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ZDK Ministry of Family - Resurrection Marriage? (*** PG-13 ***)

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God's Revelation of Bad Girls as Images of Backslidden Israel

Ever since I ran across this in the Holy Scriptures, some years back, various discerning women have sought me ought to expalin it. So, I thought the Women of Our Realm would appreciate knowing this startling illumination of God's Plan for the Afterlife!

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The Defilement and Sinful Downfall of HIS Precious Bride

As the story of the Scriptues goes, God fell in love with the beautiful maiden of Israel. And HE entered into a Betrothal (Covenant--at Sinai) with her to eventually take her as HIS beloved Bride. And they lived happily ever after!(???) Well...not exactly, so, lets follow Israel's steps:

As an expression of entering into Covenant with her, God transformed the poverty stricken (Tribes of) Israel and lavished upon her generous gifts to enhance her natural beauties--making her a showcase for the whole world (Ezekiel 16:7-14), especially under the reigh of King Solomon! Now, in former days, the Old Dispensation considered the Showgirl (or Movie Starlet) immoral and a cloud (and dim view) was cast upon all female entertainers. But, now, these women are in the Image of Holy Israel and can be tolerated (and enjoyed)--though they are not as Holy as the Bride (nor are they to be held up as the ideal for all girls). However, now, in Our Times, we can see that they have their proper place in God's scheme of things--and in Our Realm.

Unfortunately (and as all too frequently occurs in the entertainment business), Israel became seduced by her own beauty and discovered (as do most working girls) that if you are free with your favors, you can get ahead on the job and in the market place. So, she began trading her body or selling herself for economic advantage--and to win those record breaking contracts (Ezekiel 16:15-18). Now, in the former Dispensation, women of easy virtue were consider horrible, wicked women (Bad Girls!). But, in the New, we can see that they are to be tolerated, and have their place in God's scheme of things. Though they certainly are NOT to be idealized nor held up as the main model for all Our girls! (For the IDEAL is for the KoHahLa or Honorable Bride!) Yet, these tainted women can have a proper place, and be allowed in the Our Realm.

Quite naturally, God would not put up with a defiled Bride. (HE wanted her to be Faithrufl to HIM!) And when she cheated on HIM, HE then divorced her for her folly (Isaiah 50:1 and Jeremiah 3:8). And, in the former Dispensation, the Divorcee was considered scum by the religious snobs. But, now, as we can see her place in God's scheme of things, concerning Israel, she can be tolerated. (Though no one is certainly going to advocate every girl becoming like her! For DIVORCE IS A GREAT TRAUMA--avoid it, if you can!)

Now, in this deplorable condition, of being cast out by her husband, Israel soon found that the easiest way to support herself was to sell the services of her body--as she no longer had the support and gifts of her husband, God, to live on. So, she ended up plying her intimate trade. And joining herself to all kinds of Nations and Peoples. Now, while the lot of this kind of working girl is really not all that glamorous (nor romantic), she did have to survive somehow. And survive she did, for centuries (Genesis 38:15-18, Judges 16:1, I Kings 3:16-27, John 8:3-11). And, though prostitution is illegal in many areas amd Countries, in Our Realm it is not, because such women form a Type of Israel or an Image of what she was and went through (Judges 19:1-30).

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SHuVaH - Return!!!

However, now is the time for God's favor to RETURN upon her. And, in turn, for her to RETURN to HIM! Thus, the Holy Israel is coming back to being content to be God's Honorable Bride or KoHahLa! Now, this is, indeed, a joyous and happy occassion! For, she has repented of her sins and wants to return to being a holy and honorable woman! But, it will not occur all at once. For, God, having been burned by her before, has set forth 3 more stages (or tests) for her to go through. And she will need to work her way back to him, through each step:

In her RETURN to God, HE still distrusts her for her immorality and infidelity, so she will have to prove herself to HIM. Thus, in this kind of trial marriage, she will have to be HIS obedient slavegirl, calling HIM My Master or BayHaLey (Hosea 2:16-17). Now, in former times, this paramour or mistress role was considered wicked by the earlier Dispensation. But, as she reflects Israel's return, women in what the Ancients called a marriage by usage (or common law wives) can be tolerated and allowed, in Our Realm. With the woman be a recognized consort of her man. (However, this is NOT the common immorality of a living together arrangement or just shacking up together, for it is NOT just a temporary affair, but has every intention of being a long term marriage!) Morover, this is one of the main Types of Israel, pre-figuring her time period as EMuSPaTeL (or a mere Religious Realm or Spiritual Society), until she has passed that test of time.

