This Article on Restricted Reserve

Rated: PG-13

While it is Our desire that ALL should be taught the Laws of God (to know HIS Ways and to obey HIS Word), We recognize that there are those out there who find any mention of Family Life or marital intimacy (i.e. SEX) as offensive.

So, be advised that this Article is for mature minds (teenage level and above), hence the Rating PG-13.

It is a mature and philosophical (as well as moral and ethical) discussion of the issues concerning Romantic Rights and tolerated sexual practices found in the Holy Scriptures. Frankly, it is intended for adult and well educated minds. (Consequently, this article may not be entirely appropriate for the openness of the Net--so we have placed it on a restricted status.)

So, parents, if your children have not been properly prepared to handle this kind of mature material, then you may wish to guide them elsewhere.

Also, it should be noted that some churches refuse to use the Holy Scriptures in setting their sexual standards. And as a result, you may find doctrinal conflicts with what your own denomination teaches and stands for. Thus, we advise parents to read the Article before allowing their children access to it.



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