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ZDK Ministry of Family - Resurrection Marriage? (*** PG-13 ***)

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A New Light on an Old View of Marriage in the Afterlife

As we began to discuss in the Previous Article on the FALLEN WOMEN OF ISRAEL, according to God's Law, HE can NOT take Israel back as HIS Bride, for not only has she been such an adulteress, but she actually married some of her other lovers (Deuteronomy 24:3-4). So, then, how can God take Israel back??? (And what does this mean for the Believing woman?)

And to answer that, we must probe and examin an ancient mystery.

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The Case for a Poly-Present (Re-Born) Bride?

Most churches hold that there will not be any Marriage in the Afterlife (or Ressurection). By them, in the Resurrection, we will all be eunuchs and devoid of any gender. However, such a stand, means that, legally and Scripturally, Israel cannot RETURN to God! For it breaks the above command (Law of God). Now, how is this so? Is there any way around it?

Well, as complicated as it may seem, it is there in the Scriptures, for us of the New Dispensationalism to grasp and use! For it is written:

For the woman which has a husband is bound by the LAW to her husband so long as he lives; but if the husband be dead, she is loosed (freed) from the LAW to her husband; So then, if while her husband lives, she be married (joined) to another man, she shall be called an adulteress--But if her husband be dead, she is free from the LAW, so that she is no adulteress, though she be married to another man, then! (Romans 7:2-3)

Thus, if Israel dies, as in the Resurrection (or translation--Rapture), she is no longer bound by the LAW to not RETURN to her former husband! Which is why, God has Planned the Resurrection (and the Rapture) all along, to free HIS Bride so she can return to HIM--PURIFIED!!!

And as HE will then have a marriage in the Resurrection (as in the Marriage Feast of the Lamb), then by following HIS example, we will surely have a Resurrection Marriage, too!

Now, this is not all that is coming forth as revelations for the New Dispensationalism--which were actually there in the Scriptures all along, but the older Dispensation just did not notice them! (Consult Our Article on the DISPENSATION OF THE MESSIANIC KINGDOM.)

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The Power of the Resurrection Woman

Now, the Battle between the sexes has raged for centuries. And, while the Holy Scriptures may support the Man as the Family Ruler or Patriarch, we cannot deny the abundance of Biblical Women Rights, either! And, while Man is often accorded special privileges (or a kind of double standard in the Word), we cannot overlook God's provisions for women, too!

And, here, in this New Dispenstion is an absolutely shocking revelation of the Power God has given to women! Yet, in the former Dispensation, they did not understand this (nor can you access it there). And, even now, I wonder if the modern Believing woman is ready to look at this Power and use it! But, if you are open minded and curious, then consider what God is now offering you through the Meshianite Kingdom. (But, are you able to receive it?)

Well, it revolves around a certain Scriptural Passage. Jesus was trying to correct a heresy about the Resurrection. The Saducees were insisting that there could be no such thing as a Resurrection. However, in interpreting what HE replied, we now see that its true meaning was obscured from the Past Dispensation. Consider it as it was written:

The same day, came to HIM the Sadducees, which say that there is no resurrection, and asked HIM, saying: Master, Moses said: If a man dies, having no children, then his brother shall marry his wife and raise up seed (descendants) unto his brother. Now there were 7 brothers; And the first when he had married a wife, died, and having no issue, left his wife unto his brother. Likewise, the second died also, and the third, on down to the seventh. And, last of all, the woman died also. Therefore, in the resurrection, whose wife shall she be? FOR THEY ALL 7 HAD HER TO WIFE! (Matthew 22:23-28)

The point here, that they were trying to make, was that it seemed IMPOSSIBLE for her to marry all of the brothers in the Resurrection, for then she would have been an adulteress! However, what is impossible with Man, is possible with God! (Matthew 19:26) So, let us pay very carefull attention to how HE answered them:

Jesus then answered them, and said: YOU DO ERR! NOT KNOWING (undertanding) THE SCRIPTURES! NOR THE POWER OF GOD! For, in the Resurrection, they neither marry (say vows--hold weddings), nor are they given in marriage (betrothed), BUT ARE AS THE ANGELS OF GOD IN HEAVEN! (Matthew 22:29-30)

Now, the current Religious Establishment, holds this Passage to mean that there will not be a Resurrection Marriage. For, the Angels are, supoposedly, all neuter (genderless) and society there is suppose to be androgenous (sexless). But, are they correct?

Scriptures show that Angels DO have gender--male and female (Zechariah 5:9). So, do they have relations respecting their genders (i.e. sex)? Well, Scriptures seem to show that Angels (Sons-Of-God) once had intimate relations with the daughers of men (Genesis 6:1-2) and had children by them. So, it would seem that they do marry, of sorts! And, if this is the case, then what is the true meaning of that Passage: AS THE ANGELS?

Well, the only way to unscramble it, is to accept it just as the Master said: what seems impossible with Man, is possible for God. Thus, while it may seem that the woman in question could not marry the 7 brothers in the Resurrection, without it being adultery or polyandry, that she must, in fact, be able to somehow! But, how?

