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KoReY U.F.O. Literature - Kolob UFO Conspiracy?

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Is Kolob (and their RANI) already attacking other E.T.s???

What is going on out there in the deserts of Utah??? Well, as the data pours in, and people become more and more aware of the situation, this is going to be a bigger, and bigger question. And one that many out there may not want to hear.

But, sometimes, one just has to face reality!

The evidence we've covered so far clearly shows: 1-motive, 2-means, and 3-methods! So, what then are their goals?

Wait! Oh, you missed the earlier Articles? Then let me briefly summarize. 1-MOTIVE: Desert has the apocalyptic mindset of ovethrowning the sovereignty of the U.S. federal govenment over its own soil (claiming that it was originally Mormon Territory). 2-MEANS: Through Kolob's historical development of the RESIDENT ALIEN NATION (RANI) they now have a loyal population that will bow to their totalitarian theocracy-- KOLOB'S DESERET DOMINION. 3-METHODS: Through the Danites (or Mormon Mafia--Kolob's SECRET SERVICE) Deseret participates with the other Axis Powers in various clandestined activities (MAJESTIC) to supress the development of others in the area of UFO and ETI technologies (meanwhile, maintaining a monopoly on such reseach and development for their own side, with extensive DEEP DARK PROJECTS--even denying access to them to other U.S. government officials).

Okay, now let us look at what they are up to--their goals and strategies for getting them.

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AXIS POWERS - World Totalitarian Domination

From the history we reviewed in the earlier Article, it is quite clear that Kolob was heavily involved with the Axis Powers in World War II. And, does anyone doubt that the ultimate goal of that was global domination by a Fascist, totalitarian state--modelled after Hitler's Germany? So, is it suprizing that they still hold that goal? But, now they are back, with a new and better means of obtaining that that objective!

As the data continues to pile up, without questions this Axis Powers Network is up to its earlobes in the International UFO Conspiracy! Why? Because it should be obvious! Anyone who controls these superior kinds of sciences and technologies will, indeed, have the power to dominate the globe! Who would be able to stand against them? Consequently, they are pursuing this kind of arms race with breakneck speed--and an extensive network of DEEP DARK Projects is doing that for them!

Now, since this arms race is already on, it behoves the U.S. to get in on it. And keep up with the competition! Otherwise, only the Axis Powers, under Kolob, will have it in our world. (And, into this void, ZDK.I now steps and offers its loyal services to the U.S. federal government!)

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This, of course brings up some puzzling questions. Clearly, numerous references can be found to Kolob as the international co-ordinator of these activities (rather like a world-wide MAJESTIC). However, while the info piles up, the actual data is vague and scant. Where is Kolob? Well, some have suggested Procyon as the most likely home of our E.T. neighbors. Others have put forth Zeta Reticuli as theIr home. However, an analysis of the data tends to suggest that there are MANY differnet foreign powers of E.T. out there. So, there are likely to be MANY sources of Visitors to our world. Given this, why is Kolob so silent--and secretive? A good explaination would be that the other E.T. don't like Kolob, nor its activities of conquest (which would explain why Kolob does not want anyone to know that they are here). This, in turn, may solve one of the major puzzles as to why the other E.T. are here, as well. THEY WANT TO KEEP AN EYE ON WHAT KOLOB IS DOING HERE!

Now, this line of reasoning leads us to a very startling revelation about interstellar politics: ARE WE ON THE VERGE OF AN INTERPLANETARY WAR HERE???

Kolob's relations with other E.T. appear to be NOT GOOD. So, just how bad is it???

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The Mysterious Utah No-Fly Zone!!!

As we have already discussed in the other Article, it seems clear that Alien Spacecraft were downed at both Roswell, New Mexico and at Kingsmen, Arizona (and even perahps earlier in Germany???). In both of these US incidents (and perhaps other incidents, here), the craft in question would have passed through or near the mysterious Area 6413 (deep in Utah). Were they purposefully shot down, from there?

Added to this is the Mysterious Utah No-Fly Zone. For, in tracing UFO activities (as well as alleged crashes), you can see them strongly peppered about the Country. That is, except in an area about 2 or 3 hundred miles out of Salt Lake City. However, extend that ring by another 2 or 3 hundrend miles AND YOU HAVE THE MAJORITY OF THE UFO ACTIVITY IN AMERICA! Including crashes, sightings, and abductions! What is going on here?

