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Answers to Frequent Questions About US (*** PG ***)

ShaLoM! (God's Peace be to you.) We are glad that you are curious about us.

May you give some seriously consideration to what we tell you in the following answers.

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(After all, Northern Europeans, which you concentrate on, are WHITE!)

Unfortunately, we get this a lot, so let me make Our position very clear. While Our emphasis in the NORDESEL is on Northern Peoples, it is equally clear that those of other races and ethnic groups will be ingathered or RETURNED, too (in the ShuVaH). For, not only is this what the Holy Scriptures tell us (Isaiah 60:1-5, 63:16, 66:12; Zechariah 2:10-12, 10:10), but historically, the Vikings (as the remnants of the Northern Kingdom of Israel), in their heyday, imported a lot of African and Asian slavegirls (and then in their collapse, exported many blonde slavegirls to Africa and Asia). Consequently, there should be a generous mixing of Viking (or Nordic) blood with those of other races. So, while Our NORDESEL Calling centers on the Northern Nations (Jeremiah 16:14-15), we expect (and are very open to) those of non-white ancestory. For, as the good old song says: Red, Yellow, Black, or White (or green-skinned Martian), they are precious in HIS sight! (And Our's, too!)

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(For you DO believe in Nordanity!)

Absolutely not! As we have said (above), while the NORDESEL focus is on the Northern Nations or Nordics (as the MAIN branch of the Descendants of the Northern Kingdom of Israel--see Article on NORDIC ANTIQUITIES [Nordanity]), we do NOT maintain that they are the ONLY Descendants, but other Peoples are sure to be involved, too (Isaiah 19:24-25). Moreover, we definately do NOT want to become involved in the errors of the Nazi philosphies, which brought about the downfall and destruction of Germany and Our Tysk (Proverbs 14:34 and Isaiah 60:12)!

Seriously, we consider ourselves Israelites. (Not Nazis!)

To get more on Our Nordic Outreach, NORDESEL (Click Here):

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3. AREN'T YOU ANTI-SEMITIC? (And Jew haters)?

NO! Rather, we are very Philo-Semitic (Zechariah 8:23 and Romans 11:16-25). And, if you trace our lineage, you'll find that the GahTSK or Northern Goths, who became the Vikings and Varangians, were Messianic (or a kind of Jewish-Christian). So, as a Northern Hebrew Peoples, Descendants of our fore-father, Abraham (Romans 4:12-18 and I John 2:9-11) we tend to be strong supporters of Jews. And we are very appreciative of the Jewish Roots of our Faith! Furthermore, we consider ourselves part of the current ShuVaH or RETURN of the Israelites back to God. So, how could we be anti-Semitic?

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4. ARE YOU JEWISH, THEN? (A new Jewish sect?)

Unfortunately, that seems to be an endless debate! So, let's review some of the points for consideration.

As Descendants of Abraham, through Keturah (Genesis 25:1-6 and I Chronicles 1:32-33), the GahTSK or Vikings are certainly a Hebrew Peoples. But, whether we are fully Jewish or not depends on your definition of what a Jew is (Romans 2:28-29). However, there is no question in our minds that the Radical Anti-Semites (or RAS) view us as Jews! But, many Synagogues, using the strict definition of the Talmud, hold that we are not--for we do not keep our lineage by our mothers nor are grandmothers (who traditionally need to be registered Jewesses). Rather, we follow the patrilineal descent line, found in Scripture. Moreover, as We hold that Y'Shua (Jesus) was the Messiah, the Talmudists insist that we can't be Jewish, because we are Christian (and that is somehow suppose to be mutually exclusive). Therefore, We simply maintain that we are HEBREW and refer to ourselves as Meshianites (Christian-Hebrews), emphasizing our focus upon the Messiah (Y'Shua or Jesus). Furthermore, as to the Y'HuDeyM, we are definately PRAISERS-OF-GOD, so in that sense of the term, we are, indeed, Jewish! So, go figure!!!

