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Following Israel's Independence The Sign of Space Aliens Comes!

The UFO Phenomena has stirred great tidal waves of controversy! A frenzied, paniced Public utters cries of Space Invaders. While the dull government beauracracy puts forth a boring disinformation campaign to say that there is nothing going on here, except deluded and derranged saucer cult fanatics. However, most UFOlogiest take a more measured and cautious approach, letting the facts (as best as they can be determined) speak for themselves.

And, if you have read any of our other articles, then you know that this is our approach--digging through the historical record and finding those pieces of the puzzle that fit the facts (and especially the bonafide experiences of trusted sources).

Consequently, in digging about for the facts on MJ-12 (See the previous Article on THE MYSTERY OF MAJESTIC for details!), we came across some other facts that we think that the U.S. Public needs to know concerning the UFO Phenomena, which we think is key to understand just exactly what is going on here! So, take the time to digest these following facts.

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The Zionist Movement Succeeds...


For centuries, ever since the Diaspora, Jews have dreamed of returning to their homeland in the Holy Land. Then, at the turn of the century into the 1900s, the Zionist Movement took off, to return Jews to what was then Palestine. Thus was the awakening to a centuries old prophecy that the Jews would RETURN and gain control over Jerusalem.

Then, in May of 1948, one of the most amazing facts of history occurred--the Jewish State of Israel in Palestine was declared to be an independent Nation! Well, how would the world receive this? The Araba Nations responded with a move to irradicate the new Country! But, how would the USA respond?

While considering what America's policy to this new Jewish State should be, the record's show that President Harry S. Truman, was a man of Faith. And so much so, that he searched the Scriptures for any Signs or clues as to what he should do. And, there he found the propehcies that Israel would RETURN, and recalim the Holy Land. Consequently, because of his Faith in God, he put American foreign policy behind Israel and backed the new Country. (And surely, if he had not, Israel would not have survived!)

For, Truman believe Israel to be a SIGN from God!

Now, what other SIGNS did Truman think he had found from God?

Well, Truman's administration was a very rocky road. And all kinds of thing errupted for him to deal with. The collapse of Germany. The emergence of the Communist threat. The War in Korea. And...

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The Mystery From the Skies...


Not quite a year before Israel's Independence, Keith Arnold reported the first flying saucer sighting, in 1947. (Though in fact, there were other, earlier sightings!) There soon followed a hail storm of such sightings, culminating in the great Washington D.C. display of 1952! And, the Public Panic was on!

So, what was really happening?

Well, shortly after Israel's Independence, in July 1948 the FIRST crashed flying saucer occured at Roswell, New Mexico. And, according to eye witness accounts, bodies of ALIEN BEINGS were recoverd from the crash! And, while the military first admited this to the Press, they then reversed themselves, and tried to claim that only a weather balloon had crashed.

However, without doubt, the military information on this incident reach Truman. Now, what was he to do? Well, man of Faith that he was, just as he did with Israel, he turned to the Bible for advice and wisdom. And there he seems to have found the following Passage:

Make ye mention to the Nations (world); Behold, PUBLISH against (or toward) Jerusalem: THAT WATCHERS ARE COME FROM A FAR COUNTRY, and give out their voice against (or towards) the (new) cities of Judah! (Jeremiah 6:14)

Consequently, Truman saw the connection between Israel's Indedendence and the sudden appearnce of Alien Beings from a FAR COUNTRY deep in Space!

And, like Israel, he set about to set America's policy in line with the Scriptures.

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From these facts, it seems that Truman's original intention was to let the american Public know about the SIGN from God, that at Israel's independence, WATCHERS from a far country (in the sky), had come to our world. Consequently, his naming of the government organization to do so as PROJECT SIGN.

However, what seemed a simple task, hit all kinds of problems and roadblocks!

The majority of the people Truman appointed to study the UFO pehnomena, resolved that they were, indeed, alien spacecraft, and put together a report to that effect. (This became known as the ETH or Extra-Terrestial Hypothesis.)

But, as substantial number began to discount that. And, that even if it should be true, the American Public was not ready to deal with the information. And rather that what was really needed was a period of public education to prepare the People, so that they would not PANIC!!! And slowly, these somber voices began to gain the upper hand. And amid all the other crisis situations going on, the UFO Phenomena was pushed to the back burner.

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In about 1949, the somber voices gained enough strength, that they changed the name of PROJECT SIGN to PROJECT GRUDGE. And, while they did not openly challenge the President's directive to make the arrival of the Aliens known to the American Public, they began a long delaying process, that has keep that knowledge from being publicly acknowledged by the government for over 50 years!

Moreover, in the political process, the Presidency changed Parties in 1952, and the new administration seems to have been sold on the idea of keeping the arrival of Aliens a secret.

Then, the Project changed its name to PROJECT BLUE BOOK, and though it claimed to investigate UFOs, in reality all it did was debunk them and say that those who say them were hallucinating, deluded, or derranged. And thus the government's official investigation was closed in 1969, without finding one shread of evidence that would suggest that E.T.s had arrived on Earth! (And this despite the original Roswell Incident, which set the whole thing in motion!)

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Now, while some would like to say that this transition to cover-up was just the natural result of beaucracy, there were other things afoot!

In the mid 1980s, a variety of documents came to public light, claiming that Truman had formed a super secret government organization known as MAJESTIC to deal with UFO and E.T. matters. However, though his signature was on the documents, it was later shown to be a forgery! Moreover, the type used in the documents was identified to a typewriter that was not produced until 1963.

Consequently, the evidence seems to suggest that the MAJESTIC documents were forged to give some super secret organization the Presidental power and authority to operate covertly and secretly! (See the previous Article on THE MYSTERY OF MAJESTIC for details!)

However, despite the official, dominate group of nay-sayers, various elements still persist within the US Intelligence Community who think that the American Public needs to be told the TRUTH.

And it would seem that they continue to leak that information to the Public, from time to time--for those who are open to finding it and knowing what the TRUTH really is!

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While the government beauracracts play the game of cover-up and denial of the facts, it is our belief that the American Public is entitled to the basic facts about UFOs, Space Aliens, and E.T. Technologies (so long as they do not seriously compromise US national security).

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