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Viking Revival Reaches Out to Bad Girls and Wicked Women

Velkommen! (Welcome!)

Embrace with us, the Heritage of the Northern Lands! And let God's sacred care and compassion for HIS Northern Peoples (GahTSK or Goths) affect your hearts, too. Truly, HIS Hand of welcome is out-stretched to the Northern Nations (and their People)!

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So, don't miss out! Get in on the Viking Revival. (This could well be just the thing that your heart has been searching for, all this time!)

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QUEEN AHQO - The Viking Heroine

Ever since we were inspired to write the tragic tale of this beautiful Nordic Princess, some years ago, it also became our desire to do something in her honor. And pursue the charites and social programs that were near and dear to her heart. And, now, God has opened the doors, here, to do just that!

And, if you can help us in this process, please do so!

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Now, what is this all hype and hoopalah about???

For those unfamiliar with the tragic tale of AhQo, let us briefly relate some of her story to you: that she was a most beautiful Nordic Princess, and in a Cinderella style Pagent, won the right to marry the handsome Prince. However, that was only the start. Falling into the plots of political intrique, she was set-up and then caught in a scandal (of some very wicked sexual wrongdoings), and was then exiled from her native Scandia. Finding herself on the streets in Germany, she took up the life of a prostitute just to survive. (So, she became, indeed, a very bad girl and wicked woman!)

However, in God's mercy, as HE did for Rahab, Gomer, Salome, Mary Magdalene, and the woman at the well, HE sent a God-fearing man her way, that was struck with care and compassion for her, and helped her--much to the damge to his own career and ministry. (Yeah, this is where Father Donner comes in.)

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The tragedy and waste of AhQo's life more than parallels the plight of many "working" girls. Despite the Hollywood glitz that such girls lead a wonderful life, the true facts of modern WHITE SLAVERY are much more shocking and disturbing! (Despite the popularity of PRETTY WOMAN, the tragic reality is that in the orginal story, the john MURDERED HER!) And, the harsh reality is that there is little help or rescue from this trap and PIT of torment from the Devil for such Fallen Women!

How is this trapped worked?

Like AhQo, most young girls grow up with that dream: to win the handsome Prince, have a beautiful wedding, and settle down to a life that is happy ever after, with the raising of a good family. However, many working girls have found that dream turn into a nightmare! And, all too often, they are shoved into the mud from their own Family.

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Incest Victims:

Many were forced down that road to being a wicked woman by their own father! For, while the Holy Scriptures sternly warn us: DO NOT PROSTITUE (thurst into) YOUR DAUGHTER, TO CAUSE HER TO BE A WHORE! LEST THE LAND FALL TO WHOREDOM (perversions), AND THE KINGDOM FULL OF WICKEDNESS! (Leviticus 19:29), not every man reads nor regards God's Word. (Which is why we teach women to ALWAYS marry a Godly man--for the wicked pagans and idolators will do perverse things beyond imagination! And, that without the restraint of their Conscience, which comes from God's Spirit, and HIS Word.)

Even worse, this disgusting process has been greatly accelerated in recent years, with the current rising plague of adultery and its resultant wide-spread divorce! Consequently, more and more beautiful young girls are confronted with a wild step-father. And, the ugly folk tales of wicked step-mothers don't hold a candle to these men! For, having been immoral enough to seduce and carry off the other man's wife, he will have no restraint nor conscience to stay out of the other man's daughters, either!

As a result, in our modern society, many, MANY young girls end up being defiled, against their will--and from a very early age. So, is it any wonder that they turn out to be Bad Girls--and turn to prostitution, as they grow up? (Well, isn't that what the Scriptures say will happen when stoop to such evil?)