Well, the presence of Kolob and their RANI in Deseret explain why there is so much UFO activity--they are merely making use of this clandestined means to further their totalitarian empire!

Unfortunately, there is more!

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Those that are familiar with Nikola Tesla probably know of his obsession to build some kind of weird electro-magnetic tower. Less clear and not as well known, is Tesla's claim to have contacted Martians (E.T.) before he set off on this major undertaking. But, the historical records tend to indicate that the RANI of Kolob and Nikola were all in the vicinity of Colorado--AND AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Even less clear to the Public, the records show that after Tesla's death in World War II, some of his experiments were taken up by Robert Golka. Where? Nooo...it can't be! Yep, you guessed it: in Utah! Moreover, we have turned up information that a Golka copy of a Tesla apparatus knocked HILL AFB out of commission for awhile from its EMP burst (shortly after WW II)!

Putting 2 and 2 together, it seems obvious that Golka's equipment actually shot down those E.T. craft (for Roswell and Kingsmen)!

And, since all of this has disappeared from the Public and gone down the rabbit hole with Alice (and into a bizarre complex of DEEP DARK Projects manage by Kolob, through its Axis Powers Alliance, or better know as MAJESTIC), we can only conclude that Kolob is already attacking other E.T. (and this to canibalize their equipment and development similar ones--or perhaps even counter-measures to what other E.T. have).

So, are we already in the midst of an Interplanetary War?

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Or, Kolob scam to get us into an Interplanetary War on their side???

The underground UFO info network is abuzz with the rumor that some kind of Dramatic UFO event is going to occur soon, probably this year (or next). Now, what could this be? Unfortunately, intelligence operations seem to show that it will not be good. Rather, the drift is that Kolob is putting together some kind of scam, to fake an E.T. attack or assault, which will, in turn casue a Public Panic, that will allow billions to be spent on defenses against Aliens--meanwhile all of this money will go down the rabbit hole with Alice and eventually end up financing Kolob's take-over of our world!


Well, this would not be the first time that the Danites (or Mormon Mafia) pulled such a stunt!

As most people don't read history, let me briefly summarize this event. Brigham Young moved the Mormons to Utah in 1847--and there, reoganized the Danites (Joseph Smith's Security Guards). In 1848, GOLD was discovered in California, and by that Fall, news of it was spreading in the Mid-West (and then on to the rest of the Eastern States). Now, some enterprizing folks in Arkansas (yes, some of my relatives) saw a big opportunity here. The other people would surely head out to California to find Gold, but they would not be able to get organized and get across the Rockies before Winter set in. However, if those in Arkansas got on the Bandwagon, they could probably make it across in time, before Winter. So, off they went--expecting to get ahead of the competition!

Well, all went fine, as they went straight across the U.S. in the direction of San Francisco. That is untill they reached Deseret Territory. Then, a swarm of Indians(?) descended on them, and not only blocked their path, but surrounded the wagon train! No one had heard of Indians being in this area, but here they were! And, most mysteriously, when a couple of riders were sent out to get help and bring reinforcements, the Indians did nothing!

Now, when help finally arrived, all they found were remains of a descimated wagon train--and the body's of dead MEN (the women were missing)! Now, this event changed all of Western History in America. For, instead of following the straight trail right across America, to San Franciso, the following '49er's had to go north, a long way, up the Oregon Trail, and then turn South into California, later on BECAUSE IT WAS HELD THAT THE INDIANS IN UTAH WERE TOO HOSTILE TO RISK CROSSING THERE. And, this incident was later brought up to justify the U.S. Cavalry's attack on the Indians and the long drawn out Indian Wars of America's Wild West.

However, a few decades later, the real truth came out! A old woman showed up on the East Coast. Claimed she was one of the women of that Arkansas wagon train. And that rather than Indians, they had been attacked by Danites dressed as Indians. And, in Morman style, the Danites killed all the captured men, and took the women off to be slaves in the Mormon harems! And, when this news of what had really happend began to circulate, it caused the passage of various federal anti-polgamy laws and the sending of federal troops to Utah in the Statehood Issue!!! (The is recorded history!)

Anyway, the Danites have a good reputaion, now, for doing something in disguise--and then blaming someone else for it. (No wonder the Indians hate the Mormons so much!) So, is this what they are doing now, with the so called Alien Abductions (that may be disguise para-military abductions for Deseret)???

