like you, huh?)--so you just slink off and try to forget about what might have been. Sad! But, it doesn't have to be that way.

The point being made here is that Zero Point Energies is only one slice off the end of a loaf of bread. It is a start. But, where is the rest of it? (And where is my butter? And my jam? Peanutbutter, anyone? How can you get a well balanced meal out of just bread!)

However, despite its great advancement, the hallowed halls of acedemia are not all buying it! Free energies? That is riduculous! And, playing with zero? Why, everyone knows that you can't divide by zero, so where can they possibly go with such a concept? So, despite its apparent appeal among some, the idea is getting all too many raised eyebrows and the gossip of: what kind of variety of crack-pot science do we have growing here!

So, let's see if we can wake up anyone's attention out there. And get them to take a look at what a doorway (and opportunity) we do, indeed, have here.

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DIVISION BY ZERO??? (Variant Math!)

All right! Don't laugh, yet! (At least be polite, until you have heard the punch line.)

One of the fundamental assumptions of mathematics has been that not only is zero not divisible, but you can't divide by zero, either! Consequently, zero point energies seems doomed to failure because once you approach zero, you begin to get nothingness. Thus, any such free energy would seemingly vanish (even if it could be momentarily found).

Well, in the normal senses of the term, this would be so. However, studies in D'Stridium throw a stange curve into this ball game. For, while most scientists spend their time studying this side of the zero (i.e. our material world), D'Stridium looks on the other side of the zero, in the dimensional (or as it were, spirit-like) world. Thus, while we may have a momentary barrier right at the exact spot of zero, just a minutia beyond, we open the doorway to a whole 'nother dimension. Places where only imaginary numbers exist. (Or, the fantasy land, just beyond Alice's looking glass!) And, thus, an area where only Variant Math can really comprehend and operate. (For Variant Math foundations, see D'STRIDIUM MATHEMATICAL CONCEPTS.)

Thus, while division by zero is meaningless in our normal world, division by zero in Variant Math is pregnant with all kinds of possibilities and can easily give birth to a whole universe, beyond! Consequently, in taking this theoretical math and applying it to the real world of physics--we have a physicist's fantasyland, of whole fields of study that have not yet even begun to be explored! (No, not even by our work in D'Stridium!)

So, the real question is, are we going to just stop at the brick wall of zero, or are we going to leap over it into to fields (and worlds), beyond?

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One of the supposed PROOFS that hyper-light speeds are not possible is that the formula of Einstein's begins to approach division by zero, once one begins to approach the speed of light. Consequently, most mathematicians usually just ASSUME that nothing can go faster, because zero becomes that brick wall, here. However, the question now becomes, is that brick wall solid or not? Or, in other words, if you are driving your car and you see a crosswalk painted on the road, then should you stop, because everyone says there is a brick wall at that spot, so that they think you cannot drive through it!!! My, traffic problems are bad enough today, without some joker going to a dead stop for every crosswalk he sees.

The point here being, that there are often delineated or ascribed points or boundaries that are there, theoretically, but in actual fact on the ground, they are only imaginary or in your head. Afterall, what surveyor refuses to walk across the ground that he has just set? The points and lines may be there, theoretically (on his map--or in his measurement equipment), but there certainly is no brick wall there, in actual fact, on the ground!!! And, he can walk back and forth upon the plat (and even on over into the neighbor's yard, if he has a mind to). Later, however, some bozo may erect a brick wall on that spot or line. However, such a wall is an artificial or man-made structure, not one that was there by Nature, because of the points and lines that were delineated (not vice versa).

Consequently, Variant Math paints the same picture of hyper-light travel. The boundary is there, theoretically, right exactly at zero. But, once you are beyond zero, the doorway opens onto a whole new world--where hyper-light travel is more than possible (and energy sources abound). Moreover, from practical, scientific observations, we have been seeing a whole host of particles doing it, so it has to be possible, despite what the points and lines seem to say. The Light Barrier is not really there in fact--it is only there in delineation and ascribing of points and lines! (Or, more bluntly: it is illusional!)

As an added note here, Nikola found what he thought were particles traveling at around 50 time the spead of light. Suprizingly, that is awfully close to our clocked particles of 64 times the speed of light!

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However, in the realm of contemporary physics, Zero Point Energies seems to have the capacity for explaining a very noteworthy phenomena of science. Nikola Tesla (who has volumes written about him and his work), stumbled upon some amazing processes that seem to liberate lots of free electicity from somewhere. Where did it come from? Nobody seemed to know. And science could not explain it. So, in some circles it was denounced as quackery, because it had no scientific foundation.

Into this controversy, has stepped the modern proponets of Zero Point Energies. Their explaination being that Nikola got it from no where (i.e. Zero)! Thus, it would seem as if the orginal creation were being repeated here! However, as all scientists know, matter cannot be created by Mankind--only transformed in state from matter to energy. So, where is all of this electrical energy that Nikola uncovered, coming from?

Once again, the D'Stridum Theory provides a good, solid explaination. The energies are NOT coming from zero, but rather just beyond zero--into the next dimension. In studying the photon and the electron, we came to understand that they were trans-dimensional particles, slipping back and forth from our dimension to the next. Consequently, the free electricity that Nikola collected was only the residual of electrons left in our dimension from their trip on into the next dimension (i.e. at the point of zero--the doorway into dimensionality). Consequently, by D'Stridium Theory, much of Nikola's work now has a valid, scientific theory to support how and why it works!

So, perhaps it is not quite the quackery that some have denounced it as!

For an added insight into Tesla's work, see our Article on his apparent connection with Tunguska in GRAVITY AND ANTI-GRAVITY.

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Now, are we just going to camp here--at the success of offerring some scientific explaination of such an energy phenomena? I hope not! For, then we would be missing the whole point of the D'Stridium Concept! For, while Nikola could find an abundance of electrical energy here (on this side of the zero), from what we have seen of the D'Stridium Doorway, there are powers out there that are truly astronomical, and perhaps unbelievable to the common man! (And, certainly powerful enough to propellel even a heavy spacecraft at hyper-light velocities or multiples times the spead of light!)

So, the question is not: is it there? We have an abundance of theory to say that it is! Rather, the questions is: is anyone going to take a look? (And, then: what are they going to do with it?)

Now, Our plans and programs are quite clear, being more than well documented throughout this Web Site. Consequently, if you are interested in dealing with this new energy revolution with us, we would be more than willing to invite you on board. There is a whole universe of energy out there, just begging to be explored! (And put to use for us, and Mankind's benefit.)

So, the question now becomes: are you, personally, up to it?


Is this all just pie in the sky theory, or are there some realistic and practical applications of dimensional energies? Well, check out Our Engineering Section in the Institute's Library or click here on D'STRIDIUM COMMUNITY ENGINEERING.

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