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Romance Rape:

Then, in an attempt to escape such an intolerable Family condition, many of these girls leave home and then hit the streets at a fairly young age. And, there they are alone and ignored by society. So, how do they cope and survive? Hey, prostitution seems to them to be relatively easy money! However, even if they try to do honest labor, some real nice guy comes along, and sweeps them off their feet. Oh, and what a lovely boyfriend he seems, who has just been her handsome knight in shining armor and rescued her! Or, so it appears, for awhile, until he asks a little small favor of her--just let one of his friends sleep with her. And suddenly, more of his friends show up in a kind of gang rape. (And her "boyfriend" ends up making a pocket full of money off of her!)

Now, It is bad enough, that some girls just become hardened by life, so that they choose on their own to sell their bodies. But, it is a whole different story when they are FORCED into it! And, there are lots of wicked men out there, that have no scrupples and think nothing of exploiting these young girls. Hey, the pimps make very good money at it! (For they are very good at WHITE SLAVERY, and know how to bride, coerce, or even TORTURE these young girls into getting them to do, just what they want!)

Not a pretty picture, is it?

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Holy Hypocrites:

From Ancient and Mediavel Days, the local Congregation has been held to be the place of refuge for the needy.

But, in more recent days, the Religious Hypocrites there are more concerned about standing up in the church and shouting about how holy there are, rather than following the Lord's command as to what TRUE RELGION is all about: PURE RELGION, AND UNDEFLIED (Holy) BEFORE GOD, THE FATHER, IS THIS: TO VISIT THE FATHERLESS AND THE WIDOWS IN THEIR AFFLICTION... (James 1:27) Yet, let one of these family abandoned, boyfriend abused destitute girls walk into a Congregation, and the self-righteous old-biddies will start burning up the grapevine with: SHE'S ONE OF THOSE KINDS OF WOMEN!!! And never an out-stretched hand nor a cool cup of water will be offered to them. (In fact, they are usually run out of the Congregation as not fit for fellowship--and as soon as possible!)

Now, is that what God did to Rahab? Or, Gomer? Or, Mary Magdalene? (Wake up church!)

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Government Grease:

Despite the political promises of the government now taking care of the needy in our Society, the truth is that they define the needy as themselves, and usually pocket our tax dollars to their own enterprizes, rather than actually taking care of the poor!

And, when it comes to these poor, BASICALLY ORPHANED, working girls, there is an added twist, that blocks these girls from escaping the clutches of this WHITE SLAVERY.

What is that? Well, God's original design was for woman to be dependant upon a man, and thus find a good husband to marry and raise children with. Thus, most women usually end up being very dependant upon someone to support them, especially, young girls (like their Fathers). But, when their family situation is so bad, (and they are worse than orphans) so that they need to get out of it, few of these girls have much of any skills, except, perhaps, what may lie between their legs. So, all too many end up turning to prosititution to support themselves.

NOW, into this arena step the self-rightous old biddies of the religious hypocrites. And, in recent years, they have gotten law after law passed that makes it impossible for young girls to marry on their own--and enjoy the support of a good God-fearing man! Thus, leaving them in the economic clutches of the pimps! For, while the old biddies shout that they are being moral and protecting the girls from dirty old men that have no business marry young girls, we find that many of the Patriarchs and men in the Bible were significantly older than their wives. (And what about Abraham? He was over 100 years old when he married that teenager, Keturah??? MAN what a gossip item that would be these days!)

Moreover, if you bother to check the long standing historical record, it has been the tradition of the Judeo-Christian Culture to arrange marriages for girls once they hit teenage, and to have them married by the time they are 16 (and marry older men who can provide for them). But, now these modern Holy(?) laws of man block this from happening. Instead, a young girl now has to be 18 before she can even legally seek romance!

Furthermore, while girls in their younger teens DESIRE MARRIAGE, once they get to their 20s, they no longer want to marry, but just whore around and have a good time! (Thus, playing right into the hands of the pimps!)

As a result, instead of allowing these young girls to follow God's command to procreate, and marry a descent man, the laws of man have been passed that actually force these young girls into prostitution--for what else are they going to do, to earn a living, with the siklls that they usually have?

So, rather than being Godly, these religious hypocrites actutally support the industry of the pimps!!!