I think that key to understanding this is to realize that while God is omni-present (and capable of being everywhere), we, as mere mortals are uni-present (capable of being only in one spot at a time). However, some Angels, are poly-present (or they can be in more than one place at the same time). Thus, this woman, in the Resurrection must also be poly-present--capable of being in more than one place at one time. Hence, she must somehow be divisible into 7 locations at once, so that she could be the individual bride of 7 different separate men! And, as 7 separate persons (twins? spiritual clones?), she could marry the 7 separate brothers--and it would not be adultery nor polyandry!

Consequently, consider what a revelations we have here! Woman are capable of division into multiple persons or angelic beings at the Resurrection! And what a Power this is! [Sorry guys, this kind of divisibility seems to ONLY be available to women or more specifically Honourable Brides! So, who is the superior sex, now???]

The Poly-Present Woman, or the spiritual divisibility of the female in the Resurrection, is a fabulous revelation for the New Dispensation! (However, some men may think that they knew it all along--that women must be divisible, as they are so scatter-brained at times!!!)

And the implications and ramifications are staggering!

And, ever since I first stumbled onto this, spiritually discerning women have sought me out to explain it!

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Having run across this revelation, years back (when I was first starting to study the changes in Dispensation), I have dug around more in the Scriptures over the years to see what else I might find in relation to this. And, in particular, just how extensive is this Power? Well, it appears to be only for the woman of the Faith who will attain to the First Resurrection. Yet, even within them, there are select groups. So, let us take a bit of a summary of where it can be applied.

Obviously, as the above Passage shows, Poly-Presence will be there for widows. Thus the widowed woman can look forward to having BOTH of her husbands in the Resurrection--the one who died, and her current husband (and in some kind of marital or intimate relationship there). For she will be divided (spiritually cloned?) so that she can be totally present with each (and at the same time)!

By extension, this also must be possible for the divorced woman, or at least for the woman who is legitimately divorced, according to the Scriptural principles of divorce. (Frivilous divorces would be seen as adultery--and would lose her the right to rise in the First Resurrection, where the Poly-Presence Process seems to occur.) Here, she would be divided (twined?) and totally available to each husband, her first husband (that she divorced--provide he makes it to Heaven) and her new husband that she married. And keep in mind, that this is provided that each husband is righteous enough to attain the Resurrection, themselves! (For, if they backslide or fall into sin and end up in Hell, they won't be there to join with her.)

Moreover, after extensive study and prayer, it also seems clear that the passionate (though honoarable) Bride, who may want to take a lover or paramour, but who keeps herself undefiled by staying faithful to her proper husband, would earn to herself the right to be Poly-Present. And thus become two persons (twins? or more...spiritual clones?) in the Resurrection where she could have both her husband and her lover or paramour. Mindboggling! But, this, indeed, seems to be God's Plan )and blessing) for the righteous Bride, who keeps herself undefiled!

This particular process seems based on the Scriptures that if we confess our sin, and forsake it, then HE will cleanse us of it. (I John 1:8-9) Thus, if the proper wife confesses that she wished to have an affair, but turned from it and kept herself from being defiled, then not only would her sin be forgiven, but she would earn the right to be Poly-Present and thus have both her husband and her desired paramour in the Resurrection where she would be divided (or cloned) to be totally present for both (Judges 19:29)!

(However, obviously, the adulteress, who gives in and cheats on her husband, would lose not only both men, but also her place in the Resurrection--mostly likely going to Hell for her mis-deed!)

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Well, as the Scripture says, there will be no weddings nor saying of vows in Heaven. So, they will need to be said down here. Thus, if the wife should find another man she would like to marry, she could confess her desire to be unfaithful and then pledge to her paramour to be his in the Resurrection, when she would be free to be Poly-Present and marry or be intimate with them both! (But, if she gives in, and allows herself to be defiled by her new man, then she is obviously going to lose the whole process--and end up in Hell!) The giving of this pledge or vow in this life seems essential (as well as his agreement to marry her later, in the First Resurrection)--forming a binding Covenant.

However, as most husbands are very jealous, it is probably not a good idea for her to make her future loves public, but let them be private confessions or vows of love between her and her desired one, alone.

Moreover, it should be abundantly clear, that to earn this Power, she must remain righteous--and she must not neglect her first husband. But needs to remain his loving and obedient help-mate (yes, and submissive slavegirl), that she would be worthy to attain to the First Resurrection (and there obtain her Rights to Poly-Presence). For, if she is not righteous, and does not get to the First Resurrection, then she would NOT get the divison. (Moreover, her intended must remain righteous, too, or he won't be there at the First Resurrection, when she gets Divided--1 Corinthians 7:16.)

Furthermore, you need to clearly understand, as this is not of the Old Dispensation, she will not get it from the current Religious Establishement nor the dead churches. But, it is something that only women of the Meshianite Kingdom could get (as Images of Israel). Hence, its revelation (or illumination?) to us and our women. So, you would need to remain faithful and loyal to Our Realm, as well as to your husband. Which means keeping that CRUCIFIXION COVENANT! And being a woman of the Faith, like Sarah.

But, then the POWER and obvious advantage that it gives our women, should more than make it worth it all!!!

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