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Simple Dimensionality Concepts

ADVANCE GEOMETRY and mathematical support for the TDPT

As you may hav noted, once the knowledge and information about D'Stridium or the Trans-Dimensional Particle Theory began to spread on the Net, the Institute started getting demands for mathematical PROOFS of its existence. This led to our development of the previous Article DIMENSIONAL MATHEMATICAL CONCEPTS. And, there, we attempted to set forth some of the mathematical concepts that makes D'Stridium work.

However, rather than solving the issue, it seems to have engendered even greater controversy! And, the negative comments seem to focus around 2 main issues.

FIRST, the actual mathematical calculations that PROVE D'Stridium works is not available. Unfortunately, with the CRASH of our Dark Project with the government, our files got rifled and many of our technical papers are missing (including some of the scribblings of several of the formulas). So, a ready, documented, developmental history of the Math for the Theory is just not within grasp! And, with my present disabled status, it does not seem likely that I will ever be able to replicate those full calculations. (They are a great loss to science--and make the dasterly deeds done to me even more dispicable!)

SECOND, as simple as the concepts of variant math and infinite infinities are to me (since I have worked on the Theory so much), most people (even Ph.Ds) found the Article mind blowing! And, without much of a background in such concepts, the average person found the Article just too difficult to wade through.

Now, that however, may be something that I might be able to do something about. For, in working with the TDPT, we have, indeed, found many PROOFS of it along the way. And not all of it high level math or advanced theoretical astrophysics. So, I have undertaken here, to put forth some of the elementary foundations upon which TDPT functions--and these based more on common Geometry, rather than Variant Math Theorems.

So, hopefully, this brief paper will be a good introduction to the field. And once you have read it, and grasp it, you may find that the previous Article is much more understandable.

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As we discussed in the Previous Article, on the issue of the Philosophy of Science, much of our modern Math (and the Physics derived from it) is based on some fundamental assumptions, that are technically referred to as axioms. This is very much true of Geometry, as the definitions of one thing, help build the further definitons of other things--brick by brick, in a process of logical deduction.

Moreover, as a graphic and picture representation of things, Geometry is usually much easier for most people to grasp. For, they can readily see the proof before their very eyes. It is obviously, so, to them! (Rather than Variant Math, that deals with imaginary numbers that theoretial mathematicians are not even sure can exist!)

[FIGURE:  a geometric point]



Geometry begins with a single point.

And for physics, this is also a beginning. For it indicates some SPOT where something is or exists (i.e. matter or some particle of some kind). Why? Because we can see the dot with our bare naked eyes (unless you need glasses). Therefore, it is obvious that it is there. It is axiomatic--or exists by definition.

[FIGURE:  a line segment]



The next step in Geometry is the line segment. And as a set of points, all strung together, it is a fundamental given. It is an axiom, for it exists because we can plainly see the line section, and know that it is obviously there.

And, for physics, this is also essential, as it usually represents a measurment of some kind of matter or substance. (It is really there, because we can measure it!) Or, even more importantly, a string of events, all strung together--thus, philosophically, giving us some sense of causality--what occured first, so what it is likely to influence, later.

[FIGURE:  a vector]



Now, taking a bit of a leap, a line segment can be strung together, in a particular direction, so that it never ends. Thus, this is seen in a bit more abstract drawing of a line segement with an arrow on its end, indicating that it goes on forever.

In physics, this is extensively used to describe forces, and their actions upon objects. And, because we can readily see it on paper (and experience it easily in the physics lab), we know that vectors do, in fact, exist. (Though, in graphic representation, for physics problems, they often have finite, rather than infinite attributes--though infinite ones are there, by definition.)

[FIGURE:  a universe]



Geometry does not just deal with abstract numbers lines and vectors. Rather, it is used to measure and do computations for a plane, on things in the real world that are flat (ground, walls, etc.). Thus, for a mathematics course, most students take Plane Geometry, which is Geometry in just 2 dimensions (height and width).

So, how does this describe a real world? Well, consider for a moment what we have learned this far, and apply it to a circle. A circle is basically a number line (set of points), bent in an arc, so that the number line connects to itself (and is cyclical). So, exactly how many points does a circle have on it? And infinite number. Now, if we were to draw a series of vectors, out from the center of the circle, out past its rim (and on into infinity), how many of these could be drawn? AN INFINITE NUMBER! (Because there are an infinite number of points to draw the vector lines through!) And, here we would have an accurate "map" or description of the flat (mono-plane) universe--stretching out to infinity.

Hey, now wait a minute! If there are an infinite number of vectors possible, and each vector is, itself infinite, then the Universe MUST be described by an INFINITE-INFINITY! For there are an Infinite number of Infinites in that vector circle! What! I thought that there could only be ONE inifinity? Can there be something greater than infinity? Or, is it really monolithic? Let us see.

[FIGURE:  a number line]



Next step, (after vectors) string two vectors together, going in completely the opposite directions, and you have the fundamental, philsophical definition of a number line--which gives you the ability to add and subtract, by simply moving along the number line, counting the points on the line, as it were. And, because we can readily see that it is so (as well as experiencing that math works), we know that it has to exist!

