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KoReY Interstellar Society - Our Introductory Literature

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The Coming Interstellar Migration of the Faithful

When the European Colonists settled the East Coast of America, a popular idea or commonly held philosophy seized their thinking. It was their "Manifest Destiny" to settle ALL of America! It was God's Will for them to colonize America from sea to sea. This was printed in their newspapers. It was recorded in their books. It was preached from their pulpits. It became an axiom, a given, and was not even questioned. And it drove the Pioneers out of the East and across the Rockies to California and Oregon. But, now that America is settled, it is largely forgotten. And, why not? There is no place else to go and settle! Or, is there?

Unfortunately, the popular idea or common philosophy of our Day is largely "live it up today, for tomorrow the world will end". Such a pesimimistic attitude unleashes wave after wave of self-indulgence and hedonism. Is it any wonder that American Society is becoming so decadent? We appear to have no Future. There is nothing to fire our iniative. There is nothing to inspire our action. Just sit back and...wait for the big one. There is nothing you can do about it!

Is it any wonder that the YOUTH of America are lost?

So, is there no hope? Is there no alternative? Are we really stuck with this dismal, unalterble future?

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NEW HOPE - The Realm of Space

While the masses of Society rush head long into the abyss or pit of self-indulgence, and self-destruction (like lemmings to the sea), I challenge YOU to look up! Behold the starry sky! Consider the new lands to settle out there. Open your mind to the potential Future in Outer Space. Give some serious thought to its possibilities. Up there, there is an alternative! Up there, there is HOPE! Up there, there is a bright Future!

So, catch the Spirit of the New Manifest Destiny! It is God's Will for us to go and settle the stars! So, let's get at it. Space Exploration and Star Settlement here we come!

Now wait a minute. Is this some kind of pipe dream? Or, Science Fiction Fantasy? Surely, there is no rational basis for this?

[Historical Literature Shield]


Well, one of the keys to Future Studies or scientifically predicting the Future is to review the track of history and make a logical projection from that. So, what has been the record of Mankind's migration, so far?

Modern Man or Western Civilization basically began thousands of years ago in the Mesopotamia region of the Middle East. At that time, this was a land of lush and fertile plains. In fact, historians often refer to it as the Fertile Crescent. But, as Man over-spread the land, it was used up, worn out, and abused so that now the whole Middle East is mostly desert wasteland. So, Man either had to accept a declining standard of living there or move on to more fertile areas. Quite understandably, most of Mankind began to migrate from there into the 3 unsettled continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

As time passed, the Europeans or Western Man found North Africa to be their "Bread Basket" because of the fertile plains and farmland found there. The World of the Greco-Roman Europeans rose into a hugh Empire on the economic prosperity of these lands. But, once again as Man over-spread the land it was used up, worn out, and abused until now (in our days) North Africa is also mostly desert wasteland, too. So, once again Man had to either accept a declining standard of living or migrate elsewhere. Consequently, these Europeans moved more and more into Northern Europe, until it was bulging at the seams, too! And, quite understandably, when the opportunity to settle newly "discovered" lands came along, most Europeans chose to go to America, South America, South Africa, South Asia, and Australia (etc.).

[American Faith Flag] Now (in our days), the United States of America has risen to be the most prosperous Nation in the World. And our Country's economic influence (and empire) sways the whole globe. But the signs of decay and decline are emerging. Modern scientists and environmentalists are beginning to shout words of warning to us. Not only are we using up, wearing out, and abusing the land in America, but our influence over the whole planet is causing the whole earth to be used up, worn out, and abused! And our future here is one of declining standards of living. It is becoming time for us to begin to look for new lands to migrate to. (Or face the disasterous consequences, here!)

The Ecological Disasters are coming to our Planet!

[Word of God Shield]

BIBLE PROPHECY: The Future Of Planet Earth

This dilemma of Modern Man was not unanticipated. Given the historical record, it was only a matter of time before Man would wear out his homeland (Planet Earth) and be pressured to move on to new lands. Moreover, such a disaster was warned against centuries ago by the Prophet Isaiah, who said:

"...the Earth shall wax old like a garment..." (Isaiah 51:6).

While it all seems perfectly rational and scientific in our days, people must have thought Isaiah to be a mad man--a real luny (or crazy)! For, how could the massive abundance of the whole Earth be used up and be worn out? But, even just a few generations ago, the East Coast of America was described as "impenetrable forest" but now it is wall to wall houses and buildings. And the urban sprawl is spreading. So, whether we like it or not, it is time to face the facts: THE EARTH IS WEARING OUT! Manifest Destiny is calling us to leave our home planet and go colonize the planets of other stars. Space Exploration and Star Settlement are here!

Otherwise, your are sure to have to live with the Ecological Disasters (and declining Life-style) on Earth!

[WARNING Shield] But it is so comfortable where we are! Are you sure we are suppose to move on? Can't we just stay here? (Hey, maybe you just aren't thinking right, huh?)

Well, if you do stay, you do so at your own peril! For not only do you have scientists and environmentalists shouting WARNINGS, but consider well the stern warning given by Isaiah, centuries ago, also:

"Behold the Lord-God makes the (Planet) Earth empty, and makes it a wasteland--and turns it upside down, SCATTERING ABROAD THE INHABITANTS THEREOF....The land (of the Earth) shall be utterly emptied, and utterly spoiled: for the Lord-God has spoken this Word. The Earth mourns and fades away: the (whole) world languishes and fades away--the haughty people of the Earth do languish. For the Earth is defiled under the inhabitants thereof, because they have transgressed the LAW; they have changed His Ordinances, and broken His everlasting (Noahic) covenant (with Nature). Therefore, shall the CURSE devour the (Planet) Earth: and THEY THAT DWELL THEREIN SHALL BE DESOLATE--therefore, the inhabitants of the Earth are scorched, and few are left (behind) there." (Isaiah 24:1-6).

