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KoReY Interstellar Society - Our Introductory Literature

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MONARCHY PHILOSOPHY: Bible Prophecy Shows Future Space Kingdom

If you have read the previous Articles (as you should have), you ought to now realize that it is God's Plan and Purpose to colonize the Stars with the Descendants of Abraham. This should be abundantly clear, not only from the track of Scriptures we examined, but also from the historical record of Man's migration, and the review of current scientific (and environmental) trends. (All of which we covered, in detail, above.)

But, now our series of Articles makes a bit of a change. Rather than showing that Interstellar Travel will happen, we now assume it as a given, and begin asking ourselves the question: WHAT KIND OF IMPACT WILL IT HAVE ON OUR SOCIETY?

As to Politics, I think the basic feeling is all too clear, here, as well. For one of the main reasons that is acknowledged unofficially for keeping the UFO cover-up going is that if the general public became aware that there might be an Invasions from Space, then there would be an outcry from the masses to form a United Government to protect us all from the Space Aliens. This, in turn, has the potential to destroy the soverignty of every independent Nation or Country! So, is it any wonder that most governments co-operative with the UFO cover-up? For it is in the interest of preserving their own soverignty!

So, what will the Interstellar Impact be? Will we have massive political up-heaval? (Coups?) Or, radical reorganization and revolution? (Return to Communism?) Is it time to PANIC, now? (Hey, this is my daily life we are talking about here!)

No, let's not get excited! Rather, let us do some cool, calm and rational thinking about what is most likely to occur. And, to do that, let us turn back to history, to see what occured in the past. And, thus, what is most likely to occur, again, in the Future. For, this is the rational root of the scientific study of Future Studies.

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WHAT HAPPENED - The Historical Record?

On the Eve of the Colonization of America by England, just as we sit now on the Eve of Colonization of Outer Space, there were two main factions of political thought in Britain. (Well, actually 3, but the third one was for status quo.) The first group were Puritans, who wanted to clean-up and purify the Church of England, and thereby all of Britain, itself, bringing political reform to the whole Country. The second group were Separatist, who wanted to separate themselves from the corruption of Britain and go elsewhere to start a New Nation.

[British Heritage Flag] Now, it was this later group, that when they had the chance, left England for America and became the Pilgrims and Founding Fathers of Our Country, here. (Incidently, history shows them as making the correct choice, as the Puritans were later thown out of England by the rising tide of corruption there, and also ended up in America with the earlier Pilgrims!) And, they went about to set up a New Nation, founded on the Judeo-Christian Principles, and set under God, to be pleasing to HIM. And, look at what their efforts have produced!!! Is there any other Nation with the power and stature of America, today?

[American Faith Flag] HOWEVER, it is KoReY's general orientation to NOT get involved with politics and local power structure issues. We do NOT want to set up a One World Government, here on Earth! (No New World Order!) For one thing, it is clear to us that God wants us to be Future Separatists: LEAVE EARTH, to move off to Colonies out among the Stars! And, for another, we have no wish to unite with the Pagans and Idolators of the wicked world around us, here--the Hebrew Peoples (Monotheists) are our focus (and their worship of the One True God). And, Our other literature more than supports this view! (See KoReY Tri-Unity.)

Yet, this is not to say that Our members should not be involved in the political process at all, for as good stewards, we each must do our duty to God to fight corruption and wickedness in our own Community and in our own County--as much as we reasonably can. But, we MUST keep sight of Our Future goal, that of setting up a New Nation Under God, out among the Stars! (Don't get overly caught up in the current political mess! And its anti-God attitudes and activities. God will take care of them! And, if you doubt it, consider the Nova Crisis.)

And, for this, Future Nation or Astaria, we will see the coming migration of the Hebrew Peoples--the Tribes of Abraham's Descendants (or TAD)--from Earth to the Stars (Genesis 15:5)!

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BIBLE PROPHECY: The Future Of The Hebrew Peoples

From the Promise of God to Abraham, we know that the Descendants of Abraham will come to dwell on the Planets of Other Stars (Genesis 22:17). And, much like Abraham's migration to Caanan, they will probably wander about the Stars a bit, trying to find exactly where they should be at. For, this is the general, historical role of Pioneers, searching out the land for the bests spots and building up the foundations of civilization, to make life easier for later arrivals.

