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KoReY Interstellar Society - Our Introductory Literature

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Judeo-Christian Philosophy of Religious Establishment makes Future Theology

If you have read the previous Articles (as you should have), you ought to now realize that it is God's Plan and Purpose to colonize the Stars with the Descendants of Abraham. This should be abundantly clear, not only from the track of Scriptures we examined, but also from the historical record of man's migration, and the review of current scientific (and environmental) trends. (All of which we covered, above.)

But, now our series of Articles makes a bit of a change. Rather than showing that Interstellar Travel will happen, we now assume it as a given, and begin asking ourselves the question: WHAT KIND OF IMPACT WILL IT HAVE ON OUR SOCIETY?

As to Religion, I think the basic feeling is all too clear. For example, at a recent UFO conference with the government, representatives of the modern Religious Establishment petitioned the officials that if Space Aliens were visiting Our Planet that they prefered that the government keep it a secret--FOR SUCH KNOWLEDGE WAS HELD TO RADICALLY CHANGE THE RELIGIOUS VIEWS THAT THEY HELD.

What! Don't these guys read the Scriptures? Don't they have any Faith in God as the God of the Universe? Where are their heads at???

[Revival Chapel Shield] Hey, if they are so weak in the Faith that they are afraid of the little green men coming here, then what are they going to do when the Descendants of Abraham (yes, their Faithful Flock) blasts off for worlds unknown! For, the Interstellar Rush is sure to be as strong as the Gold Rush or the Rush to Immigrate to America. Sorry, if they have any smarts in their head, then they had better get busy ADAPTING! Or, they will get left behind in the Rush!

Consequently, this Article is offered in an attempt to make some sense of what is about to happen. And give you a good idea of the Future Judeo-Christian Faith! As well as present some guidelines to help manage the changes. And adapt to it! For, we will not be able to stop it (as it is God's Will--Manifest Destiny).

So, what will this Interstellar Revival be like? Will it be a New Age thing? Or, will we have some kind of World Religon to express all the old Cultural values of Earth--including the Pagan Religions? In what was will the Judeo-Christian Philosophy change? Or, will it?

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Where have we been?

One of the tools used in Future Studies for projecting the Future, is to take a good look at the Past, and make a reasonable guess of where we are likely to end up, based on what we have done in back there.

[American Faith Flag] In Our immediate past, we find the history of America. America was founded on those good old Judeo-Christian Values and Teachings. And as a God-fearing Nation, America prospered and became world influential.

(But, in recent times, as we have turned from following God, Our Nation is faltering--under the hands of a mis-guided Religious Establishment!)

[English Peoples Shield] Another step back into the Past, and we find Great Britain, the parent of America. Once again, the British People have a long history of following the Judeo-Christian Philosophy. And, under its influence, they rose to build a world-wide empire, in the last century. And their Heritage of the Faith is still with us, in America, today.

Take another step or two back, and we find Spain, Portugal, and Holland. Yes, and all of these followed in the Judeo-Christian Heritage. And, yes, all of them also prospered under those Beliefs and teachings--so that they went on to found world-wide colonial empires. (To influence the World for God.)

[Scandia Faith (Cross) Flag] Even farther back, we have an even more clear distinction. As the Western Roman Empire rejected the Judeo-Christian Teaching (and even persecuted Believers), prefering Pagan Idolatry, they came to Fall and be over-run by barbarian hordes. However, the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium), which embraced the Judeo-Christian Teachings, continued to survive and lasted another thousand years! Then, as the Eastern Empire slipped from the Faith (and degenerated into Idolatry), they lost their power, whereas the West slowly accepted the Faith and then rose to replace the East in Feudal Europe.

CONSEQUENTLY, I think the historical record is clear! Follow the Pagans and Idolatry, and you won't be around for long. Follow the Teachings of the Judeo-Christian Heritage and you will eventually come to prosper and rise in power. Therefore, KoReY firmly rejects the teachings and influences of non-Abrahamic groups (those who do not believe in a One True God: monotheists). And, we heartily encourage everyone else to do so, too! For this will be a definate trend of the Great Stellar Reformation (even as it has been, in the Past). The Future Theology of the Judeo-Christian Philosophy is very clear, here!