To get IS EMUSPATEL JEWISH Article (Click Here):

In additon, We follow in the Ancient Teachings of the Sons of Zadok or Saducees (in their early days), where they opposed the Talmud and insisted that only the Tanach (Old Testament) could be regarded as Torah or Law (Holy Scripture)--like an early Jewish Sect. But, Our inclusions of teachings from the Brit Chadashah (New Testament) causes many Jews (especially the Talmudists) to say that we cannot be Jewish (as we are Christian). However, We like the Mediavel blending of the Judeo-Christian Heritage, such as we find common in the early days of the Vikings (where the Arabs were accepted, too)!

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(And CONVERT them to the dictates of Western, Gentile Churchianity?)

WOW! Unfortunately, history is full of Pograms and Church Crusades to force the conversion of Jews to Gentile Christianity. And, in the process to strip them of any Jewish Heritage or Culture. This is a very sad thing! And we have no intention of doing so! (For, this was apparently done to my Family back in England around 1372, where they either converted and joined the Church of England--or expelled from Britain [or died]. Yet, my Family continued to maintian its Jewish Roots and Heritage, in private, handing it down quietly, father to son, for generations.)

Consequently, those who are more fully Jewish and join us are quiet welcome to keep up their own Jewish Heritage. And, in fact, we have incorperated many Jewish concepts into the development of Our own Hebrew Culture or Divine Culture (much as the GahTSK or Vikings appear to have done, which helped to give rise to the Mediavel World of Feudal Europe). Moreover, while we are Congregational (and believe in gatherings for Believers), we are not of the Church, nor are we of the Synagogue. Rather, we are firmly planted in the GAP between (Galatians 2:7-9), serving as a bridge between Church and Synagogue (and Mosque). For, We are out to Call all Hebrew Peoples (Jews, Christians, and Muslims), anyone Descended from Abraham (by bloodline or by adoption), back to God! For, the Call of God to RETURN, is to whosoever will!

For more on Our Divine Culture get MODERN VIKINGS (Nordic Return) (Click Here):

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(After all, you aren't much of a traditional church!)

NO! In the first place, our doctrines center on the traditional teachings of the Holy Scriptures (such as the Trinity, the Virgin Birth, the Bible as God's Word, etc.), which are completely incompatible with Mormon doctrines! (For more details on this, see Our basic teachings under the Article on Our Mediavel Foundations.) And, in the second place, we are very vigorous in keeping Cultists or Lodge members (or any others who may have hidden agendas) out of our Leadership (I John 4:1-6). Furthermore, in the third place, we definately do not want to be tainted by God's Curse on the Mormons (Galatians 1:6-12 and Revelations 22:18-19)! However, there seems to be something of a witch-hunt going on in our area for Secret Mormons, and all kinds of people are being accused of all kinds of things (most of which are not true). Meanwhile, the real Secret LDS (and subversives) run amuck, unrestrainted! It is bizarre.

Furthermore, while some books on Mormonism assert that they claim to being Jews (the Lost 10 Tribes, apparently through the Indians?), it is highly doubtful that any REAL Jew would consider that claim valid! (And certainly, any Rabbi asserting it would be very questionable!)

[Abrahamic Faith (Stars) Shield]


(Afterall, aren't you guys New Age?)

Absolutely not! (But, then, unfortunatelyy, all Cults claim that they aren't.) So, first of all, our doctrines come straight out of those that are very standard among the Judeo-Christian Heritage (as we covered above). Secondly, in our view, totalitarian mind control or brainwashing is of of the Devil (II Corinthians 4:1-7), and among our People there is a certainly plenty of freedom (II Corinthinas 3:17). Thirdly, while we have done (and will do) Outreaches and Campaigns to bring people from the Occult and Pagan Magic users back to God, Our Idoclastic Call Policy ought to more than convince you that New Age magic has no place among us.

However, as we are Pentecostal or Charismatic, and believe in the modern supernatural Manifestions of G-D's Power and Presence (i.e. miracles), [which is also closely connect with Jewish Mysticism], some continue to insist that we are New Age. (And, if you are interested in this raging controversy, see our teachings under the Articles on Engiftment, below.)

To get ENGIFTMENT Articles (Click Here):

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No! (What craziness!) For there are certainly better ways (and more profitable, too) to make money. For, with the World's modern attitude, all you have to do is say the word RELIGION and people run from you. So, if you think a Cultural Religious Society is just a front for ripping people off monetarily, you need to go see your shrink! (Your own avarice is beginning to get to you.) And, consider the warning of the Scriptures (I Timothy 6:10)! Personally, I don't see how people can even think this. The Works of God here should be more than obvious, if you'll just open your eyes and LOOK.