Consequently, KoReY is setting up Our own Organization to help these Stellar Pioneers search out the Planets of other Stars and find suitable environments to settle in, for the building of new communities for our new civilization. If you are interested in Our Interstellar Colonization Program, then look us up! Or, us the handy link, below:

To get INTERSTELLAR COLONIZATION (Click Here): [KoReY Interstellar Colonization]

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DIVINE GOVERNMENT: The Future Monarchy Philosophy

Now, with this dispersion of the Tribes of Abraham's Descendants (TAD), or basically the Hebrew Peoples (Monotheists), into Space, it might be easy for them to get lost and disconnected. Consequently, KoReY is stepping in to keep us all bound together by the ties of Religion, and the worship of the One True God. And, this Fellowship and association (and emerging Future Society) will become the basis for the rise of Our New Nation Under God, out among the Stars.

As to the Future coming of that New Nation, the skeptics are sure to say that it will never happen. Or that we are just a bunch of lunies, deluded by Space Fantasies and Science Fiction! However, the Word of God is very clear that this New Nation out among the Stars will come. Consider will what God has announced beforehand to be HIS Plan:

"And the Kingdom (Rule) and the Dominion (government), and the Greatness of the Kingdom (of God--Congregations), under the whole starry-heavens shall be given to the (Hebrew) Peoples of the Saints (followers--LAW obeyers) of the Most High God, whose (Spiritual) Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom--and ALL Dominions there (starry-heavens) shall serve and obey HIM!" (Daniel 7:27)

And, thus we hold, that Our current Spiritual Realm of KoReY will one day be transformed into the Interstellar Empire of Astaria, as a recognized government out among the Stars--the Nordic Interstellar Israel. And to this Future Day, we look forward to with great confidence. For it is Promised by God!

[KoReY Futuristic Shield] Moreover, as the Messianic Movement sweeps through the Stars in the Great Stellar Reformation (detailed in the above Article), the Hebrew Peoples from all over the starry-heavens will be regathered into the rising Messianic Kingdom--the New Holy Kingdom of Israel in Outer Space. For this is the Sign and Symbol God has given us in HIS Word, that Israel will be reformed out among the Stars--the Future Space Kingdom:

"And there appeared a great wonder (sign) in the starry-heavens: a Woman (Nation) clothed with the Sun (God's Enlightenment), and the Moon under her feet (God's Congregations), and upon her head a crown of Twelve Stars (12 Hebrew Tribes)!" (Revelations 12:1)

So, there is no question to US that the Messianic Kingdom will rise through US (though, perhaps slowly). For this is basically the Mission and Calling of KoReY, to help facilitate this Plan of God. This is Our Future Monarchy Philosophy (based, actually on the Political Theory of government systems of the Mediavel World).

[Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Shield] Then, at the end of the Messianic Kingdom Age (rise of the Future Space Kingdom of Israel), the Lord will return HIMSELF, again, and transform Our temporal Kingdom into HIS Bride and Millenial Reign--at HIS Second Coming! (This would be the 3rd Phase of KoReY.)

However, we have now gotten way off into the Future! So, now, let us come back to Earth a bit and look more closely at the steps that we need to take to get there.

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DIVINE GOVERNMENT: The Foundation Of God's Law

Being Separatists and Puritans, the Founding Fore-Fathers of America set this Nation up on God's Principles and Laws (which they found in the Holy scriptures). And this Spirit that formed America is perhaps best vocalized by President Abraham Lincoln, who wrote (in the Gettysburg Address): "Four score and seven years ago, our fore-fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a NEW NATION under God, conceived in Liberty...and dedicated to the proposition that ALL men are created equal..." Consequently, this Country has risen to heights that no other Country on Earth has yet attained--because of its God-fearing Foundation!

And, indeed, this is just as God had Promised. For it is clearly written:

"Righteousness (good deeds) exalts (builds up) the Nation; But sin (bad deeds) is a reproach (downfall) of any Peoples!" (Proverbs 14:34)

Thus, as our fore-fathers followed God and obeyed HIS Laws (producing good deeds), America prospered and grew in power and influence. And, what our Country has attained to, today, is from the blessing of God, for our obedience to HIS Laws. (And, as in current times, we are drifting from God's Laws, our Country is faltering--and surely will fall, unless some Great Reform is done to bring our land back to God!)

