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KoReY Interstellar Society - Our Introductory Literature

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OUR AUTOMATED SOCIETY - God's Commercial Reorganization Around Leisure

If you have read the previous Articles (as you should have), you ought to be realizing now that it is God's Plan and Purpose to colonize the Stars with the Descendants of Abraham. This should be abundantly clear, not only from the track of Scriptures we examined, but also from the historical record of man's migration, and the review of current scientific (and environmental) trends. (All of which we covered, in detail, in the preceeding Articles, above.)

But, now our series of Articles makes a bit of a change. Rather than showing that Interstellar Travel will happen, we now assume it as a given, and begin asking ourselves the question: WHAT KIND OF IMPACT WILL IT HAVE ON OUR SOCIETY?

[Fig Tree (Prosperity) Shield] As to Future Economics, I think the Handwriting is clearly on the Wall! We are about to enter an Era of extreme automation and robotics. Consequently, our concepts of work and economic (and monetary) value will have to adapt to the Coming Leisure Revolution (as Mankind becomes liberated from the druggery of production). However, rather than running about in FEAR, as some of the business status quo seem to be doing (perhaps, even attempting to suppress or delay the Future), we need to set about in logical fashion, putting ourselves in line to receive God's Gifts and Blessings as HE has Planned them for us (and our posterity) for the past several Millenium!

OK, then, just what will be the IMPACT of the Interstellar Movement on Future Economics? Will we have massive economic collapse and radical take-overs? (i.e. socialist revolutions?) Is Communism really over, or is it only regerminating to emerge in KoReY, again? (Hey, its my MONEY--isn't that cause to PANIC!)

Hold on! Let's not lose our heads. Economic transitions have occured before. And, they will come again, too. So, if you just use your head and consider what the changes will be, then you will be able to make the transition, with a minimal loss (and perhaps, even some profits, if you are quick thinking enough). So, lets just turn the pages of history back a bit, to see what has occured before, and thus what is likely to happen in the Future Economy.

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ECONOMIC INNOVATION - The Historical Record?

Europe before the Age of Discovery (and Colonization) had a massive, land intensive economy. While there was some trade, the vast majority of the products were grown or made on the Manor where people lived. But, once New Lands were discovered, and the world colonization begun, new inventions and practical discoveries were made or found at other reaches of the globe. These were brought home and helped to fuel the industrial revolution, which changed the economy of Europe from Feudalism to Heavy Industry--and helped to support a growing and prosperous middle class. And, consequently, world trade became a major item of any Country of Europe's economy! We were not alone nor isolated any more!

Therefore, this seems most likely to occur, once again. At the moment, there is NO Interstellar Trade (though perhaps smuggling?). But, once Interstellar Travel becomes available, the next logical step is for a BOOM in Interstellar Commerce. And a TRADE that will help us find many items that we have not sought nor even thought of, but once they are found, will greatly enhance the standard of living for those at home, on the Earth (while it remains). So, those who FEAR Interstellar Travel had better rethink their economic strategies. For, whoever gets into that Interstellar Trade (and gets in early) is sure to make fantastic profits, much in the same way that the discoverors of new trade routes did in the Age of Discovery (above)!

Moreover, with the looming collapse of the Planet Earth, it is a much better economic strategy to invest your money in off world enterprizes and ventures. For, these will most likely survive the coming destruction of the Planet (from its developing Nova). Consequently, those who have the most share of their investments in Space will stand to lose the least over the collapse of Earth. (Am I hearing calculators running out there? I should, for the dollar signs will be there, if you put your money where it will help God's Plan and Programs for the Stars!)

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Another major change from the Feudal World of Europe before the Age of Discovery was over work and manpower. Feudalism relied on the mussles of masses of men or the mussles of beasts of burden (horses, oxen, etc.) Consequently, transportation and manufacturing were slow and tedius in those days--and very labor intensive.

But, with the Age of Discovery came more of a shift to letting machines do the work. And, first there was Waterpower to spin the machines. And then steam, followed by the railway explosion, with a close chaser of electricity. Thus, here, once again, we expect the current trend of automation, computers, and robotics to take off in a manner we have not dreamed of! Thus, various machines appear most likely to come and take over almost every aspect of the production and even much of the distribution of the items we want and seek. The Industrial Revolution will be replaced by the Future Automation Revolution.

And, this Future Automation Revolution will FREE the common man from the druggeries of work, like our fore-fathers could never dream of (not in their wildest fantasies)! Thus, those who participate in the Programs of KoReY and the Interstellar Efforts, will enter into an Era of Rest and Coming Lisure, such as we have never imagined. For, Our Future Automated Society will take over the majority of our work, giving us vast amounts of leisure time.