And while there is a lot of religious fervor over the poor slave girls in India who have to prostitute themselves, there is nothing said against the Minnesota Pipline (and others) that allow the kidnapping of our young VIKING blondes here, and the selling of them into WHITE SLAVERY with the pimps in the cities!!! (Somehow, that is one of those sins that in modern times the churches just ignore--or claim is forgiven, so there is no need to do anything about it.)

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Hey, if the girls want to work the streets, then let them! It is an acceptable profession!

Unfortunately, that is just not the case. If girls try to work the streets on their own, they are either beat up by the pimps (and forced to work in WHITE SLAVERY) or arrested by the police and branded with a police record as a BAD GIRL!

Morover, the pimps usually have the money, so they bribe the police to leave their girls alone--only arrest the free working girls. And, if by some real police zealot, they do get arrested, then the pimps have the money for the fancy attorneys to get their own girls off (or even directly bribe the judges)--while the book gets through at the others, (free working girls) as being social trash!

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And, on top of this, there is another little game that the pimps play with these supposedly moral and righteous laws to protect young girls (from men who want to marry them?).

Usually, the pims will locate a john that they think is a real sucker, so they set him up with a girl. And as guys are gusy, nature takes its course, and they have sex. However, the girl either fails to tell the man her true age, or directly lies. But, afterwards, the pimps show up, threatening to have the man put in jail, because he had sex with an underaged girl! And, rather than do that, most men pay, and PAY, and PAY!!!

Thus, the pimps, and their police stooges, are always trying to get older men to hit on their young girls, so that they can entrap them in this wicked game. And, one that has to be sexual harassment, if not worse! (And, certainly out right sin--and a fast track to Hell: Romans 14:13! Which is where those religious hypocrites involved in it will certainly end up!)

And, yes, it is a very lucritive and money making scam that the pimps make millions upon millions on a year. And all from those supposed moral laws that "protect" young girls from marrying???

Now, if you happend to be a Bad Girl, caught is all this trap, and monkey business, what are you supposed to do?

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Yeah, give it some serious thought! So, where IS a BAD GIRL suppose to go? Her Family situation is deplorable (and she is a good as orphaned). Her husband (lover?) abuses her with expecting favors for his guy friends (etc.). The churches look down their noses at her and won't lift a finger to even give her a cup of cool water. The government conspires against her, to keep her in WHITE SLAVERY! The police and the courts can't be trusted to render justice for them! (And, all too often, are just tools of the pimps to keep the girls in line!)

Is it any wonder that so many Fallen Women end up in the depths of despair, and turn to drink, to drugs--and even to taking their own lives?

Well, this is exaclty what AhQo discovered! And, by her own, bitter experience. And, what Father Donner also stumbled onto, in his own attempt to care for and protect the helpless and needy. So, this is why we are offering this Outreach and Ministry Program, here. For, THERE IS HOPE!

Now, if you are a BAD GIRL--I mean a really wicked woman: like a whore, hooker, harlot, prostitute, or even a formal call girl, then this is the place to be! For, God has a Plan and a Program just for you, if you will only come to HIM

And, if you are just a bit of a Bad Girl (but not quite that BAD), yet have no doubt in your own mind that you are a fallen woman, there is hope for you, here too, if you will only turn to God.

LET US SHOW YOU THE WAY! (Contact us today.)

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AhQo - the Biblical Aholah

Fallen Woman and Backslidden Israel

Hear God's Heart's cry for today: COME BACK, ISRAEL!!! (Hosea 14:1) For, HE wants her as HIS Bride, again! For, despite her adulterous defilement, HE wants her back! So, make your own personal RETURN to God, today! Don't delay! (Be the Israel HE needs!)

To get Our Article on FALLEN WOMEN OF ISRAEL (Click Here): [Fallen Women - Resurrection Bride]

Understanding for Bad Girls and Wicked Women!


If you, like AhQo, and have a heart for plight of FALLEN WOMEN, please consider doing what you can to help us, help them!

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