Once she has proved herself as an obedient slavegirl (usually about 7 - 10 years), then she will advance to a marraige by contract or what some now call a pre-nuptial (or pre-marital) agreement. Here, her rights (as well as duties and limitations) to marriage are spelled out in a contract (like at Sinai). Now, such concubines (or limited wives) were held in disdain by the former Dispensation. But, as they reflect this stage of Israel's RETURN, they can now be tolerated and allowed in Our Realm. For, they show one of the Types of Israel, during her coming time period as KoReY: Our rising Realm of Astaria (Our legitimately recognized government and empire out among the Stars). Moreover, concubinage was found extensively used in Old Testament times, as a prophecy of this!

Finally, at the Messiah's Return or Second Coming of Christ, Israel will become the Full Bride of Christ at the Marriage Feast of the Lamb! So, after serving faithfully as a good and obedient concubine or maideservant (for about 7 - 10 years), she can become a Full Bride or KoHahLa, and complete her husband in the ritual of Pergamosun (or elevation of the woman by marriage). Here she enters in to a full religious or congregational wedding--which is reserved for only Pergamosun women (Brides who have undergone this 3 step process) or the normal virtuous virgin brides (those who are virgins until they meet the man who is becoming their husband).

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God's Limitations and Restrictions:

However, despite its apparent new openness, the New Dispensation is NOT totally open to just any Fallen Woman. (For some women are in the image of the anti-christ, not of Israel!) Thus, four more types are still excluded, as they are held (and have been viewed as such all throughout the Holy Scriptures) as evil women--to be avoided and shunned. (Don't be like them!) Neither should they be tolerated nor allowed--not not even in Our Realm:

  1. THE ADULTERESS: or woman who does not remain faithful to her man--but defiles herself with other men (whatever her marital status or stage of marriage may be).
  2. THE WHORE: or woman who only gives it to those she deems worthy of her attentions (hence not submitting to a proper, ordained husband; Yet neither favoring all who may seek her services--as is the prostitute's commercial duty).
  3. THE MATRIARCH: or woman who tries to usurp authority (and thus rule) over men (abandoning her proper, submissive position).
  4. THE WITCH: or woman who gives herself to demons, unclean spirits, or false gods--especially in an attempt to gain some magical powers thereby.
Yes, all of this is actually rather clear in Holy Scriptures (if you bother to study it out and see for yourself)!

And it remains God's Law, even in the New Dispensation.


However, there is still a mystery that seems unfathomable. Israel is to RETURN, and work her way up to becoming a Full Bride. But, how can this be--without breaking God's Law? For, God divorced Israel and it is written:

And if her latter husband come to hate her, and write her a bill of divorcement, and gives it into her hand, and sends her out of his house; OR, if the latter husband dies, which took her to be his wife; HER FORMER HUSBAND, which orginally sent her away, MAY NOT TAKE HER TO WIFE, AFTER THAT SHE IS DEFILED! For that is an abomination before the Lord--and you shall not cause the Land to Sin such a Sin, which the Lord your God has given you for an inheritance. (Deuteronomy 24:3-4)

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The Case for a Poly-Present (Re-Born) Bride?

Most churches hold that there will not be any Marriage in the Afterlife (or Ressurection). By them, in the Resurrection, we will all be eunuchs and devoid of any gender. However, such a stand, means that, legally and Scripturally, Israel cannot RETURN to God! For it breaks the above command (Law of God). Now, how is this so? Is there any way around it?

Well, as complicated as it may seem, it is there in the Scriptures, for us of the New Dispensationalism to grasp and use! For it is written:

For the woman which has a husband is bound by the LAW to her husband so long as he lives; but if the husband be dead, she is loosed (freed) from the LAW to her husband; So then, if while her husband lives, she be married (joined) to another man, she shall be called an adulteress--But if her husband be dead, she is free from the LAW, so that she is no adulteress, though she be married to another man, then! (Romans 7:2-3)

Thus, if Israel dies, as in the Resurrection (or translation--Rapture), she is no longer bound by the LAW to not RETURN to her former husband! Which is why, God has Planned the Resurrection (and the Rapture) all along, to free HIS Bride so she can return to HIM--PURIFIED!!!

And as HE will then have a marriage in the Resurrection (as in the Marriage Feast of the Lamb), then by following HIS example, we will surely have a Resurrection Marriage, too!

Now, this is not all that is coming forth as revelations for the New Dispensationalism--which were actually there in the Scriptures all along, but the older Dispensation just did not notice them! (Consult Our Article on the DISPENSATION OF THE MESSIANIC KINGDOM.)

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The Power of the Resurrection Woman

Now, the Battle between the sexes has raged for centuries. And, while the Holy Scriptures may support the Man as the Family Ruler or Patriarch, we cannot deny the abundance of Biblical Women Rights, either! And, while Man is often accorded special privileges (or a kind of double standard in the Word), we cannot overlook God's provisions for women, too!

And, here, in this New Dispenstion is an absolutely shocking revelation of the Power God has given to women! Yet, in the former Dispensation, they did not understand this (nor can you access it there). And, even now, I wonder if the modern Believing woman is ready to look at this Power and use it! But, if you are open minded and curious, then consider what God is now offering you through the Meshianite Kingdom. (But, are you able to receive it?)