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Now, while this Future Automation Revolution may be new to you, it has actually been discussed in scientific circles for years. Moreover, many of the more influential capitalist have come to FEAR it. For, with the expanding of automation and robotics, what will become of the masses of the people? They won't be laborers or workers any more. Consequently, the Planners for some wealthy people are trying desperately to reduce the population to keep the remaining workers in balance with the growing machine change overs! Otherwise, they fear we will have growing Socialism as those who work will have to support those who don't. (Or, so the current, Earth-bound thinking goes.)

However, KoReY rejects this short sightedness! In the first place, as we are going to be developing frontier colonies in Space, we are going to NEED MASSES of People (not less people)! And, the pro-population policy of Ours is supported by the Holy Scriptures, which state:

"In the multitude of people (population) is the King's honor! But, in the want (lack) of people is the destruction (downfall) of the Prince (Ruler)!" (Proverbs 14:28)

Moreover, a pro-population policy fits with God's other Commands to procreate and multiply (Genesis 1:28, 9:1 and Jeremiah 29:6). (For more details on the Interstellar issues of Our manpowr demand, see the Article on PRO-POPULATION POLICY .)

Furthermore, in God's eyes, the value of a person is NOT in his economic ability to produce. Rather it is in the value of his own soul! (More on this, below, as we go!)

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The Value of Our Future Tri-Con Economy!

Now, some have even gone so far as to say that the Future Automation Revolution would make a great tool for the rebuilding of Communism! Or the rise of extensive Socialism! However, KoReY rejects this, for the problems of an inflexible buracracy (or computers) attempting to run a dynamic economy ought to be obvious (especially since the collapse of the so called Communist Countries)! Such Command Economies just will not work well! (They lack flexibility.)

Rather, what we see is a kind of Mixed Economy or Tri-Con Economy. For, about 1/3 of the economy needs to be in the hands of the government, to provide price floors and buy up surplus comodities--as well as manage its military industrial complex. (And also to do what it can to redistribute the Blessing of God to the poor, to ensure that they at least have some reasonable chance to get their daily needs met!) And about 1/3 needs to be in the hands of capitalists and innovators, that their economic skills can be put to good use--but balanced by governemnt to limit economic crime and unfair economic practices (and unfair financial advantages). And, about another 1/3 needs to be shared jointly in stock companies or mutual fund groups, so that the middle class can unite and form collectives that will give the other two branches proper competition (and bring balance to the Future Economy).

Consequently, KoReY will seek to provide a certain amount of Socialism, to be sure that Our People are reasonably well taken care of. For, WE ARE OUR BROTHER'S KEEPER! (It is the Godly, caring thing to do!) For, not all people are able to work. Nor, will there be tons of jobs in the Automation Revolution. But, the souls of people are valuable to God anyway. And, thus, they are valuable to US in KoReY, as well! And we need a certain level of Socialism to provide for them.

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While the wicked of the world like the image of Man as the perpetual laborer or workaholic--always toiling away and never taking any time off from his duties--God wants a different picture. In the beginning, HE made the Universe in 6 Work Days and then Rested on the 7th. And, HE commanded this to be a sign of HIS Covenant with those of the House of Israel, that they would work 6 days and then rest of the 7th or Sabbath (Exodus 31:16-17). Consequently, we of KoReY will insist on the observance of the Sabbath, as God's Law sets forth.

However, that observance of REST is about to take a radical change! For, with the Automation Revolution, will come a form of REST that will last throughout the 6 Work Days. The Apostle Paul wrestled with this concept, it being hard for him to even grasp and present. But, he set forth this passage most clearly on it:

"There remains, therefore, an (Era of) REST to the (Hebrew) Peoples of God. For he (individual) who has entered his own (Sabbath) rest, he also ceases from his own (daily) work, (even) as God did from HIS. Let us labor (strive) to enter into that (Era of) REST--lest any man fall (or fail), after the same example of unbelief (from Psalms 95:11)!" (Hebrews 4:9-11)

Now, as mind-boggling as it may be, the Future Automation Revolution will NOT be for the Unbeliever. This Promised Era of Rest is for the Hebrew Peoples (those of the Household of the Faith in a One True God), even as it indicates above. Moreover, the Pagan and Idolator is specifically excluded, as God has written:

"TODAY, if you hear HIS Voice, harden not your heart as in the Day of the Provacation--as in the Days of Temptation (of God) in the Wilderness! When your fore-fathers tempted ME (God), and proved ME, and saw MY Work (first-hand). Forty years long was I greived with this Generation, and I said it is a People that do always err in their hearts--and they have not known MY Ways (Laws). Unto whom I swore in MY wrath that THEY SHOULD NOT ENTER INTO MY (Era of) REST!" (Pslams 95:7-11)

Consequently, it will be God's People, the Greater Hebrew Community, that will attain to this Era of Rest, even as God rested from HIS labors of Creation. And, only those entering into the the rising Messianic Kingdom (or KoReY, and then Astaria), will inherit this Era of Rest from God.

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Now, before you start shouting Utopia is here, let us put this all in its proper perspective.