[ZDK Library Shield] However, whatever God may Judge America for, it is clear that we (KoReY) MUST keep Our Astaria on the track of knowing and obeying God's Laws. And, for this purpose, we have constructed the Divine Law Library, here in this Web Site. For, there, the Laws of God are detailed--not only to be the Royal Rules and Regulations of Our Realm (And Spiritual Society), but to eventually become the Constitution and Supreme Law of Our Interstellar Empire (Astaria). So, we strongly urge you to look up and know the Laws of God. Or, use the handy link, below:

To get DIVINE LAW LIBRARY (Click Here): [Divine Law Library]

For this is the FOCUS of God's ShuVaH or RETURN Movement--the building up of the Messianic Kingdom (Spiritual Realm) in Our Days, to the Rising of the Interstellar Empire of Israel out it Space. Even as it is clearly written:

But, if you (Israel) turn to ME again (RETURN), AND KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS, and do them (Holiness), though there were of you cast out unto the uttermost part of the starry-heavens, yet will I (God) regather (RETURN) them from thence!... (Nehemiah 1:9)

So, not only are WE seeking just a RETURN to God among the Hebrew Peoples (the Tribes of Abraham's Descendants) all over (including out among the Stars), but WE are also promoting a RETURN to God's Ways (and HIS Laws)--HIS Divine Culture. And, these Teachings of HIS Law will become the basis for the Legal System of Our New Nation Under God, out among the Stars! Divine Government! Based on Monarchy Philosophy.

[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield]

FUTURE MONARCHY PHILOSOPHY: The Historical, Mediavel Model

Unfortunately, rather than pursuing the Divine Culture (and the Mediavel World) as We (or KoReY) do, the wicked of the our modern world hold a rather anti-royal attitude. However, lest some of Our own members start to be moved by such sentiments, let me point out to you that as Believers, we do not belong to the Democracy of God. Nor is it a Republic of God (as if we could vote God in or out?). Rather, we are part of the Kingdom of God. And, if that form of government is good enough for HIM, then it is good enough for us! It is Divine Government, instituted by God, HIMSELF!

Moroever, since we do accept the Divine Culture, with its Mediavel Heritage, we also hold its political philosophy--that God will appoint HIS own Ruler over the Realm, as HE did with Moses (Deuteronomy 33:4-5), Saul (I Samuel 10:1), David (I Samuel 16:6-13), and the other Rulers of the Mediavel Heritge (Daniel 2:20-21, 4:17, 25). Consequently, even Our Spiritual Society (Religious Realm) is Ruled over by a Spiritual Throne, which in the Days of the New Nation Under God out among the Stars, will become a Sovereign Throne and officially recognized royal and imperial government.

However, this True Mediavel Model is NOT like the later Despots and Autocrats (Tyrants). Nor is it to be like the more modern Totalitarian Dictators! Rather, it is a Traditional style Monarchy, with the Ruler bound to follow the Laws of God, as well as the People are (by a kind of Social Contract or Covenant to Rule). And the Throne is held in check by a Council (or Parliament) and open to the requests of the People (with their God given Rights respected--and represented). For, this is the True Mediavel Model. And the basics of Our Future Monarchy Philosophy.

So, come on in! Find your place in our Realm!

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Well, the purpose of this whole Article on the New Nation Under God is that Our current Spiritual Realm of KoReY will provide a chance for masses upon masses of People to make their RETURN to God. Which is the reason for us writing all this--that you will be inspired to be Regenerated or Renewed. And, in making your own personal RETURN to God, you will catch the Fire that is burning bright, lighting Our Way into the Future!

But, that Future is now here! Your choice today will determine the outcomes of your tomorrows. So, don't hold back! Get in Our Revival Course! And make your own personal RETURN, today! Look up Our Revival Course. Or, use the handy link, below:

To get Our REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Revival Course]

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We thought you'd never ask! We have tons of it. So, just look up the next Article in this series on the Divine Culture of KoReY (and the impact of the Judeo-Christian norms and values upon Our Society) So, look up the next Article in the Directory. Or, use the handy link, below:

To get the KoReY HERITAGE WORLDS (Click Here): [K.R.Y. Cultural Sources]


NOTICE: KoReY is NOT a PAC (or Political Action Committee) nor are We, as a group, to be involved in any political issues or campaigns! However, we whole heartedly encourage our individual members to be politically active--especially to make known what God's Word may say about some proposed legislation's morals and ethics (so that we will be the Salt, preserving God's Ways among our countrymen).

Consequently, whatever political views or activities We, as a group, may have MUST be focused on Our Religious Beliefs for Our Future Realm. Not the current temporal governments or local politics of where our members may reside! Nor, can we allow any of our organization to come under the sway of hidden agendas, of individuals whose political aspirations are dubious! (But, neither will We turn down the co-operation or help of any government in the furtherance of KoReY Religious goals and objectives.)

We need to keep Our Religious Realm (and Spiritual Society) pure and holy! And unspotted from the political corruption of the wicked world! (Be on guard!)

And don't try to drag our organization into political issues, fights, or campaigns!!!

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