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The Comprehensive Directory...

OUR 6 MAJOR MINISTRIES (Institutions)--and their sub-branches:

A. MINISTRY OF RELIGION -- The Focus of Our Mediavel Religious Realm and Spiritual Scoiety (Scriptural Beliefs):

B. MINISTRY OF CULTURE, ARTS, AND ENTERTAINMENT -- Our Judeo-Christian Organizations:


D. MINISTRY OF EDUCATION -- And Academic Services and Facilities (Education in Judeo-Christian Konwledge - especially Divine Medieval Cultures):

E. MINISTRY OF ECONOMICS AND FINANCE (Our Economic Development and Funding):

F. MINISTRY OF GOVERNMENT -- Structure and Operations:

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Pardon our dust, but the ZDK (Shaddox) REALM is in the process of expanding and up-grading many of its resources. So, we are in the process of considerably changing many things! Please have patience. If what you want is not yet there and functioning, please check back in a few more days (or weeks). It is coming!

* Those items marked with a single star are in planning, so it may be a bit before they get out to you on the Net. (Check back in a few weeks.)

** Those items marked with double stars are currently in development. We are working on them, so they should be available on the Net in a few days--or are partially there now.

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Otherwise, kindly hang in there. We will get it out on the Internet as soon as we can. THANKS!


ZDK is destined to become a Leader among Judeo-Christian Organizations and Our Inter-Cultural Ministries and Outreach Programs are more than innovative and on the cutting edge of the Israelite Return Movement of God!

HOWEVER, much of what you see listed here is only the structure or skeleton of what Our ZDK REALM is to become. Consequently, we hope that you will join us. And enter in to building up Our WORLDS into all the dimensions that God may wish us to grow in to. Help us put the flesh on this bare bones skeleton!

Further Contacts with ZDK:


Can't find what you are looking for? OR, have a comment or suggestion? Then try the contact routes below:

E-MAIL us at: zdkf@gorge.net (Please, mark subject box ZDK REALM!)

Our mailing address is:

ZDK (Shaddox) REALM
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 U.S.A.

Our phone number is: (509) 493-1674


While Our Realm is a bit complex (and perhaps confusing to some), let us set forth some clarity here. In the beginning, when we were small, and all smashed together, the lines were rather blurred. (And, it didn't seem to matter.) But, now that we have grown (and are expanding considerably), it is good to realize where the lines do fall. And to understand that the ZDK REALM or Z*D*K CONFLUX is actually composed of 2 major parts:

SHADDOX KONSVARA (Viking Clan) or Shaddox Clan Trust (SDX):
The KoNSVaRa is mainly for the Shaddox Family, to support them and provide for their various Family needs (in accordance with Our own beliefs in HOLY HOUSE. Correspondingly, also with Our firm belief in a Partnership (Matthew 17:24-27 and Luke 19:8) or Spiritual Marriage (Covenant) with God, monies collected in their name are usually put in a kind of General Fund and divided so that about half goes to support the Family (through the Shaddox Clan Trust) and the other half is given to the ZDK Foundation, for supporting the ministries and workers of God that express Our Family's religious views.

ZDK.F or The ZDK (Shaddox) Foundation:
ZDK.F is a Spiritual Society and Religious Realm (non-profit organization) set up to organize, administer, and support the Ministries and Works of God that up-hold the beliefs and teachings of Our HOLY HOUSE. Consequently, donations in the Name of a particular Ministry or Outreach are allocated directly to them (with, usually, a tithe or 10% taken as an administrative fee and given to Our HOLY HOUSE, through the Shaddox Clan Trust, above).

(Please keep this in mind when making donations.)


Those of you that have followed my Work for the Lord over the years know that I have often struggled with coming up with a name that describes what is going on here. Most men usually just stick Ministries after their name, but in my case, this just not seem to cover it. Some have suggested using Church or Congregation (or Fold) after my name, but we are not orientated that way, to a specific body. (And if you look at our place in the Spiritual Body, we are not a head nor a body, but rather more like a NECK.) Perhaps, then, a collection of Congregations? Network? Still others, of the Mediavel Fantasy and War Gaming vein, like the use of the world REALM. And, for my own case, over the years, I have used FOUNDATION. (However, this is more in terms of Isaac Asimov's Foundation, and some have complained that in today's language, it has technical and legal implications that I am not sure we meant.) And, though KoNSVaRa fits well, it is a foreign, Viking term, that most people do not get nor understand! So, what do is a good descriptor? Well, I think the Lord has brought a new name or term to us, and I believe it fits: CONFLUX. It is a technical term that literally means: to flow together, an aggregate, union, or assemblage of parts. Now, isn't that what is going on here?

So, come, and flow together in God's Spirit, with us!

And help me put the flesh on this barebones skeleton that you see above (which is Our outline of development or VISION for Our Work).

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