Perhaps the E.T. are NOT as bad as we have been led to think? And, has the popular media been correct in painting them as violent, bug eyed monsters? Perhaps it is time for the E.T. to stand up and speak for themselves!

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A large part of the controvesy over the UFO issue has been the elusiveness of the E.T.! But, if you were shot at every time you set your foot down somewhere (and faced torture and mutilation if you got caught there), you probably wouldn't be too friendly with the locals, either!!! Who can blame them, when we look at the trail of their crashed spaceships that have been shot down by the RANI.

Consequently, I think it is time that we make a request of them. DON'T LET THE MAJOR E.T. EVENT THIS YEAR BE THE FAKED E.T. ATTACK! Rather, let that event be the formal diplomatic establishment of an E.T. embassy. Then, all of this flap over UFOs and E.T. can be put to rest, with formal foreign relations type activities. WHAT ARE YOU GUYS UP THERE WAITING FOR? Do it! Before we all get plunged into an Interplanetary War!!!

However, some claim that this was already attempted at Dulce. That first one and then two ambassadors from the little grays showed up at Kirtland AFB and then negociated some kind of deal with the US government--something along the lines of continuing MAJESTIC!!!

So, is the US government already committed to supporting the Kolob E.T. against the other E.T.s? (Whatever happened to Treaty ratification by the Senate???)

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The Doomed Deseret Dominion!!!

Well, an E.T. embassy certainly would be nice, but we can't sit around, waiting for the mothership to show up and save us! Rather, the record more clearly shows that the E.T. don't want to have anything to do with us. And we have no reason to believe that this attitude would suddenly change now. Correspondingly, we just have to pick ourselves up by the boot straps, and do what we can to deal with this messs on our own! But, can we fix it? Well, that depends on whether we have a clear understanding of what is going on, or not.

So, for the moment, we need to pretend a bit, and ask ourselves: IF I WERE A KOLOB GENERAL, WHAT WOULD MY MAIN FIRST OBJECTIVE BE?

Well, they want to successfully revolt against the U.S. federal government. Yes, that is a tall order! And certainly easier said than done.

However, if they are to have any hope of success in carrying this off, geo-political history shows that there is, indeed, one thing that they absolutely MUST do!

Haven't a clue? Well, perhaps that is because you aren't much of a military strategist? But, for a clue, how much do you know about Russian history? For you see, Russia has a similar problem. And, if you have read much of their history, then you know that for centuries Russia has struggled for a WINDOW ON THE SEA! This was Peter the Great's main objective--to get Russia a seaport!

Thus, in a similar way, Deseret is a LANDLOCKED Dominion. And, without that seaport, any revolt the RANI stage will be strangled to death by a simple blockade. For, no foreign trade, or re-supply by its Axis Allies is possible--WITHOUT THAT SEAPORT!

Therefore, any Deseret Revolt is DOOMED. Or, is it?

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Results of the Gold Rush???

As you may recall (above), Deseret expected to have Dominion all over Western America, from the Mississippi to the Pacific Coast. But, with the Gold Rush, and the '49ers first filled up California and then spilled over into Oregon and Washington, so that the Pacific Coast was settled mainly by non-Mormons. Consequently, Deseret became hemmed in and LANDLOCKED (surrounded).

So, they need a port! Where are the going to get it?

No, California is far to wild and liberal to fit under the strict Facist red-necked rule that Deseret has in mind. And, even if they should seize control of California, the odds are that they could not keep it, for the populace would simply revolt against them!

Well, Oregon is not as fruity as some of the weirdos in California are, but it is still far too liberal to easily be ruled by Deseret. And, though they may succeed in seizing it, the odds are good that the populace would simply revolt and they would not be able to keep control of it. (Too many Oregonians are loyal to the U.S. government!)

Wow! That would be disasterous! Washington has so many nukes in it, plus so many loyal U.S. military bases, that any attempt to seize it is doomed to failure! (Even worse, an attack on it would almost surely bring a NUCLEAR RESPONSE from the rest of the U.S.!)

So, where are they going to get that Seaport?

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Kolob Relocation Policy???

When we have complained that we are facing some kind of RAS style Relocation Policy here in the Columbia Gorge, most people laugh, and exclaim: WHAT WOULD ANYONE EVER WANT WITH SUCH A BACK WOODS PLACE!