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According to Scripture, the Hebrew Peoples were founded by 'Eber or Heber (Genesis 11:16-17). His belief in the One True God (and the rejection of Idolatry) carried over into his Family, for generations. Abraham was born of this lineage and he produced the 3 main branches of the Hebrew Peoples today--Jews (by Sarah), Christians (by Keturah), and Ishmaelites or Muslims (by Hagar). And over the centuries, these Peoples have been Faithful to their Ancestorial Calling to worhsip and serve the One True God ONLY.

Consequently, as it has been in the Past, these Hebrew Peoples will have a big impact upon the Great Stellar Reformation. For, under KoReY, many of them will come to Unite in the Faith in what we have come to call the Tri-Unity of the Faithful (Isaiah 19:24-25) or the Tribes of Abraham's Descentants (TAD). For, the Hand of God, through the forces of the Interstellar RUSH will throw these Peoples together and make them depend on one another for survival!

However, there is just not room to detail all of this, here. So, if you are interested in the Tri-Unity and TAD, try looking up the Articles we have on them. Or, follow the handy link, below:

To get TRI-UNITY (Click Here): [Tri-Unity of the Faithful]

However, one thing that we do know, is that the Great Stellar Reformation will feature the RETURN of these Hebrew Peoples, into a kind of Holy Israel in Space--thus forming a kind of Greater Hebrew Community. For, God tells us that the current RETURN or ShuVaH Movement will continue out among the Stars, for it is written, and God has Promised:

"If any of thine (Israel) be driven out unto the uttermost parts of the starry-heavens, from thence shall I (God) regather thee (you); And from thence shall HE fetch thee!" (Deuteronomy 30:4)

Consequently, we of KoReY are dedicated to the Messianic Movement, to call back and regather a Holy Israel from among all the Hebrew Peoples, even to those that may be (or will be) scattered out among the Stars!

[Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Shield] And, we believe that we are called to gather Abraham's Descendants (by bloodline or adoption) into a Greater Hebrew Community (or Holy Israel). Unfortunately, this is also a very extensive subject! Too much to detail in this small space. So, if you are interested in the RETURN or SHuVaH, then read the Articles in Our EMUSPATEL Section. Or, use the handy link, below:

To get EMUSPATEL Home Page (Click Here): [Messianic Literature]

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DIVINE CULTURE - Mediavel History and Heritage

One of the most flowering, prosperous, and colorful Times of the Greater Hebrew Community (and the Judeo-Christian Philosophy) was during Feudal Europe. For, while there was much friction between the brothers in Abraham, down throu8gh the centuries, the Crusader State enjoyed a period of Peace, when all 3 (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) lived together, civilly! Moreover, the Vikings and Varangians held an open atmosphere to all 3, and produced a prosperous trade amongst them!

Furtherover, it was much of this Hebrew Foundation that propelled the other European Nations on to their heights and glories (such as we have recounted, above). For, here, a lot ot the Traditional Judeo-Christian Teachings were spread and preserved. And these became a Social Perservative that strenghtened the European Nations, especially Northern Europe.

[Realm Herald Shield] Consequently, there is an absolute Gold Mine of Cultural Resources here, that will come forth and be used in the Great Stellar Reformation! For, KoReY is basically a Mediavel World! (Yes, the Mediavel World IS Returning!) And, as it fueled Europe into the Modern Era of World Colonization and Dominance, so will it fuel KoReY on to Interstellar success and promenience.

However, once again, Our limited scope here prevents us from going into details, now, on this. But, if you are one to be curious, then look up Our Articles on the Mediavel World in Our NORTHMEN Literature Section. Or, use the handy link below, to get a summary of the basic Judeo-Christian Teachings of the Mediavel World:

To get MEDIAVEL HERITAGE (Click Here): [Our Mediavel Heritage]

For, therein are presented Our 5 Basic Teachings that have bound the Judeo-Christian World together for centuries. And, consequently, will be the cement for the Society of KoReY, as well. Thus, as the focus of the Future Thelogy for the Great Stellar Reformation, they will help to define the Future Judeo-Christian Philosophy!