So, either get with the Program (and follow the New Manifest Destiny to the settlement of the planets of other stars) or accept the coming, desolate Future of decadent life on the Planet Earth. The choice is yours.

Now, wait a minute! Not so fast. How do we know that God really wants us to settle the starry heavens? My church certainly doesn't say anything about that.

[Revival Chapel]


Well, actually most churches do, but unfortnately they (nor their members) understands what is being said. What? How can that be? Well, it is not exactly their fault. They are simply following in the path of a mis-translation made centuries earlier. And it isn't really the fault of the translators, either. They just tried to make sense of a Passage of Scripture and it would have appeared lunacy to them to translate it literally. What am I speaking of? Well, if you have spent any time in church at all, you have probably heard someone quote the "Great Commission" which says:

"...Go ye (you) into all the WORLD, and Preach the Gospel (or Good News about Jesus) to every creature!" (Mark 16:15).

Most churches Preach this as the duty of their members. However, they fail to understand what it is really saying. Why? Because, what does that word WORLD mean? To the Ancient Translators, it didn't make literal sense, to translate it as it was written. But ask any Scientist today and he can tell you, because that word WORLD is a precise scientific term that has been used in the scientific community since Ancient Days and is so used today. And that definition totally changes the meaning of that Scripture! Why? Because that word WORLD, in the Greek, is actually KOSMOS--the starry-heavens. So, that text is really saying:

"Go ye (all of you) into all the starry-heavens (Kosmos or Universe), and Preach the Gospel to every living Creature!"

Thus, the "Divine Commision" commands us to go into the starry-heavens. And I would say that this is clearly God's Will and therefore Our New Manifest Destiny! Wouldn't you?

Well, it might seem that way, but one Scripture doesn't prove anything! (You say?)

[Holy Scriptures Shield]

STAR SETTLEMENT: God's Purpose For The Universe

Yes, there are other Passages of Bible Prophecy that speak about settling the stars! MAN! So, how about considering one? Look at God's purpose in making the Universe or the starry-heavens! HIS Plan includes Interstellar activities for Mankind.

For, the Scriptures say:

"For thus says the Lord-God, that Created the starry-heavens; God Himself who formed the WORLD and made it; He has established it (with purpose): He has Created it not in vain, for HE FORMED IT TO BE INHABITED!" (Isaiah 54:18).

So, if we are not getting out there to the starry-heavens and INHABITING it, then we aren't using it for the purpose God made it for. And I would say that this is NOW Our New Manifest Destiny, again! Wouldn't you? It is God's Will for us to go out and INHABIT or settle the stars. Space Exploration and Star Settlement are part of HIS Plan!

Well, I'm still not so sure about that.

[AstrilanZ Galatic Shield] Then consider some of the other Scriptures that refer to the starry-heavens and indicate that it is God's Will for Mankind to be settled there (and with a variety of activities there). However, these references are just too many to review here in this short Article. So, if you really want to see them all, then follow the links to the list of Interstellar Passages:

To get INTERSELLAR PASSAGES (Click Here): [Scriptures On Interstellar Activities]

However, I think that at this point my message is abundantly clear: Bible Prophecy plainly supports the Our New Manifest Destiny--that it is God's Will for Mankind (especially Believers) to migrate from the Planet Earth and settle the planets around the other stars! And, if it is so plainly God's Will, then hadn't we better get at it?

THERFORE, don't hang back! Get in here and give us a hand! (Don't get left behind on a dwindling Earth.)

[Divine Enlightenment (Book) Shield]


Well, the point of this whole Article of the Our New Manifest Destiny is that it will also provide a chance for masses upon masses of People to make their RETURN to God. Which is the reason for us writing all this--that you will be inspired to be Regenerated or Renewed. And, in making your own personal RETURN to God, you will catch the Fire that is burning bright, lighting Our Way into the Future!

But, that Future is now here! Your choice today will determine the outcomes of your tomorrows. So, don't hold back! Get in Our Revival Course! And make your own personal RETURN, today! Look up Our Revival Course. Or, use the handy link, below:

To get Our REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Revival Course]

And, if you are already Regenerated or Renewed, then you need to get in here and join us in the effort to make a way for God's People (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) to escape the destruction of the Planet Earth! For, it will be a group effort. We expect the talents and efforts of ALL to come together in Unity to help carry out this Holy task.

Don't hold back! Do your part. Contact us today.

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We thought you'd never ask! We have tons of it. So, just look up the next Article in this series on the Great Stellar Revival (for just as the discovery of New Worlds helped to awaken Feudal Europe into the Reformation, so, too will the discovery of New Worlds in Space cause a New Reformation). So, look up the next Article. Or, use the handy link, below:

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Well, we have a long way to go in Space Exploration. And it is no small task to achieve Star Settlement! But, we do have some things rolling toward that end and have put together some guidelines to organize the growing Project by. So, if you are interested, look it up on the KoReY Home Page. Or, use the handy link, below:

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