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Star Settlement and Land Development Program Guidelines for Our Space Colonies

At the moment (as of this writing), there is no great RUSH to get to the Interstellar Lands (or Government Lands) out among the Stars. However, as this Millenium progresses, and the need for Evacuating the Planet Earth becomes better known, there is sure to be more than a Rush for Lands related to Our Space Colonies! Consequently, we need to take what steps we can, now, to avert the potential chaos of an Interstellar Lands RUSH--and channel those bursting energies into constructive pursuits, that will help build Our Star-Colonies in a reasonable and systematic way (and not tear them down nor over-run them with mob scenes or PANIC).

So, let us lay out some clear guidelines as to how a Star Settlement or one of Our Space Colonies will be established. And how such Land Grants are to be laid out. As well as how the Land Development should proceed (and be administered), from there.

*** And give you some directions on how to get a plot for yourself! ***

[American Faith Flag]


Taking Our lead here from the History of the American Colonies, and the eventual settlement of the Western Frontier, we need to lay out some kind of Program for the orderly, and equitable, distribution of the Lands that we will find out on the Planets of other Stars. Consequently, we have integrated some of the old, historic township grant ideas and Colonial Charters into Our own Future Settlement Program. And, thus we have produced something of 3 different classes of Star-Colonies (reflecting something of Our Future Tri-Con or Tri-Plex Economy):

[Grey Wolf (Star Crown) Shield] 1. THRONE COLONIES (Royal Colonies):
These are Star-Colonies set up by Our own (Spiritual) Realm and under the direct governmental control (and financing) of Our own K.I.C. Organization (and Our LAWS of God)--and for the rise of Our Future Astarian Nation. (Consequently, these should be the core or Our coming Interstellar Realm!)

[Celestial Nobility Shield]2. ENTITLEMENT COLONIES (Noble Colonies):
These are space Colonies set up by Notable Individuals (Astridons or Celestial Nobles--see following Article on Our StarLords) but in co-operation and co-ordination with Our own K.I.C. Organization, and thus indirectly under Our control (and financing) through those Nobles who have sworn alligence to Our Realm (see Varangian Pledge)--hence giving them some autonomy or self-rule (though they will still be expected to uphold the LAWS of God, as is to be done throughout Our Realm). These would be on the old Mediavel model of Fiefdoms, requiring the Noble's allegiance to Our Realm (and Throne), in exchange for granting them the Land or Fief!

[Fig Tree (Prosperity) Shield]3. COMPANY COLONIES (Collectives or Co-operatives Colonies):
These are Star-Colonies set up by special groups: such as joint-stock-companies or collectives of entrepreneurial individuals (or settlement companies), but in fanchise or contract with Our own K.I.C. Organization, and thus semi-autonomous, yet still under Our Realm (and some financing) through those People (or their Companies) who have Chartered such an enterprise with Our Realm. Thus, we will give them some autonomy and self-rule (though they will be expected to uphold the LAWS of God, as is to be done throughout Our Realm).

Obviously, the Throne Colonies or Royal colonies will be very directly under Our control and administration. And will be use to build the Foundation of Our Coming Astarian Nation out among the Stars.

However, given the need for help in Our Interstellar Settlement Program, We are willing to allow some individual initiative and variance, provided that they are willing to stay within the LAW and follow Our Interstellar Colonization guidelines. This will allow for a Settlement Program of a variety of Star-Colonies, based on differing Cultural themes--which may be more appealing to certain groups of people. (For a better understanding of the scope of this Cultural variance, and what is considered allowable, see Our Article on the KoReY HERITAGE WORLDS. For, you may just find one that you would love to help build!)

[Scandia Faith Flag] Some of these Star-Colonies may be led by Notable Individuals who may want to bring back some of the Old Ways or Old World that they use to enjoy (and recruit others to come and join them). Others may be formed by groups of people who may want a certain Cultural or Ethnic group to dominate in their Colony. Either of these is acceptable, provided that they stay within Our LAWS.

Other Star-Colonies will, no doubt, be formed for purely economical reasons. Either backed by the strong financing of some wealthy individual, who hopes to make a profit on his Interstellar venture, or by some collection of investors, hoping to get a good monetary return on the Land Development of the Colony that they funded to establish. These will also be acceptable, provided that they stay within Our LAWS.

Now, how will such Star-Colonies be divided up? Will sub-infeudation, as used in the Mediavel World, be a model? (And, let us look for our own individual place in this grand scheme of things!)

[NORDESEL Unity Flag]


As a general rule of thumb, Land Grants will be issue for a Star-Colony to develop a Settlement Program of their own--laying out the Land Development Plan, so that a settlement or neighborhood is at, or around (near) its center, with sufficient suburbs and border areas around that to give it living space for future growth and develoment (for actual area, see parcel sharing, below, under American Flag). Or, more specifically, see the following (listed in ascending order of size):

[Abrahmic (Star) Faith Shield] 1. TOWNSHIPS LAND GRANTS (Or Shires, Sheriff Grants):
The Core Settlement of this Land should be about 5 miles per side or approximately 25* square miles--with at least additional mile or two to either side (city size, below), plus, perhaps some suburbs and bordering lands for future growth (Counties).

[Cloud Castle (Adm) Shield]2. CITY LAND GRANTS (Or Mayorial Grants):
The Core Settlement of these Lands about 7 miles per side or a grand total of approximately 49* square miles--with additional suburbs and border lands for future growth (Districts or Regions). Consequently, this Allotment (and growth Plan) ought to include various surrounding smaller satellite Township Grants (above) for future development by the larger settlement, giving an area of about 21 miles on a side or 231 square miles, total.

