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DEDICATION: The Historical Importance (and Spiritual Significance) of this Work

LAW is a battlefield! And the War is raging. Chief opponets in this engagement are Common Law (the Law of the People--their customs and practices) and Legislative Law (the Law of their government--their Rulers' decrees and proclamations).

Complicating this theater of conflict is a further fracture into Allied Camps! On the one hand, there are secular authorities, who hold that morality and ethics is only relative--related to whoever holds the power to enforce the Law. On the other, are religious authorities, who hold that there is a God, and that HE is a Divine Judge, enforcing HIS own Laws, vigorously! Consequently, HIS Laws are absolutes, being in force throughout all time and all places (or in every location--universal). With most people's own individual conscience telling them what its right and wrong! Thus, HIS Laws are even applicable in Space!

Such is Our Philosophy of Law!

[Scandia Faith Shield] It has been this later Camp that has produced much of Western Civilization and especially the Mediavel World of Feudal Europe! (And most notably the early Viking World and Our Nordic Heritage, which we at ZDK focus on.) Consequently, over the centuries, it has become ingrained in the common ways and cultural norms of most of the people in the Western World. The historical power of the Judeo-Christian Heritage (and its impact upon Western Law) is without question!

However, in recent times, secular authorities have been abandoning our time honored common law of the People (and their widespread Judeo-Christian beliefs--conscience). Legislative Law is becoming more and more anti-God and anti-Believer. Something needs to counter-balance this trend, lest we lose track of our rich Heritage.

Unfortunately, a large part of this trend comes from government officials who just don't understand the Holy Scriptures. As a result, they often don't have a clue as to what Divine Law really is on a particular matter. So, how do you put a guide into the hands of governing officials that will lead them in the Ways of God--and clearly, plainly, and eaisly show them what HIS Law is?

[Holy Scriptures Shield] A major answer to this problem came in around 100 A.D. (plus or minus a decade or two). Then, Rabbi Akiva followed earlier Jewish Rabbinic thinking and led the move to organize Jewish LAW into the 7 Divisions of the Mishnah. This laid the foundation for modern Rabbinic Judaism and allowed Jewish scholars to gain access to many of the Jewish Laws in the Holy Scriptures (as well as the Oral Law) through the outline and organization that Akiva developed. And for centuries since, this has been the standard and the guide of the Jewish Community (and government).

(For more information on Jewish Law, consult Our article on TORAH, TANACH, OR TOREL in the Emuspatel section of Our Web Site.)

However, also, at about this same time, Y'Shua (or Jesus) came and brought a great Reformation of Jewish thought and Law. This led to the writing of the Christian New Testament, with it's modifications of Jewish Law, as Jesus taught them. Ecclesiastical Law (or Church Law) was thus born and spread by HIS Disciples.

[Word of God Shield] Then, as Christianity grew, and conquered the Roman Empire, there arose a conflict between the Old Common Law of the Land (and its Pagan concepts) with the New Legislative Law of the Christian Government. Thus, when Justinian assumed to the Throne of Byzantium (Christianized Eastern Roman Empire) in about 500s A.D., he did an extensive recodification of Old Roman Law along more Christian and Biblical lines. Consequently, his Christian officials were then given a guide to help them rule--much in the same way that Akiva guided the Jewish officials. And, this new code lasted for centuries and formed the basis and foundation for much of the legal system of modern Europe.

(For more information on Ecclesiastical or Church Law, consult Our article on ISSUES OF GOD'S LAW in the Revival Chapel Literature section of Our Web Site.)

[APPiRu Shield] Next, as time passed, and Muhammad came to the Bedhoin Tribes of Arabia, and he was also confronted with a similiar task. He had to do away with the Common Law of the Arab Peoples, which was very Paganistic (and Idolatrous) at that time. As a guide to help the Muslim officials rule, the the Sharia or Islamic Law was brought forth. (Much of which follows the earlier principles of Jewish and Christian Heritage.) And for centuries, down to modern times, these Laws have guided Muslim belivers and officials.

(For more information on Arabic Law (and Muslim morals and ethics), consult Our articles on THE APPiRu RETURN in the APPiRu section of Our Web Site.)

Therefore, as we can see from history, these Divine Law concepts, that we present here, are most Potent! (They come from God.) And have the Power to Rule. And to maintain Rule for centuries! Even as it is written:

For the Nation (Peoples) and Kindgom (Country) that will not serve God shall perish! Yes, those Nations shall be utterly laid waste! (Issiah 60:12)

However, with the coming of modern times, and the rise of secularization, these Divine Law concepts are being ingored and even forgotten! Consequently, there is a rising need for public officials to have some kind of guide into the Laws of God. Otherwise, Society is going to break down into chaos.

[Messianic Shield] In addition, with the rise of the Modern Messianic Movement, today, there is a great need for some changes--a REFORMATION in our thinking about Divine Law. For, the Jewish Mishnah only deals with the Tanach (Old Testament) and the Oral Law, while Ecclesiastical Law usually only deals with the Christian New Testament. But Messianics (and especially us, as Meshianites) need access to BOTH: to the Brit Chadashah (New Testament) and the Tanach (Old Testament)--YES, to access the whole Bible!.

[Divine LAW Shield] Furthermore, the Mishnah only has 7 Divisions which are artificially imposed on the Holy Scriptures by the mind of man, whereas Our Guide now uses the 10 Commandments--the Scriptures' own internal guide to its own rules and regulations (thus, we believe, showing more clearly the mind of God on many important matters). In addition, we use Holy Scriptures ONLY in Our guide, not myths, legends, or commentaries.

Thus, we have come to believe that this Reference Guide of the Our Divine Law Library will set a standard that will last for centuries, not only for Our Realm (and Spiritual Kingdom), but for many other Messianics--as well as Jews, Christians, and even Muslims. And, serve as a guide to ruling properly, not only for Our own officials, but for public officials of governments throughout the world!

[KoReY Futuristic Shield] And, consequently, we have come to hold that its importance will be seen more and more in the coming years of history--as Our meager Religious Society (and Spiritual Realm) grows into an Interstellar Empire of the Future (much as the Christian Movement grew until it had conquered Rome--setting up its own Empire). For KoReY's growth into Astaria (in Space) must be based on Divine Law. Or, God will simply not prosper us enough to reach that goal of a Nation of the Holy Northern Kingdom of Israel out among the Stars.

(For more information on Law in Space, consult Our article on Interstellar Law in the KoReY Return section of Our Web Site--or Our article on Interstellar Diplomacy in the KUFOL section.)

So, give heed to it! Pay careful attention and consideration. Meditate on it and give it serious thought. For its guidance will help God Rule through you! Even as it is written:

...for Torah (the Law of God) shall go forth from Zion; And the Word of God (Bible teachings) from Jerusalem. (Michah 4:2)

And it is Our humble privilege to be the tools through which God makes HIS Laws (orginally revealed to those of Zion) known to the whole wide world by Our work (here in the Divine Law Library) via the Internet.

In conclusion, is it any wonder that we have come to hold that this Divine Law guide will become one of the major intellectual works of this century?

So, keep your eye on it!


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