The Era of Rest does not mean that there will be NO work at all. Rather, that the druggeries of common labor and the struggle for existence will be replaced by the Future Automation Revolution. (Basically, that the Curse of Adam's Fall will be lifted from the earth or ground so that his toil will no longer be torment.) This will free Mankind to pursue LEISURE and more noble tasks, such as music, the arts, science, exploration and invention--the more intellectual and artistic (creative) kinds of activites. Thus, education will be most valuable and highly sought in the Future. And the perpetual student will be more the norm than the oddity (or freak).

Consequently, though our work will be lighter (and hopefully more rewarding), there will still be a Sabbath--a time to cease from your daily tasks and pursue God.

And, even more for US of KoReY, this Era of Rest will release a veritable army of missionaries, with the time to go and reach the Lost all over the Universe! Which, in turn, helps to explain another mystery.

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Moreover, it is this Era Of Rest that fills the missing theological gap! What gap? Well, many of the religious critics of KoReY hold that as we round the year 2000, that it will be the time of the Lord's Second Coming. The rational for this is in counting God's Millenium.

Now in case you think I am just talking Greek (and haven't heard of this issue), many schollars of Bible Prophecy note that God seems to do things in dual-millenium. That is, it was approximately 2,000 years from Adam's Fall to Abraham's Call. And then about 2,000 years from Abraham to the Atonement of the Cross. Consequently, it is now about 2000 years since the Cross, so it is TIME for a new Era. And the Era favored by theologians is, of course, the Second Coming of Christ (with its Millenial Reign) and so called Rapture.

But, is there a different Era? Well, now you know! It is the Era Of Rest--the Time of the Future Automated Society.

Moreover, this fits better with God's Creation Week. In six days HE made the whole Universe, and everything in it. And, on the seventh day, HE rested. Consequently, we now have a WEEK of Man's work (6,000 years), so what we need is a DAY (1,000 years) of Man's Rest. Hence, the Era Of Rest fits better with God's Time Table (than the Second Coming NOW theory).

In addition, the Era Of Rest fits better with current Messianic Theology, for the churches tend to deny that there can be a Messianic (Jewish-Christian) Revival, untill the Second Coming of Christ. Which in turn is basically the denial of the current facts of the spreading Messianic Movement today! However, Bible Prophecy shows that the Messianic Movement is right on time--and will only get bigger in the years to come. For it is clearly written:

"COME! Let us (Israel) RETURN into the Lord: for HE has torn (wounded us) and (now) HE will heal; HE has smitten (punished) us, and (now) HE will bind us up! AFTER 2 DAYS (2,000 years) HE WILL REVIVE US! And in 3 Days (3,000 years), HE will raise us up (Resurrection), and we shall live in HIS sight (Millenial Reign)." (Hosea 6:2)

Therefore, we (of the Messianic Movement) are right on time! And, in another thousand years will come the Resurrection (and the Second Coming), along with its Millenial Reign! So, what happens in the meantime? Well, for one thing, the Era of Rest. And for another, the rise of the New Nation Under God out among the Stars--the developing Messianic Kingdom. (See the following Article for details on this.) Yet, even more significantly, the RETURN Movement, itself, will become Interstellar (Deuteronomy 30:4 and Nehemiah 1:9).

(Now, for more information on the Messianic (Jewish-Christian) RETURN, see Our Articles on EMUSPATEL.)

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With the bondage of Believers lifted from the necessities of daily survival, the issues of the Mind (Education) and talents will become a higher priority. And, most especially, Man's soul, which has so long been neglected in the daily battle just to survive, will become a primary concern. This will be fertile ground for spreading the Great Stellar Reformation even further. (See previous Article.)

Consequently, it (the Era of Rest) is a Gift only offered to Believers, those of the Faithful (Jews, Christians, and Muslims)--who hold to the One True God (monotheism).

Now, for sure, there will be non-believers and Pagans who will attempt to copy this Rest, but they will not receive it nor enjoy it to the dimensions that God's People will. For, HE has sworn in HIS wrath that they shall not enter it! Therefore, it seems most likely that the masses of them will be destroyed when the Planet Earth perishes (in the coming Nova).

Thus, we highly recommend Stellar Migration to ALL of God's People. This will not only help fuel the Great Stellar Reformation, but it will also help ensure that they enter into that Era of Rest (and protect them and their descendants from the wrath of God and the coming destruction of the Planet Earth).

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Well, the purpose of this whole Article on the Coming Era of Rest is that Our current Spiritual Realm of KoReY will provide a chance for masses upon masses of People to make their RETURN to God (and find their spiritual Rest, today). Which is the reason for us writing all this--that you will be inspired to be Regenerated or Renewed. And, in making your own personal RETURN to God, you will catch the Fire that is burning bright, lighting Our Way into the Future!

But, that Future is now here! Your choice today will determine the outcomes of your tomorrows. So, don't hold back! Get in Our Revival Course! And make your own personal RETURN, today! Look up Our Revival Course. Or, use the handy link, below:

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