[KoReY Tri-Unity Shield]3. METRO LAND GRANTS (Or Metropolitan Areas):
The Core Settlement of this Land is about 9 miles per side or approximately 81* square miles--with additional suburbs and border lands for future growth (States, Provinces). This Allotment (and growth Plan) ought to include an adjacent band of various surrounding City Grants (above) plus an outer band of Township Grants (above) for future development by the larger settlement, giving about 35 miles to a side or 1,225 square miles.

[KoReY Interstellar Colony Shield] 4. PLANETARY LAND GRANTS (Or Global Areas):
These are blocks of land consisting of a whole Planet, which in turn would have other Township, City, and Metro grants available within it, to sell or trade to other groups (sub-infeudation), or develop on their own.

[K.R.Y. Interstellar Shield]5. SYSTEM LAND GRANTS (Or Solar Area):
These are even larger blocks of lands consisting of a whole Solar System, which in turn would have other Planet Grants within it (and Township, City, and Metro grants available within those), to sell or trade to other groups (sub-infeudation), or develop on their own.

[AstrilanZ Galatic Shield]6. CLUSTER LAND GRANTS (Or Star System Areas):
These are the largest blocks of land consisting of a whole Star Cluster, which in turn would have other System Grants within it--and Planetary Grants within those (as well as the Township, City, and Metro grants available within the Planets)--to sell or trade to other groups (sub-infeudation), or develop on their own.

Consequently, we anticipate that most Star-Colony Allotments will be assigned from Cluster Land Grants, as these encompass the largest areas--and thus the easiest to disperse land through. Though, upon occassion, smaller System (or even Planetary) Land Grants may be extended by K.I.C. as a Star-Colony, for special cases.

*** (NOTE: However, those seeking the smaller grants, or individual parcels, will most likely have to obtain them from negociations with the larger Star-Colony Authority that has been given control of the Land, by K.I.C., for the area that the individual may like to settle in--for we are NOT a Real Estate Company!) ***

Moreover, we also expect that most Cluster Grants will probably be Throne Star-Colonies. With most System Grants probably being Noble Star-Colonies. And, most Planetary Grants will probably be Company Star-Colonies. However, this is not set in concrete and if good reason can be found for an exception, then let us be expedient, not dogmatic!

[American Faith Flag] *Furthermore, in accordance with the model used on the American frontier, we hope you realize that KoReY will still retain every other square mile, within the Land Grant for use by its Realm, and the coming Astarian Government (and Throne). Thus, for example, of every Townhship Grant of 49 square miles, 24 of those will be reserved to KoReY (basically, every other square mile--unless other specifications are supplied for a different grouping of lots, such as to accomodate a Nobleman's land award), with the central square mile always being given as a gift to the future settlement! The same is true of ALL City and Metro Grants (even to those given for distribution to Noble Star-Colonies and Company Star-colonies).

Consequently, such an arrangement of dual or joint ownership of the Star-Lands forms a kind of Mediavel Partnership between the Star-Colony and KoReY (though limited by the terms of the Charter), primarily for mutual development and protection of said Lands. Thus, such a program insures that the Star-Colony will not be just dropped or abandoned by KoReY (and Our rising Astarian Nation), but We will continue to help and aid the settlement's growth, as that would then be a natural outcome, in order to benefit Our own Lands there!

[K.R.Y. Interstellar Flag]

THE LAND BOOM - Economic Development

Well, while no one is in a great rush at the moment to get Interstellar Land, stop for a bit and consider the trends of history. The Colonial Powers of Europe came to greatly prosper under the Colonies that they established throughout the world. Great Britain rose to record wealth by the establishment of the American Colonies (and still owns and gets a lot of its money from economic activity in America). In the same way, our fore-fathers in America heavily invested in the development of the American West (and are still raking in dollars from their past investments, there).

Consequently, it should not be surprizing to think that VAST WEALTH is available to those who will catch the vision and begin their own entreperneurial programs to invest in Interstellar ventures!

Yes, if you stop to think about it, GREAT FORTUNES are waiting to be made by the diligent! And, perhaps, most obviously, on Land Deals on these Interstellar Properties We are making available through Our KoReY Star-Colony Grants! So, from Our view, the Interstellar Land Rush is already on! And the Interstellar Land Boom is about to begin in earnest. So, if you are thinking about real estate investments, what better place is there than out in Space. (Especially since Earth real estate is about to become worthless, under the growing threat of that coming nova!) So, contact us about what it takes to get a Star-Colony Grant and help us begin the needed Land development for Our Interstellar Program. (And your future profits!)

So, get a head of the pack! And, make those profits while they can be had. For, as the RUSH expands, those in first, stand to make the most money!!! (It will be land speculation's finest hour!)

[KoReY Interstellar Colonization]

Further Contacts with K.I.C.:

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Then try the contact routes below:

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Would you even just think about contributing, something, to Our Cause? (Even modest donations are appreciated!) Then, please consult Our Page on Giving: ZDK DONATIONS.

And, just volunteering, now and then, is thankfully received!

Well, yes, we do live in a supernatural world. And the blessings that come from giving are no accident! To better understand this amazing process, consult Our Article on the MYSTERIES OF GIVING.

Thank you for your kind-hearted donation!


Before someone out there loses their wig at the thought, or freaks out and attempts to claim that we are selling celestial real estate, this is no such thing! All we are providing is the Right (by Our Realm), and the Organizational structure, to help establish a Star-Colony within Our own Realm's claim to the Stars (and that based upon God's own promises). And, this not necessarily by monetary transfer or trade, but mostly by allegiance and pledge of unity and mutual assistance (i.e. Mediavel style).
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