But, let us take a closer look at American History. When the last Civil War errupted, into North and South camps, many of the border States split right down the middle. And in the case of Virginia, the Counties themselves voted for which side they would join--and West Virginia ended up splitting off from the rest of the State and joining the North.

Thus, while Deseret may not get ALL of Washington, if they could get the few Counties along the Northern Banks of the Columbia River to vote to join Deseret, then they would have their Window on the Sea. And, if I were a Kolob general, that would be the FIRST OBJECTIVE that I would try to secure!

Consequently, the U.S. federal government MUST deny Deseret control over the Columbia River Gorge--AT ALL COSTS! (Or, the Union will be destroyed!)

Paranoia??? Let's look closer!

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The Deseret Dominated Seaport???

So, you think that we are just afraid of our shadow? And that nothing of a sort is going on?

Well, already, the Kelso - Longview Area is becoming a major U.S. Seaport. And extensive trade with Japan (the Axis Ally of Deseret) is already established, and growing! Not to mention the Mormon population round about. It sure looks like this is already turning into a Deseret Colony!

And have you ever checked out Longview by air? Don't believe there is some kind of E.T. connection here with what is going on? Well, if truth be told, Longview is laid out in a weird pattern, that only becomes obvious from outer space! Now, what would Von Dyniken say about that!!! (Weider than the Plans of Peru!)

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The Deseret Achilles Heel!!!

Now, if push really comes to shove, and Civil War does break out over the RANI Dominion issue, where is Deseret most vulnerable? Military strategists sought in vain to find Hilter's Germany's weakness, but with no sucess. However, after the war, they learned that if they had only bombed Germany's fledgling oil industry, the war would have ground to a hault--and ended years earlier! So, where is Deseret's soft spot?

Well, by happenstance, my Family is sitting on it! What? Well, at least the main clue to it. For, in buying our land, my Dad picked out a good spot with natural springs on it. And, over the years, my Family has been subjected to intensive RAS style harassment, in order to run us off--so that they can get THE WATER!

Yes, Deseret is mainly a DESERT! A wasteland, without water! Consequently, to defeat Deseret, simply cut off their water, and their revolt will slowly dry up into the dust of the desert! THEY ARE MOST VULNERABLE, HERE!

(Hey, they should have picked on someone else's Family--for now their weakness is going to be all over the globe on the Net!)

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Good Targets in Deseret's Economy

In addition to the water issue, if Civil War really breaks out, or comes too close to happening, there are other weaknesses to use. The Seaport and the water ones are most important. But, Deseret would also be very sensive to anything affecting the Sugar Cartel (where many of their farmers make their wealth off of sugar beets) or in the Salt Cartel (where Mormon salt is the main comodity on the market). And, a good hefty tax on large real estate holdings would hurt, too, as so many of them have extensive land holdings (and perhaps, not always legally and fairly gotten--as this is one of the big complaints against Mormons: farmers being run off their land, while the Mormons buy it up for a pitance.)

[WARNING Shield]


Second Thoughts

Well, I don't hear many of you out there laughing any more! It is, indeed, a very sobering prospect. Civil War in America will be no fun. Hopefully, it can be avoided!

But, if push comes to shove, I think we now have a clear understanding of Deseret Objectives and Strategies. And, if we have to, the ways to quickly defeat them in any revolt that they might undertake against the U.S. federal government. (Yes, even their ETI technology is defeatable!)

And, by making all of this known, they ought to have serious second thoughts about what they are trying. And the disastous results that will fall on them if they attempt to carry out those CRAZY plans! It won't be a picnic nor a pretty picture.

And perhaps they will finally get the hint:


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Obviously, Our bias is plain! We are calling on people to make their RETURN to the Culture and Life-style of the Judeo-Christian Heritage. (The Heritage that is wrapped up with the History and Culture of Earth--and most notable Western Civilization! And not something of E.T. origin or Mormonism!) So, come along with us! Our Realm Revival Course will give you the basic details of the main concepts of the Judeo-Christian Faith. You can access it through Our Revival Chapel, or use the handy link, below:
To get Realm REVIVAL COURSE (Click Here): [Realm Revival Course]

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However, whatever you do, don't stop here!

To get the next Article in this UFO Literature series on facing the Super Secret Service (and Men In Black?) of Kolob, use the handy link, below:

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