Well, it revolves around a certain Scriptural Passage. Jesus was trying to correct a heresy about the Resurrection. The Saducees were insisting that there could be no such thing as a Resurrection. However, in interpreting what HE replied, we now see that its true meaning was obscured from the Past Dispensation. Consider it as it was written:

The same day, came to HIM the Sadducees, which say that there is no resurrection, and asked HIM, saying: Master, Moses said: If a man dies, having no children, then his brother shall marry his wife and raise up seed (descendants) unto his brother. Now there were 7 brothers; And the first when he had married a wife, died, and having no issue, left his wife unto his brother. Likewise, the second died also, and the third, on down to the seventh. And, last of all, the woman died also. Therefore, in the resurrection, whose wife shall she be? FOR THEY ALL 7 HAD HER TO WIFE! (Matthew 22:23-28)

The point here, that they were trying to make, was that it seemed IMPOSSIBLE for her to marry all of the brothers in the Resurrection, for then she would have been an adulteress! However, what is impossible with Man, is possible with God! (Matthew 19:26) So, let us pay very carefull attention to how HE answered them:

Jesus then answered them, and said: YOU DO ERR! NOT KNOWING (undertanding) THE SCRIPTURES! NOR THE POWER OF GOD! For, in the Resurrection, they neither marry (say vows--hold weddings), nor are they given in marriage (betrothed), BUT ARE AS THE ANGELS OF GOD IN HEAVEN! (Matthew 22:29-30)

Now, the current Religious Establishment, holds this Passage to mean that there will not be a Resurrection Marriage. For, the Angels are, supoposedly, all neuter (genderless) and society there is suppose to be androgenous (sexless). But, are they correct?

Scriptures show that Angels DO have gender--male and female (Zechariah 5:9). So, do they have relations respecting their genders (i.e. sex)? Well, Scriptures seem to show that Angels (Sons-Of-God) once had intimate relations with the daughers of men (Genesis 6:1-2) and had children by them. So, it would seem that they do marry, of sorts! And, if this is the case, then what is the true meaning of that Passage: AS THE ANGELS?

Well, the only way to unscramble it, is to accept it just as the Master said: what seems impossible with Man, is possible for God. Thus, while it may seem that the woman in question could not marry the 7 brothers in the Resurrection, without it being adultery or polyandry, that she must, in fact, be able to somehow! But, how?

I think that key to understanding this is to realize that while God is omni-present (and capable of being everywhere), we, as mere mortals are uni-present (capable of being only in one spot at a time). However, some Angels, are poly-present (or they can be in more than one place at the same time). Thus, this woman, in the Resurrection must also be poly-present--capable of being in more than one place at one time. Hence, she must somehow be divisible into 7 locations at once, so that she could be the individual bride of 7 different separate men! And, as 7 separate persons (twins? spiritual clones?), she could marry the 7 separate brothers--and it would not be adultery nor polyandry!

Consequently, consider what a revelations we have here! Woman are capable of division into multiple persons or angelic beings at the Resurrection! And what a Power this is! [Sorry guys, this kind of divisibility seems to ONLY be available to women or more specifically Honourable Brides! So, who is the superior sex, now???]

The Poly-Present Woman, or the spiritual divisibility of the female in the Resurrection, is a fabulous revelation for the New Dispensation! (However, some men may think that they knew it all along--that women must be divisible, as they are so scatter-brained at times!!!)

And the implications and ramifications are staggering!



Those who are Scholars of Dispensationalism know that certain laws of God were given for only certain time periods. Consequently, when that set time is past, then those particular laws pass away and cease to be applied. However, the roots of the new laws or Dispensational Requirements are always found in the Scriptures (as a kind of prophecy of the new times), but were NOT understood by the previous Dispensation, because it was just not time for them to be revealed! (And, consequently, those under the old Dispensation do not get the benefits of the new one!)

Therefore, in a similiar manner, the change in the Dispensation from the Era of Grace (or the Ages of the Gentile Churches) to the current, emerging Dispensation of the Messianic Kingdom (and its associated Meshianite Movement) has some Dispensational laws that cease--and also, some new ones that are now in effect. Yes, and all of these are just too lengthy to discuss here.

However, of particular importance here are the newly revealed Spiritual Images of Israel. For, the current Dispensation is about a ShuVaH or a RETURNED Israel. And, these Types of Israel (or prophetic Images of a Holy Israel) are to be found in the Holy Scriptures, but were not understood by the previous Dispensation. So, we, of this new Dispensation, need to look at them (and study them), to be sure that we clearly and correctly understand them. (And can properly apply them.) AS WE HAVE PRESENTED IN THIS ARTICLE.

But, if you are curious for more, consult Our Article on DISPENSATION OF THE MESSIANIC KINGDOM.

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