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Astaria Academia and Judeo-Christian Education Services of Our Realm

WELCOME! How may we be of service today? Our ZDK.U CAMPUS Web Site is being filled with a variety of information on Our Educational Programs and Academic Services. Please take some time to explore us and find out all that we have to offer!


Directory to Major Branches of the ZDK University System

THE ZDK.U PORTAL is a graphics Interstellar Map of icons for you to click on to get The University's various Branches (and main Departments). For a more detailed explanation of what those icons mean, consult the following verbal directory.

[Revival Chapel Shield] 1. ZDK SEMINARY
Training and Guidance in Ministry Works and Judeo-Christian Theology (Minister Training)

(use Revival Chapel entrance for now) ***

[Divine Enlightenment (Book) 
    Shield] 2. ZDK COLLEGE
College and Undergraduate Programs and Studies *


Graduate Studies and advanced degree learning *


[ZDK Institute Shield] 4. ZDK INSTITUTE Science and Technology Departments of ZDK.U

(ZDK.I Library) ***

[Realm Herald (Fellowship) Shield] 5. I.S.A.G. NETWORK
(Interstellar) Scientists Associated for God Network--Science Fellowship: Professional, Academic, and Social contacts ***
[KoReY Heritage Worlds Shield] 6. ZDK HIGH SCHOOL
Proposed Internet Interactive Secondary Schooling centered on Our Judeo-Christian Teachings *
[Fruitful Vine Shield] 7. ZDK MIDDLE SCHOOL
Proposed Internet Interactive Middle Schooling center on Our Judeo-Christian Teachings *
[Scandia Faith Shield] 8. ZDK ELEMENTARY
Proposed Internet Interactive Grammar School centered on Our Judeo-Christian Teachings *
[Women's Issues Shield] 9. ZDK HEALTH SCIENCES (Medical Lib.)
Developing Health Sciences University and Bio-Chemical (Lab) Services (and coming Medical Programs) for Our Realm (use Lib. for now) ***
[Cloud Castle (Admin) Shield] 10. OUR EDUCATIONAL STAFF
Leaders, Educators, Instructors, Teachers for the Educational Programs of Our Realm ***

(use ZDK Bio Page for now)

[AstrilanZ Galatic Shield] 11. ASTARIA CULTURAL PROGRAMS
Judeo-Christian Educational and Cultural Networking (Inter-Cultural Ministries) ***

( ASTARIA Cultural Portal)

[Divine LAW Shield] 12. DIVINE LAW LIBRARY
Education in G-D's Divine Law (and the Royal Rules and Regulations of Our Realm): based on the 10 Commandments and related Scriptures ***

(LAW Portal)

[Abrahamic Faith (Stars) Shield] 13. ASTARIA Popular Directory
Return to the Popular Directory and Main Menu of Our Realm (Links to other Ministries and their Departments) ***

(ASTARIA Portal (Universe)) ***

[Word of God Shield]


And these words, which I Command you this Day, shall be on your heart. And you shall teach them diligently unto your children, and shall talk of them when you are sitting in you house, and when you are walking by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise up! (Deuteronomy 6:6-7)
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