[Women Issues Shield]


Absolutely not! However, this is a common accusation of most Jews by the RAS (Radical Anti-Semites) for there is a difference between Hebrew sexuality and the code of Churchianity. (And this is commonly exploited by those filled with Jew hatred. See Our OSD Literature for details.) So, what are the dividing lines, here?

The Holy Scriptures clearly teach us that sex is a sacred act, that needs to be treated with proper respect and care (and not held as mere casual contact, or open to Pagan over-indulgence, as the wicked of the world try to teach it). But, then we are not as the puritanical Gnostics, who founded the views of the Religious Establishment, which holds that ALL sex is evil (and it is only to be tolerated for the necessary evil of reproduction). For, God presents a healthier, more natural attitude in the Scriptures (Proverbs 5:18-19 and Hebrews 13:4). Consequently, we tend to follow the Hebrew view and have a more tolerant attitude towards romance and matters of the heart.

Moreover, when God created the World, HE designed many Mysteries into it, including several related to sex (Ephesians 5:31-32). And, from time to time, we will discuss these. So, PARENTS, if you are of a mind to keep your children from the natural facts of life, as plainly given in the Scriptures, then this Web Site (and especially the ZDK LIBRARY), isn't a place to be letting them run freely! So, it is up to you to control them! For, We feel that people (even some children, because of what they are already hearing from the wicked world) need to know just exactly what God says in HIS Word, concerning Love, Sex, Romance, and Mariage. Thus, these will be discussed in appropriate places in Our various works. So, be advised! Normally, materials in Our Web Site are rated G, but some here are PG or perhaps PG-13. And they are usually plainly labled so. Use your own discretion.

Furthermore, the Teachings of Moses very clearly sets forth certain acts as being abominations or perverted and hence Taboo or banned from being practiced. And, as these are part of the Noahic Rules of Fellowship (which we ascribe to), we do intend to uphold, maintain, and enforce them, even as they were endorsed by the Great Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15:19-21). Thus, we expect Freedom and Liberty to be balanced by self-control and personal restraint among our members. So, how do you find sex fiends in that? (Perhaps in your own fantasies?)

[Men Issues Shield]


(Oh, no! Here we go!) Seriously, what else could you expect? For, while some of the modern churches tend to be of, by, and for women, Synagogues (and Mosques) tend to be of, by, and for MEN. And, historically, the Judeo-Christian Culture has always been very Patri-focal and MALE DOMINATED. In addition, the GahTSK or Vikings were notorious for their capture, purchase, and trading of women as slaves. And their culture was very Patri-focal and male dominated, as well. So, given these centuries of background, how could you expect Our Realm (which is into Reviving these Old World Ways) to be anything else? Therefore, if you are into liberation (and can't stand Real Men), then we strongly suggest that you go elsewhere, for you aren't going to be happy here. For our men, are REAL men, not eunuchs (and our women seem to like it that way).

For more on this hot topic, consult Our Articles on MEN ISSUES and the companionate interests in WOMEN ISSUES for Our Realm. (*** PG ***)

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RETURN to the Messiah!

Joining the ShuVaH or RETURN is difficult for some people. So, to help you out, we have put together something of a short Course that will help you get your life on fire for G-D (like most Messianics). And, in so doing, it will give you a deeper appreciation and understanding of your own Jewish Roots and Heritage! So, follow us back to the Messiah!
To get Our MESSIAH'S MESSAGE (Click Here): [1st of RETURN Course]

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Well, don't give up. We have just put forth some of the common questions here. Our Introductory Literature is designed to answer more of the higher level questions. Things that you may wish to take some time to think about.

So, don't stop here! You have only just begun to explore Our Realm. There is a lot more within! So, keep on looking. For, you are not going to find it, unless you seek it!

Instead, turn to the documents, in Our Introductory Litertaure series (which is housed, here, with EMUSPATEL).


OR, to just get a short summary about Us:

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But, whatever you choose, keep seeking in Our Realm and growing in the Knowledge about us, and God, and the RETURN.

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