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An Admission of Dimensionality and Free Energies?

(Has D'Stridium and the Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory been accepted?)

Well, have we finally arrived at to the era of VOODOO PHYSICS? After a long and hard, 30 year battle, D'Stridium appears to be gathering a welcoming committee! But, is it time to expect them to roll out the red carpet, yet?

The Scientific Community continues to debate and shake its head, and not believe its own eyes and ears--and what it already knows!

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(Well, we knew that, all along!)

At around the turn of the last century (1900s), Nikola Tesla announced that he had found FREE ENERGIES. Some form of energy that came forth from a vacuum. But, then everyone said that he was the MAD SCIENTIST!

Besides, all the bright boys knew that you could not get energy from nowhere. Rather, the laws of physics demanded that energy and matter cannot be created nor destoryed--only changed in form. So, FREE ENERGIES or Dark Energies were just not possilbe. Or, so they thought.

But, those of us that were not superstitious nor afraid of Voodoo, continued to investigate this phenomena. And, the more we looked, the more we found! For, this phantom was no ghost, as it left footprints, tire-tracks, and other residues that convinced us that something was there--though it did not appear to be of our normal reality. It was becoming more and more objectively demonstratable.

And, as the weight of scientific evidence mounted, finally, the Scientific Community had to cave in, and admit, that some kind of unknown energy source had to exist--though they were not willing to say for sure what it was. So, last week, the public announcement was made, that there was DARK ENERGIES. And that this force seems to account for about 65% of the whole Universe! However, what it was or how it worked, no one was willing to venture a word.

(Were they choking on having to eat their own crow?)

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(Indications of Trans-Dimensional Particles?)

For about the past decade or two, astronomers had been noting a strange phenomena that clearly indicated that there was more MATTER of some kind in the Universe, than they had originally thought. Its effects could be seen everywhere, but no one was able to actually see it.

Many speculated that this was just planetary matter. Solar systems out there that we could not see. However, as this phenomena accounts for about 30% of the Universe, there had to be a new solar system on every block--or far more that we ever thought possible!

So, clearly, something else had to be there, to explain the effect. However, no one considered that it might, in fact, be trans-dimensional particles. No, that was Free Energies and Voodoo Physics stuff! Had to be something else?

Well, some people are just slow! (Have patience with them?)

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Laboratory PROOF of Cosmic Super-Strings?

Well, it has been an interesting month. For, the week before the Dark Energies announcement, Lawrence Livermore Labs announced that their nova experiments, using lasers to simulate the heat of sun like fusion, had caused star like reactions, where they then found flaming gas jets, much like are found with Novas (or Particle Fountains).

Now, while the Scientific Community is surprized, we are not. For, this would be what the D'Stridium Theory would predict. For, as the Cosmic Super-Strings hold the Galaxy (and apparently even Galtic Clusters) in place on a Cosmic Scale, that on an atomic scale, these same Super-Strings ought to be function as well. Though on a smaller, diminutive level. And, in fact, these Mini-Strings may be the exact cause of FREE ENERGIES, themselves!

(Are we there, yet, folks?)

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Moreover, these 2 major physics announcements came when we, at ZDK.I, wre making another breakthrough. In looking over the D'Stridium GUT, we were searching for a non-nuclear means of producing a Trans-Dimensional Particle Flow. And there appears to be some indication of this, that if regular matter is compressed and whirled enough, the disturbance in the Trans-Dimensional Flow ought to be enough to experience some force from this Particle Flow. However, to achieve this, you would need to produce some kind of centripetal forces--not normal centifual force (such as you get from just spinning matter).

Perhaps, something along the lines of Viktor Schauberger's works?

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D'Stridum was born out of the exploration of what caused Stars to be born--and what made them die. And, now may be a good time to paint a clear scenario of what that means.


In the D'Stridium or Trans-Dimensional model, gases of a nebulae must somehow begin to swirl, and in the process create some kind of massive centripetal force. This, in turn, ought to create some kind of Particle Fountain, as the Trans-Dimensional doorway is opened, allowing the Particles of the Galatic geological sub-structure to shoot forth (much like a volcanoe spues forth sub-terraineous matter or ToXoN). As this matter spues forth, it forms a gas jet or a giant form of the mini-string. As the mini-string gains enough energy, it whips about the surrounding area, something like lightening, searching for a Galatic ground. Once it gets strong enough, it will find this gound in the Galatic center, where other D'Stridium processes are at work--attracting it. (Or, in the case of larger Galaxies, to the common vortex, that is holding the Galatic Clusters together.) Once that gas jet makes contact with the Galatic center, it will receive enough energy that it will pull the whole jet into the Trans-Dimensional sub-structure of the Galaxy and bond it into a Super-String, that sends enough energy on out, that the nebulae now jots into a sun--forming a new star. And, the new star, burns with atomic energy, that is actually supplied via the Super-String and the Trans-Dimensional Particle Flow along it (beneath the Galatic structure of the Universe).


Less pleasant, but equally dramatic, is how a star dies or goes Nova. Somehow, this Stellar Super-Sring gets loose from its bonding to the Galatic core, and once again errupts into the normal Galatic structure of the Universe. This is seen as Particle Fountains above galaxies or even above the poles of stars. At this stage, one of two things seems to happen: A. MATTER FORMATION - SWELLERS
As the gas jet gains energy in releasing the Trans-Dimensional Particle Flow, it begins to produce a secondary (or wave harmonic) reaction, and matter is formed at right angles to the flow (like in the acreation disce of a Galaxy). As the matter formation continues, the equator of the star bulges, and the star begins to swell and to cool off, forming a red giant or super-giant, that eventually burns itself out. B. MATTER COMPRESSION - BOOMERS
In other stars, this gas jet seems to get flowing the other direction, so that, instead of matter formation, matter compression and some kind of hyper-gravity is created. This pulls the core of the star tighter and tighter into a super-compressed white dwarf. Meanwhile, the outer layer gains enough energy so that it escapes the surface of the star, usually quite rapidly (as if reaching a certain limit)--thus, producing a super-nova or, in the vernacular, a boomer.

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Now, in the current debate, on what is actually causing the current Global Warming trends, we might do well to examin our own Sun very carefully. And, find out if there is, indeed, a Particle Fountain forming at its poles. For, this could be an early warning that the Sun was, indeed, going Nova! (Which is why things are warming up so much?)

Now, how could that Galatic Super-String have gotten knocked loose from its Galatic ground, at the core of our Galaxy? Well, unfortunately, we, at ZDK.I, have an all to good of a scientific explaination for it. Which fits with the rest of the political firestorm that is going on with our work. If you are interested, see the Article CLANDESTINED D-NUKE TEST?

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As D'Stridium deals with astonomical levels of energy, the potential to disrupt the suns functions has been more that pointed out! In fact, the warning that unauthorized D'Stridium testing may cause our sun to go Nova has been more than circulated. (See Our Article on the COMING COSMIC CATACLYSM for details.)

However, in this same vein, if we can stall and put off the nova crisis long enough, then we may find a way of using D'Stridium to actually control our sun, so that it will shine steadily and produce the energy outputs that we want and need!!! Yes, farming the sun may one day become possible, also.

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