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Featuring LINGERIE ORBS (c):

Art MASTERPIECES series...

Here is the New Art Wave of ABSTRACT REALIA as expressed in these Danitello Leonardi SOFT SCULPTURES. You are seeing his ROMANTIC ART as it produces FANTASY WORLDS from these Abstract Art NUPITAL ORBS and their UNDERWEAR and STOCKING ART. (And, for the more practical minded--have your marriage memorabila woven into your own personal WEDDING ART, including your wedding jewelry! See the WEDDING HUTCH for proper storage and display.)


ITEMS, Descriptions, ... and Prices ???

This wonderful Art Collectible is from the Art Master's own crafting creativity. The other LINGERIE ORBS that have been done, are pictured in the ORB GALLERY. Proposed and already Designed Orbs are on the ORB PROJECT PROPOSALS PAGE.

However, please realize that this is not quite a CATALOG, as many of these MASTERPIECES are already done, and are not available for immediate sale. But, it gives you a good idea of what can be done, and what we have done, so that if you are interested in a Project, you will have some basis and understanding of what they are all about.

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1. NAME: "Wedding Wind" (or "Wendy")
CLASS: Wedding Orb - Stocking Stuffer

Like the Wedding Orbs and Bridal Orbs, "Wendy" is of pure white (or various shades of off white--virginal), with some blue (or purple? or pink?); As with Wedding Orbs, "Wendy" has a wedding gown, or dress suitable for a wedding, wrapped with various articles of off the rack women's lingerie--no used or 2nd Hand undergarments, here (virginal), as we often use in Campus Orbs--thus more expensive (decorations extra; jewelry even more!) Stockings added as outside decorations, to complete the effect.


[PICTURE:  Wedding Orb - Stocking Stuffer]


12 - 15 inches

16 - 19 inches

Suggested Retail: $9,275

Suggested Retail: $16,995

Our Wholesale Price: $5,395

Our Wholesale Price: $9,175


As each and every leaf on each and every tree is different, each Orb seems to take on something of its own "personality", either from incidents in its construction or from events that seem to occur with it after it is all together.

WENDY'S STORY: For "Wendy", much of her "personality" was already planned in the design. Since, most Brides want their wedding to come off exactly as planned, without a hitch, but fear that the greatest disaster on Earth will occur, right in the middle of it--well, this is "Wendy's" story.

Being a prim and proper (yet popular) socialite young lady, it was no surprise to anyone that she landed the wealthiest batchelor in the city. And, as their wedding was going to be the social event of the decade, everyone who was anyone got invited to the wedding. But, in order to accomodate them all, they decide to have an outdoor wedding on her parent's estate, where there was a giant lawn out back to sit everyone at.

Well, the day of the wedding rolled around, but the weather did not co-operate! They had planned a morning wedding, but a storm came up that night, and frequent rain showers sent the guests inside (or to their own cars). Finally, after lunch, the Sun came out, the clouds started to roll away, and it looked like it was going to give them a break in the storm, to do the wedding, if they moved quickly enough.

Then, disaster struck. Now, unfortunately, these doom and gloom scenes have a way of exposing just who we are, underneath it all. For some people, a disaster will scar them for life and they will be crippled and handicapped from that awful event onwards. Other people, seem to take disaster in stride, are unruffled by it, and sometimes even capitalize on it, and use it to boost them a step higher, in their social climb.

Well, when "Wendy" stepped out of the back door, in the fanciest wedding gown anyone had seen around, that challenge arrived. For, as everyone stood, as the Bridal March began, to see the Bride come in, the storm made a hasty return, and as "Wendy" stood there with all eyes to fixed on her, a strong gust of wind swept through the porch, caught the skirts of her wedding gown, and blew them to HEAVEN!

Now, I think most normal females would scream in terror over this, and do the old stop, drop, and roll routine, in order to get her gown back under control. However, this would have been a comedy scene, that would have gotten "Wendy" laughed at for years to come. Instead, seeing that there was really nothing she could do, she just stood there, holding here breath and smiling, while her skirts flapped like flags in the breeze. (Giving everyone a startling view of all her unmentionables that they would not forget!) And, then, just as quickly as it had come, the wind left, her skirts all fell back into proper place, she signalled the orchestra to begin, and then she started down the steps, as if nothing at all had happened.

Well, everyone there knew what had just transpired. (And they had just seen--and seen well!) But, her calm composure saved the day. And rather than making her the joke of the city (as the major weding disaster), everyone talked for years to come of the wonders that they had just seen in broad daylight! (Which, actually boosted "Wendy's" social status!)

And it is this dramatic event that is captured in this Orb, as it symbolizes the complete reversal of normal clothing wear. For, normally, you have the wedding gown as an outer garment, with the petti-coats underneath, covering up the panties and stockings. But, with the wind, a transformation of the reverse occured: with the stockings and panties clearly in view, the petti-coats surrounding them, and the wedding gown, buried somewhere inside it all!


"Wendy" is in the line of the later formal gown orbs. Which means, she is bulked up by a wedding gown underneath, rather than being solid lingerie (as are the Panty Raid Orbs). This is then wrapped with white lingerie tied together in something of a rope, And the resultant sphere is then decorated with nylon stockings to complete the effect. (White stockings were considered, but they did not produce a good contrasting color. Moreover, I think next time, instead of using regular nylons, we will use lace top ones, for added decoration and "prettiness".)

For serious project discussion on of this specialty wedding work, print out this page and snail mail (with your name, mailing address and street address for delivery--including your phone number, in case we have questions or problems) to:

Danitello Leonardi
Shaddox Artworks
P.O. Box 44
Underwood, WA 98651 USA

And we will have someone get back to you on it.

Or, contact Leonardi Art AT Veldantia DOT Com (Please, mark your subject box LEONARDI ART!)


For serious purchase consideration of this Romantic Art, please be sure to read our TERMS OF SALE Page.


The Prices we have listed are not catalog prices, as if we have these items in stock and can readily ship them to you. Rather, they are suggested prices, based on what we have done before. And the actual price of your own, personal Lingerie Orb will vary depending on exactly what you want with it--for your Art Project. (Moreover, Auction Prices tend to be higher than what we list here, so you are getting good value!)

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Is WENDY Biblical?

Surely you jest! (Too much communion wine? Or your naughty sense of humor has carried you off into SIN?)

Then, consider the SIGN or Prophecy in Nahum 3:4-5. It is completely in line with the current events of Our Times!

(Yeah, you didn't know quite as much about the Scriptures as you thought you did, huh?)

So, while you are considering your wedding, why not also think about getting your Future Family and Love Life on track, Spiritually?

VELDANTIA also has a MEN ISSUES SECTION, and a WOMEN'S ISSUES LITERATURE Section, within Our Ministry of FAMILY. So, as you are thinking of your wedding, why not check with these on how to make your marriage and Family a BIG success?

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