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TDPT Applications for Utilites and Power Companies


For the average engineer, D'Stridium Reactors and Trans-Dimensional Particle Flow is WAY OUT THERE STUFF! Something still floating around in dreamland or science fiction imagination. Or, to quote the vernacular: GET REAL FOLKS!

Well, in many instances, we must concede that D'Stridium Theory is still very theoretical! Practical applications are scarce. And, those that we have come up with are more related to cosmological or astronautical kinds of systems. (For more info on this, see the previous Article on D'STRIDIUM ASTRONAUTICAL ENGINEERING!) So, I guess, in some respects, we deserve some of those rolling eyeballs wherever TDPT is mentioned, for we don't seem to have much earthly value.

However, this Article should open the doorway to changing all of that!

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As we have mentioned in other Articles, there seems to be a strong connection between the field of electricity and that of D'Stridium (or Trans-Dimensional Particle Flow). So, much so, that one can be used, in some cases, to produce the other. And, while other means can be use to produce TDPT effects, electricity seems to be the easiest, short-cut route.

Now, in a similiar vein, we have been going over the works of Nikola Tesla to see if there are any parallels or connections that might give us a handle of how to apply D'Stridium. (For more info on this, see the previous Article on NIKOLA TESLA PARALLELS!) And that study, along with further thought and work on TDPT Concepts, have yielded some interesting results in the last few days. So, we will share those with you, below.

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Nikola Tesla Again?

One of the bigger and noteworthy accomplishments of Nikola was his pioneering work in alternating current. Prior to his day, electricity had been supplied in direct current form, which usually meant that the source of generation had to be nearby. Thus, his work in alternating current not only allowed transmission of electricity to great distances but also brought about considerable improvements in electrical motors, themselves.

So, the theoretical question here becomes, would alternating particle flow improve D'Stridium systems?

Prior to this time, most of our work had concentrated on building spacecraft. Consequently, reactor sources and working field (warp coil) would be closely tied together in a ship like system. So, for us, Alternating Particle Flow or APF did not serve much of any pratical purpose. Nor was it something we even considered generating in a typical spherical D'Stridium Reactor.

However, the new oscillating reactor provides a different avenue!

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As we have noted earlier, our concept of the single sphere D'Stridium reactor gave way to the dual cycle reactor, which then allowed us to move on to the oscillating reactor. And, the oscillating reactor's flexiblity now allows us to make another leap in technology. For, while direct particle flow (trans-dimensional particle flow in one direction) was used on most of our other systems, the oscillating reactor can be set to run both directions. Thus, a pulse of particle flow can be shot around the plasma conduits in one direction, and then a following pulse can be shot around in the opposite direction. Moreover, as this particle flow tends to travel faster that the speed of light, the pratical effect would be to seem to have power flowing in both directs all the time!

Consequently, the power delivery and the energy effects of this partical flow would be considerably enhanced, by such an alternating systems!

Moreover, transmission over great distances now seems only limited to the technology of the plasma conduits to carry that particle flow through.

Thus, Public Power Supply Systems (or Utilities) now seem both possible and practical with Alternating Particle Flow or APF. For, certainly, whole communities could be reached and serviced by such a power distribution system!

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Unfortunately, though, delivering a Particle Flow to your average home would about have the effect of reducing it to a burned out cinder in a flash! Yes, energy levels coming down that plasma conduit are going to be that strong. (If not stronger!)

As a result, what we need on the delivery end, is some kind of transformer. And following that parallel between electricity and particle flow that is associated with D'Stronics, could we build something of an electrical transformer? Now, normal transformers are basically an iron bar with a large number of windings of wire on one side and a small numbrer of wire windings on the other, so that the power falls off from one to the other (or steps down).

A similar concept could be used to build an APF Transformer. A large number of plasma conduit windings could be wound around another plasma conduit, that, in turn had a fewer number of plasma conduits wound there. The result would be a similar step down in power. Consequently, the extremely high energy levels of the main plasma conduit could be reduce to a smaller circuit. (And if need be, windings of electrical wire on one end should allow transference from APF to alternating electrical current--though other means of generating electricity are possible with TDPT.)

Consequently, the designs of a Public Power Supply System, using TDPT have now emerged!

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As a result, ZDK.I is open to licensing our system to any power company out there who would be interested!

However, do bear in mind, that since this is a nuclear reactor, this is NOT something that your average citizen is going to have! (Unless he is a very exceptional citizen!) Consequently, it only makes sense to liscense the design to Power Utilities where it could be monitor and regulated--both for safetly concerns and for political reasons of limiting nuclear proliferation. Moreover, the Nuclear Regulator Commision is already in place, and there is no reason, that once they are brought up to speed on D'Stridium Technologies, that they could not do so!

Moreover, we see this as one of the great advantages of the ZDK.I system. For, with Tesla's energy generators, the average joe blow is tempted to build one for himself (in his garage)--with good or bad results. But, not only because of its power outputs, but also the complex technology need to build a proper D'Stridium Reactor, it is NOT a basement project that your average citizen is going to attemp for a weekend project! Rather, proper construction is going to take TIME, and a good deal of money!

Consequently, this ZDK.I system ought to be more politically acceptable, than Tesla's FREE ENERGIES.

And there is no reason that we should not begin construction, tomorrow, if someone have the funds and manpower to do so.



Now, wait a minute! Aren't you the ones that have been telling us of the dangers of D'Stridium Reactors? And that their melt-downs are likely to put out about 100 megatons of blast!

Well, yes! An improperly constructed reactor is worse than dangerous! For, if it is not built right, it could easily yield a 100 megaton blast, but also if someone decides to experiment with the design a bit, we have the even worse possiblity of setting off a Star Bomb effect. (So, DON'T DO IT!!!)

But, let me emphasize: IMPROPERLY BUILT!!!

For, let me more than assure you, that we at ZDK.I know what we are doing. And that it would be properly built.

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And, now, perhaps it is time that we revealed one of ZDK.I secrets. For, if you have been following our work, then you know that I have maintained that we do, indeed, have a few aces up our sleave. And, perhaps now is a time to play one of them.

For, while the rest of you bozoes out there have been running around, trying to build the biggest bomb (and make the biggest boom), we at ZDK.I have been concentrating on building a reactor that will provide SAFE, interstellar propulsion. So, what good is it going to do us to arrive in a far away star system IN SHRAPNEL PIECES???

Then, how are we going to arrive safely, without melt-downs? Well, the secret is in the sauce--er, containment field.

For, while the nut cases out there are focused on getting the big bang out of the hyper-nukes end of the Theory, there is another end--NUCLEAR SUPPRESSION. (Yes, you really did miss something there, so go back and read the orginal article on D'Stridium: D'STRIDIUM EXPLAINED!)

Or, if I need to be more specific, using the D'Stridium GUT it is possible to engineer a nuclear suppression containment field. This field is thrown about our reactors, and if they should go into a loss of power or melt-down scenario, the nuclear suppression field will then not be supported and will collapse onto the reaction, choking out anything that may be going on there--like a growing melt-down.

Consequently, there will be no blasts from a ZDK.I D'Stridium Reactor!

Now, exactly how do we do that? Sorry, you are going to have to pay to get that technology. Otherwise, have fun, blowing yourselves to bits! (And wiping your whole state off the face of the map!)

So, for the rest of you civilized sorts out there, the licensing process is now open. TAKE THE CHALLENGE!

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