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FOCUS OF KoReY - Our 3 Main Teachings

In addition to these Mediavel Teachings (which other groups will no doubt attempt to copy), KoReY will concentrate on 3 Main Scriptural Teachings, that will be the focal point of the Great Stellar Reformation. There will be the 2 parts of the Full Gospel. And the 3rd part of Holiness and Sanctification.
    The First Part of the Full Gospel holds to Salvation (getting to heaven) by the Blood Atonement of Christ on the Cross (which is to pay for your sins--by the blood sacrifice of a Paschal Lamb).
    The Second Part of the Full Gospel holds to the giving of Spiritual Gifts (or miraculous powers) by the Holy Ghost, which empower Believers to do works for God, today!
    The Third Part of Our Main Focus is on living a Holy and Sanctified Life, by following God's Laws (10 Commandments and related Scriptures). For this is part of God's Call for the RETURN Our times:

    But, if you (Israel) turn to ME again (RETURN), AND KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS, and do them (Holiness), though there were of you cast out unto the uttermost part of the starry-heavens, yet will I (God) regather (RETURN) them from thence!... (Nehemiah 1:9)

[KoReY Heritage Worlds Shield] So, not only are we seeking a RETURN among the Hebrew Peoples, but we are promoting a RETURN to God's Ways (and HIS Laws)--HIS Divine Culture. For, this taking up of God's Divine Culture (such as we find in the Mediavel World, and other times of th Faith) is what will make KoReY grow, expand, and become popular! (And it also means a rejection of the worldly culture of the wicked--paganism, idolatry, and polytheism.) Now, for more on the Cultural Impact of the Judeo-Christian Heritage on the Future KoReY Society in Space, see Our Article on KoReY HERITAGE WORLDS. Or, use the handy link, below:

To get KoReY HERITAGE WORLDS (Click Here): [Divine Culture - Judeo-Christian Impact]

Now, these 3 concepts Unified earlier Hebrew Peoples and propelled them to great heights and accomplishments. Consequently, in holding on to them, we expect to be carried far, too! And, we encourage our members to cling to them as well.

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While the skeptics and critics will laugh and say that Interstellar Revival will never come, the Scriptures present a different story. Clearly, Christ will reconcile ALL that are in the starry-heavens to God, even as HE has to those of the Earth (Ephesians 1:10 and Colossians 1:20). And, that the Wisdom (or Teachings of God) will be delivered to the authorities (governments?) in the starry-heavens by the Congregations of God (Ephesians 3:10), even as Paul's Gospel (Teachings) shall be preached to every Creature of the starry-heavens (Colossians 1:23). With such clear prophecies, how can you even doubt that the Interstellar Revival will come? Consequently, the Great Stellar Reformation will reach unto the Stars, as missionaries travel out to find New Worlds in Space! And in so doing, it will bring a radical transformation to Religious Thinking and Teaching on Earth (or at least what is left of Earth).

Moreover, there are just too many Scriptural Prophecies on this to cover here, so look up the Interstellar Passages in the KoReY Revival Articles, or use the handy link to them, below:

To get INTERSTELLAR PASSAGES (Click Here): [Scriptures Predicting Interstellar Activities]

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Well, the point of this whole article of the Great Stellar Refomation is that it will provide a chance for masses upon masses of People to make their RETURN to God. Which is the reason for us writing all this--that you will be inspired to be Regenerated or Renewed. And, in making your own personal RETURN to God, you will catch the Fire that is burning bright, lighting Our Way into the Future!

But, that Future is now here! Your choice today will determine the outcomes of your tomorrows. So, don't hold back! Get in Our Revival Course! And make your own personal RETURN, today! Look up Our Revival Course. Or, use the handy link, below:

To get Our REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Revival Course]

And, if you are already spiritually reborn or born again, then consider becoming an active member. We need all the help we can get!

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We thought you'd never ask! We have tons of it. So, just look up the next Article in this series on the ERA OF REST (for just as the discovery of New Worlds helped to inspire the Enlightenment and the rise of scientific invention, so, too will the discovery of New Worlds in Space cause an economic innovation). So, look up the next Article. Or, use the handy link, below:

To get the ERA OF REST (Click Here): [Era Of Rest]

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Well, this Article on the Great Stellar Reformation was only the beginning! There is lots more to know and understand about how God intends to work and be known in the coming Interstellar World. So, we have collected several Articles on this in Our KoReY Revival Literature. Look them up there, or use the handy link, below:
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