However, visually, we have also arrived at a Variant Math concept. And, because we can see it before our very eyes, IT MUST EXIST! So, what is it? This is the PROOF of dual infinities! Remember that in physics, speeds faster than light were held to be IMPOSSIBLE, because the mass of the object would have to exceed infinity. And scientists said that this was not possible. But, check your glasses! There are 2 Infinities there, on that number line! So, 2 times or twice infinity MUST BE POSSIBLE, somewhere! Mindboggling! But, there you have PROOF of it before your very eyes (as well as the Vector Circle)!

The number line, and its dual infinities, also gives us another, fundamental definition: DIMENSION. With a number line, it is possible to describe a dimesion (such as length, width, height, etc.). Thus, by axiomatic definition, DIMESNIONS MUST EXIST! For we can readily see them in Geometry (and use them for math and for physics, as well).

Now, as an added jump, Super-Symmetry shows that vectors MUST BE PAIRED TO GIVE US A DIMENSION. A single vector will not give a dimension. And, in fact, if you get into quantum mechanics, you will find that some things, like single vectors, cannot be measured, because it takes a dual infinity for comparison. (Too, hard? Well, don't worry about it!)

However, while we are boggling brains, the vectors must be equally and identically paired to produce a dimension. Now, this may be a bit beyond most folks. But, if you care to explore the reality of this, consider the Bell Shaped curved. And the physics statistics of the world, which shows that the bell shaped curve (hence, Super-Symmetrical dual infinities) exits all over, and is very common. Therefore, Dual Infinites are the rule in the Universe--NOT THE EXCEPTION. (But, this is for more serious students.)

[FIGURE:  an x,y,z universe]



Most students take only Plane Geometry, which is Geometry in just 2 dimensions (height and width). But, Geometry also advances into Solid Geometry, where an attempt to describe the whole real world (not just a plane) around us is made.

Thus, if you want to get into more advanced studies, you move into Solid Geometry--and hence into descriptions of the real world or our universe (by the use of a triple axis: x, y, z formula). So, what do those studies show?

Well, as we learned with vectors, one alone will not work, but you need 2 in order to have a dimension, where actual measurements can be made. In a similar manner, to produce a Whole Universe, you need 4. Now, there are lots of reasons why there must be 4, but they take some pretty heavy math, so you are just going to have to take our word for it (or hire you own theoretical mathematician).

And, this is the reason that most Dimensional Models of the whole Universe, present theories in multiples of 4. And papers have been done on 4, 8, 12, and 16. So, our D'Stridium Model of 64 is NOT out of line with this, at all! (Just a little bigger than some expected.)

Thus, the question becomes, just exactly how many Dimensions does the whole Universe have? And, is it possible for us to find out? Well, the TDPT seems to think so!

[FIGURE:  whole universe]



One of the fundamentals of Geomentry that we have found, is that if you can draw it, and give it a physical representation, then it does exist. So, can we geometrically represent the whole univere?

Well, remember the circle? Now, if we took a circle and rotated it through all 4 dimensions (forming a sphere), in Solid Geometry, to represent the whole Universe, and drew a double vector (dual infinity) from its center until it passes the sphere (on both sides), we would be describing a REAL Dimension in the whole Universe.

So, the question becomes: HOW MANY OF THOSE DUAL INFINITIES CAN WE DRAW? And geometry provides an answer: as with the vector circle, AN INFINITE NUMBER! Consequently, the whole Universe MUST be represented by an Infinite number of Infinites! Hey, it is there on the paper, before you eyes, (and we have done this TWICE) so it must be so. Hence, one of the mathematical PROOFS that Dimensionality and the TDPT does, in fact exist!

Consequently, mass or m must have (d) or dimensionality, for the whole Universe is described by an infinite dimension--of Infinite Infinities. It is there in the Geometry! Mass or matter is not just m but rather m(d) as all mass, to exist, MUST have (d)! Or, it is something NOT in the real Universe!

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Well as mindboggling as they are, there are several geometrical proofs of D'Stridium (and the TDPT). I have set out here, some of the more simple ones (though no doubt, people out there are going to choke on them--not everyone has math talents. And, at times, I am not sure that I have any, either!!!).

Now, there are other PROOFS with more technical drawings and trigometical calculations and computations, which are going to take me some time to rework. And, as we get through them, I will see what we can do about displaying them here. Or, in related pages.

So, while our detractors may shout that there is no mathematical proof of D'Stridium, the plain facts are that they have just not sat down to do the cyphering to figure out if the Math will support it or not. (And, obviosly, Geometry will! But, then, some people even refuse to look at the plane facts, that stare them in the face!!!) So, gentlemen, as I challenged you before: PROVE IT TO YOUR SELF!! And, START YOUR CALCULATORS!

(And, now, perhaps you should go back and read that Previous Article, as it should make more sense, now.)

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